Ep. #3 – Mike Rodriguez

Mike Rodriguez is a UFC Light heavyweight is best known for earning a UFC contract in season 1 of Dana White’s Contender Series. Keep an eye out for a potential May-June return for Lauzon MMA standout.


TranscripMike Rodriguez came down all right, perfect yeah. No, it’s all right, yeah! My speaker wasn’t working on my in there for a second, but oh man, thanks for uh, thanks for jumping on I just I just I was bored out of my mind these past few weeks. No tell me about it: oh man, I uh so like I’m obsessed with UFC a huge fan and took it away from me. So I know figured you know what I’m just gon na start started. Something start a podcast had a couple guys on last week. So I was like may as well do this and try to fill up some time. So thanks for thanks for jumping on man, I’ve been I’ve been fan for a little while. So thanks man appreciate you coming on. I’M glad I could be one of your guests on then thanks for thanks for taking the time, so I just will just start with like man. How are things with the coronavirus man like trainings, got to be brutal, um sucks cuz. All the gyms are closed. Yes, so we can’t really train at all. So all the guys like kicking, is a just like dragon. Ass sucks, like Kelly, cater of course he’s like he has no gym to train that and he has a fight coming up. You know yeah they’re, trying to make this fight happen, he’s on the khabib on a khabib card yeah. I just heard just heard they’re gon na make that they’re making the fight happen anyway. They have a venue for it, so hopefully at least he gets on that yeah he’s still on the card. I think the card still stands. They just moved it and he’s been busted. His ass can’t work out since no he’s still yeah yeah. It’S just it’s got to be brutal. Man, like you, got no place to Train, obviously, no one to train with to makes it difficult, yeah, yeah, no one to punch, so I mean hopefully they. Hopefully they rearrange that and get him a spot. As for you, though, how are you, how are you doing you have any ideas on your when you plan on getting back in there is there, so I I’ve been getting back in a rhythm of training and everything yeah in the gym and then all of a Sudden all of this happen and like yeah so yeah, but it’s that’s, been cool though I spent chillin kicking it Kieran’s. Just you have an idea of when you’re planning on getting back in there. I wanted I’m looking. I was looking for May or June. That’S why I wanted yeah, so hopefully that could still stand well just blows over and it’s over and done with by the time they say it’s something over and done with yeah yeah. Do you yeah, because you, your last fight, was in a career right, yep December yeah? How did you find training with that? Because, if I’m not, if I’m not not wrong, that was the only time you’ve ever fought outside at the u.s. yeah. I never fought offset. That was the first time it was cool. It was, it was awesome. Oh she wants to get it on this too, but yeah. It was great. It’S just. We just stuck to the same game plan and training. The only difference is that when we got there and we landed, we try to make sure all of our workouts were the same time frames that we were gon na be fighting and I was uh. I was like what the first a second card, the first second fight on a main card, so we just tried to adjust to that time. Yeah, because yeah cuz the mean how was jet lag? Were you uh? You probably flew over early. You know I didn’t experience. It until I got back okay when I got back, it was like oh man, those brutal, but going down there like. I was totally fine, wait yeah! It’S like a like a full days of travel, pretty much yeah yeah. I have a question. Probably one of the few people – that’s ever gon na ask you this, maybe not. How did you get the nickname, so I got it when I first first first got to chose Joe’s hat Joe has a boxing coach, Steve Bates, and I never. I never did boxing this before. That was done more time, so I started, I was hitting the Boyd’s and, like you know, we’re tied, they’re, very slow and methodical. You know versus boxing with more finesse and it was always saying like what the baby he’s so slow. I hit this and so that’s how I got the name slow, but he yeah yeah. He changed that up yeah here, so we got to fix this how’s that how’s training at Joe’s. Obviously one of the my favorite fighter growing up yeah, both him and Dan, we’re both very exciting fighters to watch yeah. Great I mean two great minds must be amazing: to have those two coaches. Oh absolutely, I mean it’s been awesome training their jaws too man, but it’s so funny in him – and I were talking it just bit ago and he was like I’m so bored, I’m so tempted to spike it open the gym it just happy. It just comes right, but it can’t do anything. You know yeah, like I’m, not even trying to risk it though yeah. It’S not it’s not worth it, especially if you have loved ones at home and stuff. Like yeah, I mean I’m I’m 24, so I’m relatively young healthy for the most part yeah. So I’m not necessarily worried for me yeah, but grandparents and siblings and stuff, like that. You don’t put that on on someone else and stuff like that too. So hey, they said kids ain’t happy began, say they said: they’ve been on the lower percentage scale, things like less than 2 % or something like that. Yeah yeah! It’S it’s weird I mean hopefully like you said. Hopefully they get all this sorted out. I mean nothing on TV man and as a sport animatic it’s you can only watch so much Netflix, so absolutely yeah yeah I mean it’s. Hopefully they get that card rearranged, though, because I mean I feel like that’s. I mean a lot of people have been given a UFC stick for it simply because, like everything else is shutting down, but it’s like, if you can get it you’re gon na bring in a lot more viewers. Yes, no one’s gon na be watching baseball. Nobody’S gon na be watching hockey. It’S all that thing. You know, I think, that’s why they’re trying to do everything they possibly can to do it, because it’s such a crucial like a big opportunity for them. You know yeah so for a bunch of other little things to like even eSports events like there’s, some of them they just held, I think, a Call of Duty event in an empty arena. What’S your uh yeah, you were yeah, you do a lot of game in and what what are you on? I play on ps4 in our PC, okay, and what what’s the game that you’ve been streaming yeah each? A lot of my a lot of my buddies. Are the guys that watch the podcast mainly are big gamers, I’m not I’m not much of a gamer myself, but yeah siege is my. I played call it through t2, but not as much as I play siege, I’m a FIFA behind anything else. I can’t always sports man, that’s that’s, that’s all I can do yeah they are. They just had a tournament that was empty as well. It was before everything blew up. They would like to first want to do empty thing. It was these two kids from Europe that played against each other. It was a huge yeah yeah. They can only have venues anything up to five or ten now or in some parts of the world. Fifty, which is, I think, what the UFC is planning but yeah how’d, you score the the Jones Reyes. I’Ve always wanted to ask other martial arts because, as a fan my I saw I mean I saw Jones winning just because I thought he was landing more or healing he landed less, but he was dictating. He had more control mm-hmm and, as someone who I mean I do I did some jujitsu, but don’t get me wrong I’d not. I don’t have a martial arts background so yeah as someone who’s been in there and how did you score? Did you see the damage? Did you see octagon control? What was it for you at it? When I first saw I’ll be real, I didn’t watch the old fight at the time I was working, but we had it on at the bar and the first two rounds that I saw. I thought races went in that fight. I’M all right win this fight, the way it’s going and then and then I saw the end last like X, amount of minutes of the last round, and I saw Jones laughs, corn takedowns and he just started, don’t want with Jones. Do you know I mean, and I think race was just so just out of it after that he was like it. You know I’ve rounds for a light heavyweight, so it was a lot so yeah, so I scored it three four or five Jones. Hmm. I had one two Rhea’s, but I’m also a Jones fan yeah there is that that bias. There, too, you know pulling me towards Jones yeah, but it’s nice to hear it from someone who’s been in there experienced it has fought what duh do you have an idea for an opponent for your for your next next fight? Is there anyone in mine there, man I’m down, I’m down to fight anybody any given day? Oh yeah, I know that’s like the cliché thing, but I mean it’s the truth. We all that. So we all as some minds, yeah yeah, you know I do. I saw that you had posted about the Johnnie Walker fight. I would love that fight yeah. It would be cool, yeah yeah, I thought yeah, that’s the fight, I posted, and you were the first name that came to mind. I was like okay they’re, both coming off losses, but they’re both exciting right both forward. You have a lot of finishes. He obviously has finishes so I thought that would be a great fun fight and fan friendly fight, yeah, which I thought would be fun but but yeah. That’S that’s why I posted it, but I don’t know I I just thought it’d be fun. I will definitely love that fight the first Sikh I think it’s definitely up both rallies and yeah I’ll be fight when he sent when you threw that out there. I’M like. Oh a lot of people, man, a lot of people, give me criticism for some of the fights I make yeah and I think it doesn’t really matter how you do it like cuz. I don’t a lot of the fights I kind of I don’t book them or whatever, but I post I ignore rankings ignore all that stuff. I’M like you know what who stylistically makes sense, yeah and based on their last performance. What makes sense yeah, so you had a streak going before your your last fight. He has a lot of height behind him, but he’s coming off back-to-back losses yeah, it’s like a huge fight for you. If you take him out, enter the top 15 and a fight they could fight for him. But people disagree, no matter what I post so yeah, can’t you can’t win them all yeah. No, you can’t and who do you have for this for the UFC 249? Who do you have one in that? What swimsuit that’s the kabhi play? Hi Ferguson beats him. I think Fergus insists. He has so much tools. He has so much tools. He can grapple pick. It wrestle do can strike like he has any so unpredictable. You don’t know what he’s gon na throw yeah. You know you don’t know. Yeah he’s not scared to go anywhere either right yeah here you go anywhere he’s like a rant. So that’s gon na be an um, an interesting fight, but I definitely see I don’t. I don’t see it like him finishing him, but I see him beating him by decision for sure. I think he has so many ways to score like he consciously keep scoring cuz you have so many ways. He could do it from different angles to mess it up or you Rustica, be. Everybody knows what cubes gon na do yeah, but the problem is: how do you stop him like Dustin knew was gon na. Do that’s the thing. I think the one person that could stop him for sure is its Ferguson. If he beats Ferguson, then nobody in divisions beat them, and it is what it is all right. George George, if he comes down to 55 but uh, maybe uh gay, she gate she got some good wrestling. She’S yeah, he don’t use it stay in the pocket is swing, but the two can wrestle and I think the leg kicks will implement a lot into that fight if there was a fight, but I definitely pizza. I think the one thing that he’s gon na find is, I mean, he’s an other than the I mean he got tagged by Michael Johnson yeah, but that was like enough to make him step back. It wasn’t like got knocked down. Tony is gon na elbow him in the face. Tony he’s gon na make bleed, takes him down and he does get him down. Tony’S disgusting on his back, so you know, took me hit him with elbows, like you know, pushing up on his face. Cracking my elbows like creating space, he’s undoing a lot to create space because he can. He knows how to do it and dude. He has a nasty Darce yeah that they’re coming in quick. You know I mean he could catch, could be you coming like it’s. It’S an interesting fight, it’s one of the fights. You definitely have to see a play out. You can’t we can’t just keep saying like oh who’s, gon na win, who silent pick like you just have to see it out cuz they both like really skills, but I think I tipped a hat to Ferguson. He’S has so much more tools, yeah fifth times return. Hopefully, right like it jinx this but funny how they have that curse and then any fights ever been booked five times without happening yeah. I was supposed to fight them. I was supposed to be on one of your cards. Well, the fight was happened on one of the cards I was on when I was in Brooklyn my first UFC debut. He was supposed to fight Ferguson, yeah huh UFC 223, and then then it was Holloway. Then at the end of the night it end up being. I yeah, I remember that yeah. That was a good fight could be I mean it could be one, but I think owl did. I think that was the best fight Al’s ever had yeah. He went the decision, he took it on what 24 hours notice yeah. So very uh, I don’t know very uh, very impressive. I think that was the best anyone’s looked against could be. That was. It was a really good fight, yeah. What which fight of your career like? If you had to suggest to like someone who doesn’t necessarily watch UFC or doesn’t know about your fights, you know what fight would you say: hey watch that one, my it’s it’s a fight. It was when I was in CES. It’S probably my favorite fight. No, it’s not probably it is my favorite fight. It’S when I fought out Alec Ubben for CES. I don’t remember CES. It was but a we fought that fight got me two cats and a serious fight yeah. So it’s TKO April 16, 2017, CES, 44, yep, Rhode, Island yeah. Also, your contender Series fight that knockout was unbelievable by the way wouldn’t hit that out there. How was that feeling like getting finally getting the contract to UFC with a crazy, crazy knockout meet and Dana White had to be overwhelming? Oh yeah man, it was just huge weight lifted off me. It was awesome. Yeah cuz, like I’m, like I’m going into that fight. We knew who’s fight and we knew we had a lot of background on the kid because smallworlds rest every wrestling knows like wrestlers. So, like a lot of couple of my teammates that I was wrestling at the time, they all knew who he was know like dude, he’s a savage, but we got the blueprints and beat him so um, but it was just it was perfect, like I can’t explain How perfect that whole thing was so out? I was even supposed to fight him. I was that supposed to fight the very first week of of the concent series against Daniel spawn and that fight didn’t happen. Daniel spawns, no joke, you know yeah, but this was the fight and that fight did not happen. I couldn’t the Sun was up my medicals and I had. I was like super scared about it, but nick.maynard and I’m there like. Oh, don’t worry about it. We’Re gon na book you under another one – it might not be this summer, maybe next summer, but we’re gon na book you I said I don’t. I was super depressed about it and then next to you know, fall ranks. Four weeks later he’s like we’re back on. We got to an opponent, didn’t he gave me Jimmy Jones and then fighting him, but yeah that whole era whole time. My life is just unreal. It was just like everything. Just went perfect yeah. It was supposed to be. You know, physically all your hard work and everything finally comes together, and I mean I remember watching that fight and being like holy, and I mean any time flying knee lands like that. It’S yeah. Thank you. What I mean obviously wrestling background, what I find a lot of wrestlers who make the transition and the man people don’t through with it? What was it? What was behind the decision to do it was it. The knack to like I need to keep competing was a bad drive, or was it just something that made sense? You were always in the gym with those guys anyway or oh you, I’m not a wrestler, and I yes, I know stuff put on a mat wrestler. Oh well, oh oh yeah! No! No! No! No! No! I just had like a lot of friends who did, but I never I did. I didn’t wrestle in high score anything. I started my tie in high school. Actually, my sophomore year in high school, I still was, was the reason to start doing. That was it. I wasn’t like. I was in school and I was just bored and I’m not a sport guy like I don’t really like all the sports. I don’t like football. Basketball things that nature, so I was like hmm. What can I get into in my high school didn’t have wrestling. I grew up in an inner-city high school in Boston, so I’m like what the hell can. I do you know yeah and when I was able to. I just found that muy Thai I’d knock some kid out in school and I met my teacher at acosta and he pulled me aside. I was like listen you’re suspended, but I want to introduce our to you. I’M like what’s up is that? Because you got some power kid and he was like yeah look at these DVDs. So is this and it was like pride, I’m like a bunch of pride DVDs so I’ll suspended. I was watching his DVDs and come to find out. It was MMA he introduced me. They haven’t make so then I was like this awesome like how can I get involved with this? He was like. I got you so I picked me up. He took me to a gym and it’s been scoring since then you go straight to the low zones. There was there, it was a Boston, moita Academy, okay in Dorchester, and I was always to go there all the time skipping school to go there and everything, and it just was a magical experience going there as a 17 year old kid. You see all these other guys cracking bags and oh his awesome yeah yeah. I did. I did a little bit kickboxing when I was really young. He took one body shot and was like I’m done with us body shots no joke man. I took. I don’t like done with that done with that did a little bit of jiu-jitsu last year, okay, but other than that man like. I know, I’m in my background no MMA background, just weird passion for don’t know how I picked it up. I watched rampage versus Rashad. Okay, when I saw over shot or rampage, break that door down, I was like yeah, these guys listen. This is like. I feel that anger yeah, you know I wake up. I stubbed my toe. I want to do that to my door, seeing people like that. I don’t know I I fell in love with it ever since that that season of The Ultimate Fighter I was a that was a fun season. It really was yeah. The bad fight wasn’t the greatest, but it was a fun season. Now. What why why you? Don’T you get into MMA now? Why don’t you get to MMA training, necessarily fight yeah? Well, I I did some. I did some jujitsu and I mean I like jujitsu. I ended up getting this weird disease thing on my foot and I wonder, like I ignored it, I was like at whatever whatever and I went to the doctor and they’re like thank goodness you came in because the infection started spreading, so it was gross and they’re. Like you can’t go to the mat because it’s contagious, so I had to stop jiu-jitsu for a bit and stopped in August or yeah and then no in August they were like yeah. You can go back, but in September I was going to Europe for a trip. Yep so I left for six weeks came back and then I was gon na get back into it, and then we got this thing, so it’s like and there’s always a reason not to do it yeah I mean you always find a reason not to, and I Really, I really should get back into it because I loved it. It was always fun everyone there, it’s like small community, it’s just a small gym, yeah and most of them are brown belts, oh yeah, so, and I always found that rolling with brown belts and purple belts and blue belts. Obviously I’m just a white belt yes way. I learned a lot more and no, there was no way for me to get injured, yeah I’ve rolled with a couple of white belts or people who are just starting. I always ended up leaving with like a sore sore leg. You’Re bloody. You know it was because there’s there’s spazzy right and I, when I started that was the same way and I only have like what six months of experience. So I’m not even that great. But, oh man, you notice, hitting your curve it’s a good month. Usually at least six months you got, you got a go to move. You know I mean in like in most positions: yeah yeah, Kamara, rear, naked and guillotine. Hey, that’s the game triangle. I can do triangle, that’s not right. That’S better grow from there like just take that just keep growing from it yeah. I really. I really do need to go back and I really enjoyed it. Do it good yeah I and that’s, for I did a boy tie a few times, never like getting hit, so I’m gon na counting. So, very you know: accountants don’t tend to like it and punched in the face too much just definitely see the stick to Jitsu yeah yeah. I think I personally think like at least everybody tries shits. I understand MMA is like yeah like it’s not easy on the eyes like looking at you. Oh I’m wrong. So with that, but Jiu Jitsu is just so fun. It’S like it’s like fun and it’s depending on you absolutely gon na everything is safe. You keep doing it, keep doing and doing it like I’m at the point where I just roll with anybody. I don’t go even if they like, spazzing and stuff like I just school control it you know yeah well, I like, like I’m small, I’m like a buck. Seventy or so so, like I’ll roll with someone who’s 220 and it’s very different than rolling with someone who’s 120 yeah, which is why I like it. It’S every person you roll with, is different. They have a different go-to move. They move differently, they react differently. They, you know, you may go left on one person and they may let you you may go left on another and you may end up on your back yeah exactly so. It’S very, very different and every person is different. So it’s like it’s it’s problem-solving, which is why I like it it’s more of a puzzle than anything else like who I think it was John Danaher Lisa’s like it’s the human chess. It’S like playing chess, both humans like yeah, so this is your cost. You got to think of the like three four moves ahead. You guys like slowed things down. You got absurd like this. It’S awesome. It also changed your way of thinking, because once you start developing that side, that style of thinking that way of that mindset, you can’t turn it off. So you start thinking about everything like that. Like you start thinking about driving in traffic, like that, you know well, if I go with this left, I know he’s gon na go laughs. You know I mean let you start just thinking about man’s like they start breaking things down and yeah. It’S it’s cool. It’S a different mindset. It was a what I found. What I loved about it is I’d, come home from from jujitsu, and, although I’d be thinking about until I went to, bed was jujitsu it and that it was like. Oh man, like you know, I had him in the triangle. Why didn’t it work? You know what I mean like it. Why didn’t it widen tap and it’s always like didn’t, still see his shoulder. It’S always like that, oh yeah. It must be like that in fights too after a fight yeah, you look back at a fight like his chin was open like yeah, so you can’t be perfect. You just get as close as possible. The infection was not real. Just close, you know maybe another question. I had for is how like what is going on in your mind, like when you’re in a fight and you’re like man, I am seconds away from possibly knocking him out just seconds away from possibly being knocked out yeah. It’S got ta, be such a weird feeling to know like my life is on the line here. What I try to do – I guess before other guys, but what I try to do is I try to when I go into a fight. I try to be blank as possible, like the blankets might say you could possibly have the blankets like. I try not to have anything in my mind here I mean I just try to be focused on what I need to do in just a plain mindset. Excuse me so when I go in there like all that shits out the window, I’m just like clear-minded go, you know I had been try to be very mindful and present in the moment, because you start thinking about all like like how guys get into commerce it. Like when they get into conversations or they like, they believe Alma knock you out, I’m gon na knock him out. I’M a knock him out that that that tunnel vision that you get it’s like, it’s not it’s, not realistic, yeah! You know I mean like the vision of like you, don’t see in a ton of us. You see in this wide area. Like you know, I mean so it’s like why you have that much don’t have that mindset don’t go in there. I’M gon na knock him out now come on. That’S all guys going to, but Alma knock him out. Then they get taken down a psalm. They they hit that shock factor and they’re not used to it because they they already their mind. Thinking about not gon na stress enough and then they’re getting taken down, and now they got ta, try to think of something else, but they still thinking about knocking about with no Scott their fight. That’S it so yeah, just fight just go out. There perform the best ability, that’s it: okay, yeah! I try to clear your mind of everything negative. You can’t. You can’t go in there with that type of mindset. You cannot because if you do you’re, just gon na beat yourself before you get in there. Have you ever been on the receiving end of like a Nick Diaz or Conor McGregor type trash talk in there like someone being like come on hit me like, and is that ever like affecting you? No, no! No! No, I am the closest. I haven’t been something like that was to Alec whooping fight. He talked so, but he talked so much to get that fight. He talked mad to get that fight and me I’m not a talker. It’S not it’s just not what I am. You know I mean like. I come from you talk, get hit, it is what it is. So my look constant crack you you keep talking. So I’m like I like it’s supposed to fight like I’m gon na see you. So what does it matter? So you know I mean and uh. He was talking hell of for that fight. He got the fight, we fought and I’m, like I didn’t say no, it’s all. I got talk. No so am I just like whoa. What is there for me to say? I’D beat your ass. I don’t have not insane yeah. Well, you done with you know I mean, but I get the antics of talking. I get it, it’s a cell get people on seeds, you know I mean I get it. I totally get it. This is dumb formula, but it’s a formula that works and for some people like Chael Sonnen, it gets them fights, yeah, yeah, alikoum and maybe get some fights. They wouldn’t necessarily get. Unfortunately, like guys like. First of all, we don’t give him enough credit which he should he’s won the Bluto pioneers of that style. Bisping, yes, pink corner jail like oh gosh. All these guys are constantly talk. What I like that like, like, yes, that’s like like Bisping, that’s organically him, you meet him off air on air, he’s a talker like that’s it. He just kicks. It just goes, and that’s just how he is polite, some other guys. It’S a it’s an act. You go, I’m not gon na throw some guys in the bus, but you know I mean when you see them in person, they don’t act the same way they do in that front of that camera. It’S legit and act like you’re, like switches, switch, sulfites, get people and seeds yeah. That’S not that’s not me, like I’m a talker I’ll talk with my friends and stuff like that. Yeah think that nature, but I’m not gon na talk like to sell. You know I mean I get the concept of it, but it’s just I don’t. It doesn’t feel organic. Some somebody’s talking to me yeah that, but I’m not gon na like go and pursue it and like start the socket nah yeah yeah, I know or act like be mad, like pretend to be mad at me as someone space like and face offs and as corny, It’S not me ain’t gon na. Do it yeah it’s from a fan perspective like guys like Mike Perry, are up in your face doing weird stuff: we love it, but if it’s not who you are like, that’s my Perry right, you saw someone like Joe lausanne who’s known to be classy yep. If you saw him do it, what are you doing? Don’T act like a don’t have dick. He always tell us that, like I yeah man, I’ve been the Joe fan for so long. So I mean it’s amazing. You get to work with them every day, but what I like most about him was that right, like what you see is what you get he’s, not there to start he’s there to be humble: win fights yeah, humble in defeat classy when he wins and Dan was The same way I mean not, as many people know him, he wasn’t any see as long yeah, but it’s awesome that you that you you give you give him some some clout yeah, I’m so cool yeah. I don’t like a lot of people won’t even mention his name. They always bet you Joe Joe Joe. Don’T sleep Delos, beast yeah? Well, it’s I mean yeah. He was. He was a pioneer any pioneer, but a lot of people, especially people who weren’t fans back in the day like Danny’s, yet don’t know they don’t who’s leaving rate as I got into it yeah. But I watched a lot of past videos and past footage and stuff. So I I mean he had some hits some Wars, so really I mean he deserves just as much credit as Joe does just Joe’s in the UFC longer have nice win streaks had some huge wins and still competing. He won like few months ago. I teared up and I teared up seeing him win that fight. I almost felt like it was part of it. I’Ve watched him for so long and after everything, he’d been through with his son and everything seeing him win, NAT fashion in front of his own crowd was was really really nice to see ya. Alright man, thank you for taking the time. I don’t want to hold you up to too much longer. I know you’ve got I really doing. I was playing games yeah, you got kids and all that stuff. So I appreciate you taking the time in and this like. I said man you’re my third third person on my podcast and say UFC fighter man like that. So amazing so appreciate you taking the time and no Perella keep in touch and best of luck me and hopefully you you get that fight, Johnny Walker. Joon would be amazing, yeah I’ll, be sick. Give a huge shout out to you that that, if you say my name after the fight man, that would be incredible. No I’m an all the best good luck appreciate it. Yes, sir

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