FighterPath is the product of Sergio Pineiro. It is the result of his popular Quarantinecast podcast. In 2020, as training facilities closed their doors to the pandemic Sergio looked to connect fellow MMA enthusiasts and practitioners. His focus was discussion of the challenges facing the sport. The series of fighter-centered podcasts became an interesting and insightful topic. He managed to get to the interesting real life stories behind the fight game.

Sergio’s format resonated with the fight community and has become an inside-the-sport secret. Eschewing fight hype for real life challenges and connecting fighters at all levels and stages of their careers. The future of FighterPath include collaborations with some of the industries best writers. Also it maintains continued friendship and bond between those that participate in the sport and those that support it. Look for guest writers, fresh stats and fight insights that come direct from the fight community. No hype, just heart…and some blood, sweat and a few tears.