Ep. #12 – Helen Harper

Helen Harper is a mixed martial artist who competed on The Ultimate Fighter 23 on Team Joanna and most recently competed for Brave CF. She also has her own podcast and teaches online self defence classes. Check out her podcast and website below: @rearnakedradio https://www.hhhselfdefence.com/SHOW MORE


Helen Harper: So let’s go, it’s been an experience but yeah, it’s so good! I’M not my mom’s now. So it’s good to have some company how’s um how’s training going. Is there much training going on or are you just taking a break while all this plays itself out? I mean I am training on my own like everyday, but it’s like it’s not really like you caught. I just missed you ginseng man like I miss it so much like I I know I knew before I was a big part of my life like I knew it was a big part of my life, but I didn’t realize how much of a part of my Life, it was until this and I was like, but I just wan na do jiu-jitsu like I literally have no more requirements in my life right now like I just if I could do jiu-jitsu and have my life the way it is right now, I’d be cool With that yeah I started jiu-jitsu last February a bit late to the game. I’M 24 so still have a lot of time to do it. I started when I was 24 say yes, so I I did it for about six months and then got into a car accident and tore my rotator, cuff and strained my spine so haven’t. I was out for a few months. They wouldn’t let me go back. Understandably. Uh-Huh and then rate, as I got cleared, all this happened, so I really had a chance to go back and and do it yeah it’s it’s it sucks, but I don’t even there’s nothing else. You can do right. Yes, I had the same thing like I had like. I was in a merge bike accident like I was riding my bike and a car just like pulled out and just smashed into the side of me like smashed up. My shoulder like I couldn’t move my arm for like months, and I was going to the gym every day I was still working in the gym. I was like super depressed because I was like I just want to train. Those is so much pain all the time you know because my shoulder was just like on fire and uh yeah and but I was still going to the gym just to like try to keep the routine and then just doing like my physio work, and I think It’S okay, you know when a car draw like it was like a 4×4 as well. You know I got big, oh yeah and like when that drives into you. You know you can’t really recover fully from that. You know it’s like, but it’s like so depressing you’re like I just want to train like just. Let me train it’s not the same right like there’s a difference between rolling and doing some jumping jacks. It’S not it’s not the same. Yes, I understand agree and that’s yes. If now it’s like yeah, I’m just gon na, do some strength. Conditioning again, oh oh just do some more strength, conditioning I guess training listening today and it’s like yeah, I’m really bored of it. I just want to punch people in the face and check them out. This is like killing me, but it’s all good, we’ll appreciate it so much more afterwards. Yeah, do you have to be inside all the time and we didn’t get to roll, but now you’re never gon na miss training again, so that’s my heart, yeah you’re uh! You last competed back in November right for for brave what was it? What was the decision to compete all the way in Bahrain? Okay, so basically backing backtracking a little bit. I’D been wanting to fight for so long, and I’d like to year, layoff fair right from 22nd I’d been asking for fight for so long, and then I ended up leaving that gym for like a multitude of reasons. But it’s not like the worst thing in the world, but just it just was time basically yeah. So I left that gym and I moved to crossface where I am now and I was like. I went there and I was like I want to fight like. I. Don’T care how you go about it? I just want to fight, so my coach Dave he’s a phenomenal coach, like absolutely amazing, like such a cool guy. Just like really cares about. As far as you know, like he’s not like he’s not one of those people that would be like, oh, you can only fight if it’s a guaranteed win he’s not like that. He’Ll do take tough fights for people. He doesn’t care it’s just like train as hard as you can and you will have a chance to win yeah fair enough yeah, you know was it that fight. I think the girl was what nine and one or something like that like she really really solid record. One six and one yeah yeah she’s, really good, and you know like it, was like a super tough fight for me for, like the first one after two years and like I had like a torn so I tore both the collateral ligaments in my knee in the April so in my left knee so I had both sides, I mean then they’re not fixed yeah, I’m still waiting on the operation. The operation was actually supposed to have happened two weeks ago, but obviously it got cancelled for Karina. So I still had this Tony and I was like you know what I just I want to fight so bad. I just I need to like scratch this itch, so to speak, so I was like she he’s like hey and I agree to every fight like I’m [ _ ] terrible, like I agree to like that’s why I have to have a manager, because when it’s left Up to me, I just agreed to everything – and it’s like: why are you agreeing to that fight? There was a 20 kilogram weight difference and I’m like I will fight what is wrong with you. So that’s why I have to have a manager, because I am NOT responsible enough to do it by myself. So, theoretically, if you got a call, the fight, Jessica and ROG, you see 2:45 yeah yeah, oh yeah, that’s right! Yeah! That’S two weeks notice! You know see 249 against someone to just won the title. That’S yeah! I would do it like there’s nothing to lose like everyone would assume that I’m getting knocked out in to make the first 30 seconds. So if I lost more than 30 seconds, I [ _ ] smashed it you don’t know. I mean it’s just like okay cool, like my ggc’s, not bad, like [, , ] huzzah see better her striking, obviously better than mine, like by about a million thousand percent, which is cool, but you know what I would still do it, even though it was like A pretty much a guaranteed loss, because when are you ever gon na get that opportunity like ever again, yeah yeah, I mean you can go out there and shock the world right, so I mean probably not, but I wouldn’t even care about that. I would just be like I just want to fight like just let me fight and like, like I don’t know, oh yeah, I just I just love that the preparation – and you know the buzz for me yeah. I just love it is there, do you have a timetable for your for your return, obviously, that that that fight likely won’t happen against Jessica and Raj, but mine, are you looking to get back before the end of the year yeah like the idea that the original Plan was to have the operation like two weeks ago, when actually originally it was supposed to be six weeks ago, then he canceled it and they moved it forward four weeks and then it was cancelled again because of Corona. So it’s actually been canceled twice already, which is really annoying so as soon as I can get the operation, and as soon as I can cut recover from operation, the thing is it’s like with collateral ligaments. It’S not really that much. They can do it’s more like working out if there’s anything that they can’t see on the MRI kind of thing, so it’s more like exploratory rather than but like there’s, clearly something wrong with it, because it doesn’t matter how much physio I do. It’S not fixing. You know like it’s not getting much better like it’s got better, but not it’s like it gets to a point and then it just stops. It just doesn’t get any better than that. You know so it’s like I’m sitting out 60 % like at maximum. You know so it’s not ideal, especially if someone’s like about to do what I can [ ] kneebar me, and it’s just you know it’s not gon na end. Well, is it yes, I’d like, for example, I can’t I don’t feel like I can spar properly, because if someone takes me down inspiring and I resist it, hurts so much like it’s not too bad when I take them down it’s when they take me down, and I resist and it’s like the pain it literally feels like my knee has been shot and it’s like yeah, that’s not an ideal feeling for every training session. So it’s like I’m drilling, I’m rolling jiu-jitsu I’m drilling. I’M probably should sue everybody. That’S all I’ve done since, like the fight pretty much it’s just too painful, say yeah. I know like Tony Ferguson didn’t like he recovered from those in like six months, but like I’m, a soccer die hard soccer fan football fan, I guess there, but but those often career-ending and I use for soccer players and it’s very similar for frame of a fighters. So hoping that surgery goes well yeah me too big time. Are you uh? Are you big footy footy fan now? I said this to my friend before. Actually I used to play football when I was like a teenager like I was in the team and uh. It’S a Guildford Guildford Saints, oh yeah, um, and once I started MMA, I realized that footballs [, , ] and like you is like especially perfect, like I don’t mind like playing. Football is fine, but watching it like watching people rolling around on the ground, clutching the leg, and it’s like what [ ] you doing like I get hot, I get hit harder than that drilling yeah. The one thing I like about MMA is it like I’m a huge fan of watching it. I don’t miss a fight. If there’s a fight on I’m I’m all over it. I cancel plans with everybody to watch fights yeah and it’s what I like about it is it’s all up to that one, individual right! You don’t have ten other players to back you up right. If you throw up exactly right, you, if you over, throw a punch. You could get knocked out just like that and there’s no ten players to block that punch for you. It’S just you and that being said on the other side, if you win, obviously your team had something to do with it, but it’s all on you there’s the glory is all yours yeah. Definitely, let’s talk a little bit about your time on the Ultimate Fighter. Probably one of my favorite seasons because of the coaches, what was the bad blood like, I guess from someone who was in the house versus someone who was watching it from my house on TV, so first thing I’ll say I did off Joanna so much like. I have so much love for her. I could she was so she was so good to me and, like we still talk like we literally message like three days ago. You know, like I love that girl. I absolutely love her and you know she took [ _ ], but it’s she’s amazing, okay, like as a person like personally, I think she’s amazing, as a fighter she’s, incredible too. Oh yeah. Of course. Yes, but, like I just mean like on a personal level like she helped me so much in the house, she would like spent so much time with me and like like developing my game and like helping me with my striking, because my my my striking is never Gon na be as good as much as you see, because I don’t love it as much. You know, like I love jiu-jitsu, I will literally do if I could do jiu-jitsu for 12 hours a day. I would no problem. Oh just no problem, you know yeah. Unfortunately, you know work and stuff gets in the way, but whatever – and you know – but I bought my striking, isn’t it I love it like. I like, I enjoy it, but I’ve. Never I’m not as passionate about it like. I am with judges, so she was helping me like tried to develop my striking a little bit. You know and like she had put a lot of time into me, a lot of time and a lot of effort. So for me I think she’s amazing uh her beef with Claudia, like I don’t everyone’s like oh, was it real? Was it real, I’m like yeah definitely was. I think it was a hunter in real, like that’s. There is no like that was definitely grow. There was so many times when it was just like. Oh my god, I should call him like cuz, I’m really bad with like conflict like I hate conflict like a worst fire ever it’s like you’re, a fighter. You hate conflict, I’m like yeah, pretty much. So it’s like for me every time I was like prepared for them to be in the same like broom or the same area. I was like, oh god. No, please don’t cry. I can’t like I hate, like any conflict like that. Even if it’s not with me know just like any conflict, I’m like, oh my god, oh my god, I can’t deal with. I can’t deal with it like so I was like dreading them being in the same room, but there was like a couple of times when you know like they would start screaming at each other and like oh, my god, okay, I’m just gon na leave the room. Now cuz, I can’t deal with this so yeah, it’s kind of crazy. What what’s life like in the house? I loved it, like I literally loved it. So at the time I was working, I think I can’t remember what I was doing but, like I was working really long hours and I was like exhausted all the time see I was like I remember I was doing before I know like I was probably doing Like three jobs, like, I think, that’s most of my life, to be honest as an adult in my life is at least three jobs and so a par from now but yeah. So I was working a lot and I was like. Oh, if I get in the house, that means that I can have like basically, two months off work, poverty, education. All I had to do is train and then like. I ended up getting concussion and I couldn’t even train for half of it and I was so desperate to Train cuz. Like you know, that’s why I do it like. I’Ve had concussion before and I’ve trained through it and that’s probably not the most sensible thing in the world but like because it’s on, like the Hat, is in the house. They had like the doctors, I’m like they’re like telling me. Oh, you can’t train and I’m like well, what do you mean? I can’t train like that’s what I do and I like no you’re not allowed to train I’m like. Oh, my god. I got super like upset because I was like well I’m here to Train. I can train so then I just made everyone like cookies and cakes and stuff cuz like a little cooking. I love baking. It’S like yeah. I saw that on your your Twitter. Bio is like Ultimate Fighter: competitor Baker. Yeah, that’s! Actually it. I love baking, and do you know what I love about? It is not that I can. Obviously I love the baking pop. I love making things for people and like seeing them being like so happy that I made them something, and then that makes me happy and then I it just makes me love baking more see. I like opposite when I bake something, and I give it to someone. I’M upset because they got the thing I worked on. They got to enjoy the meal I made, so it makes me upset yeah. I love making them food like I make it stuff and like every time someone fights in my gym. They get cake like whatever those folks a favor. Is you know every time it’s someone’s birthday? They get something like I’m just like any excuse to bacon update like I love it, so you know I was just faking cookies like every day I was like taking this to the gym for the camera crew and then, like I got like I was baking like Every day, but like I, you know just once a day and then I got some like friendship band stuff and I was like making ever on a friendship band and I made one for everyone in the house and then I started making them for all the producers Or the camera crews, like every single person had banned, and actually I spoke to someone who worked on the show like within the last month. I can remember what it was and he still has his band and it made me so happy. I was like that’s so cool. It was like 2016. You know like four years ago, yes February, yeah January and February is 2016 yeah, so would have been four years ago. So crazy. I was like. I can’t believe you still have it so happy. Did you ever think of moving to the States after the Ultimate Fighter I wanted to? Actually I just couldn’t afford it? It was. I was there any gyms that stood out like I thought, like you know, Alpha Team Alpha male, they had people like Urijah Faber. It’S known for his guillotine, which I thought would be a good match and smaller people, so I thought like Paige Vanzant was there for a bit. I believe that, what’s her name, a girl from Wales just recently moved there. No, you mean, and now I can’t remember her name, I know exactly who you me yeah, sorry brain. If she fights from bellator Victor, I don’t think that yeah yeah so have you ever liked. So obviously money was an issue. Was there a gym that you would have been like yeah, that’s the one that I think it’s it’s best for me or even 18. To ATT, where you on is that I just really wanted to train with Greg Jackson for, like my entire MMA career, that’s been my girl’s train with him and that’s why I want to do, and I still want to do it like it’s still, my old goal To Train like I met him once I met him, a wake up, Bellator event and I was just like I want to come and train with you and he’s like cool. Do it, and I that was the end of the conversation I was like. I don’t think he knew who I was like I mean I wouldn’t expect him to like some [ _ ], like women, that’s lost on Bellator. Did you got I mean like, but cuz I was in, like the VIP area. Cuz my friend worked was working there. I was like, let me a lady’s secret Jackson. I need to tell him that I need to train with him and he was like. Are you drunk I’m like? No, you know I don’t drink. Just let me in I had I had Juan Adams heavy weight. He chains out of Jackson, Jackson, wink. I had him on Monday, I was talking him and he was at the gym and the second. He said that I started freaking out a bit I was like is John Jones. There is Holly. Holm is great. I stood in there like I didn’t say it, but I didn’t want to like ruin his moment either, but but it meaning even meeting them what it would be incredible, yeah like insane. So actually it is crazy. So I work on a podcast as well called rear-naked. Radio and Greg Jackson is actually gon na be a guest next week, so it’s coming out on Monday. So if you do want to like listen like, I know it’s about to shout out another podcast, but it’s like you know. Oh, I know this is like what ya know shout out your podcast rear, naked radio. On Monday, it’s gon na be great Jackson and it’s gon na be phenomenal radio. I will actually include the link in the youtube link as well. So you’ll have that. Thank you yeah, my 30 viewers coming hey. They might even be like 40 by like next week. You know yeah good point, good point, you know, I guess keys dream back. You know dream big house um. So what are your predictions? I guess for for UFC 249 I told you I was gon na ask not many questions about fighters in particular, but I did. This is one that I’ve been asking everybody just because I’m curious to see how people think this is gon na go well. Okay, so I the thing is, is like: I really think that Tony’s gon na win obviously like well, no, not obviously not obvious at all. Actually, I had a key winning in oh really. What the thing is is like I, I would like him too, but I think Tony’s gon na win, just because I think his his heart is there more. You know like he has noise, it’s not like in it more, but it just feel like. I can’t explain it. I just I see something like in his mind or something I don’t know what it is. I’M like in his heart that it’s like he’s, [, _ ]. Winning like you know, I don’t know it doesn’t make any sense but yeah. You know when you listen to their like mentality, like I’ve heard both of their interviews and Gaetti almost seems like it’s like it’s, I’m gon na go out there and try like he doesn’t expect to win, but I think that actually might be the reason he does Win because he’s just gon na go tuck his chin, but it’s probably the most exciting fight like really yeah, and also because, like of everything that’s going on in the world at the moment, it’s like even more exciting. You know yeah, it’s like are you uh? Are you did you sign a one fight deal with brave or you have several fights? Oh, it’s kind of weird. Actually so I sign a one fight, just one fight but they’re like they said to me at the time they wanted me back like a hundred percent they’re like we want you back, so it’s like all right, cool and then obviously all this stuff happens. So you know who knows when the next brave will be on, but they did contact me to do a video for them as one of their fighters, so I’m not actually signed officially, but it’s like a unspoken sign. I guess I don’t really know what the word is for that, but, like basically, they kind of collapsed me as one of their fighters, but I’m not officially signed it’s like a multi fight deal or anything. Okay, yeah cuz. I was just wondering what their I guess. Stance is obviously they cancelled all their events yeah, but I wanted to compare UFC to other organizations to see what their stances are. I guess I think it’s, the only organization, that’s really taken this stance, the only ones that have enough money to do it. So you know I mean well. I saw that Dana was buying an island or I’ll end. Up like this is a literally sound fantasy, [ _ ], that, like you know, you dream off when you’re a kid and like yeah, I’m gon na live on Island, I’m gon na have a cage. We’Re gon na have fights yeah when you’re seven. That sounds like the best idea in a when you’re an atom Eliza that should cost a lot of money and then, when you’re, Dana White, you realize that you have the money to actually be able to do that. [ _ ] and it’s like holy [, _ ], that’s something yeah. I don’t think it’s as like. I mean I don’t know any details or anything like that, but I feel like it’s probably just someone was like yeah. You can come use this island. I don’t think physically purchase an island but either way the situation. Is I secured an island what the [ _ ], fine, Hey, look, and even even if he didn’t pay for it, the island, for example. How is he gon na get one’s people over to the island? He has to pay to get all these people over. It’S not just the fighters. It’S the corner, man, it’s the camera crew. It’S the production crew. Do you not? I mean he’s gon na pay. All these people on a [ _ ] island, in the middle of nowhere. So even if he’s not paying for the island itself, that could be gifted to him easy in the pilots, and you can’t have more than ten people on a flight or whatever. It is. So it’s not like they’re putting them on a night early they’ll be like individual, like they wouldn’t because they can’t keep anyone together, because it’s illegal for, like the whole world, so they’d have to have like individual dressing room. It’S like for every single person, almost like no even for the camp, it’s like for the person. You know it’s just crazy. Like yeah, I mean it’s like Oh, be super impressed. I mean, I think you will pull it off. I just hope that no one gets injured in the process. You know like if somebody gets the virus in the process of traveling or something you know, that’s gon na be really bad and also because every other, it’s then gon na get everyone. You know yeah. I think think if the issue too is like, if a corner man or like a cameraman, gets gets it it’s lawsuits right, that’s the he’s got money to blow. I guess, but you don’t want lawsuits on the sport exactly and it’s like your reputation takes years and years to build and seconds to break you know so it’s I wouldn’t I would say it’s not worth it. I mean. I would say that I would do it. I would be a fire of that like if he asked me I’d. Do it a hundred percent I’d go to the fight, I’d watch in the front row by myself. I’D look at that. I don’t like. I would do it, but I would know I don’t. I think it’s a good idea, but I would do it because why not that’s a mentality? A lot of a lot of fighters have there’s not many that are vocal on the other side, saying I’m not gon na. Do it I think most are like. Yes, there are any people that are the only people that would categorically say no as people that are either injured, sick or they’ve. Just had someone die, like rose namajunas yeah, just two deaths in the family just reported today, yeah of course right now you know like, of course that’s like. I totally get that and that’s that to me. That’S like totally fair enough, like I wouldn’t. If somebody my family, just died, I wouldn’t want to fight either, but luckily my family seems pretty healthy right now, all right. So let’s talk about some non MMA material. Here you do some online coaching too right and what what is that is it jujitsu? Is it think it’s self-defense type things correct? So basically, I really wanted to do self-defense woman originally and because that’s like how I got into MMA in the first place – and it’s been like, I’m super passionate about it and like I was teaching like workshops, seminars and stuff for like people that had never done Any MMA I’ve never done any cell phones never done anything. So I was teaching these and it, but it was like so hard to get people through the door. I was like I’m giving you a free seminar like I wasn’t even charging and it was still like. I would literally have to give them like a hard sell just to get them into the room, and I’m like this should not be so hard. So then I like changed the angle of it so like when people got there, they loved it, they loved the teaching. They loved the seminar or they worked or whatever they liked they were so into it. They wanted to come back, you know like, but they it just took them so much to actually come in the first place because, like self-defense is like there’s a kind of a bad name, you know like, oh god, it’s gon na be so boring. It’S just gon na be like standing silently in a room. Listening someone like talk about [ _ ], like you know, it’s like no, but it’s not it’s not wing-chun or whatever that works yeah. So when I teach it’s like basically, I say to them. Look guys. This is this is like MMA, but the stuff that you would use in an actual situation. So I’m not gon na teach you how to like, for example, escape an armbar, because the chances of you getting onboard in the street are fairly limited, but the chances of somebody grabbing you in the street, oh hi, or if they grab your arm. They grab your body, they pull your hair. You know something like that. That’S the sort of thing that might actually happen to you. Okay, so let’s talk about that. Let’S talk about the mentality of it. Let’S talk about when you go out. Do you take a pair of pumps with you, as well as your heels, so you can run. You know like if you, if you’re trying to run in heels, you’re, probably gon na break your ankle and then you’re not even be able to walk. So if you’re running in pumps, you have a bit of a chance to get away if somebody’s chasing it so logical. Things like that that nobody thinks about well, I said nobody really people think about yeah. So I go through like all aspects, and I say to them: look guys, I’m teaching you one thing or I’m teaching you like. I go through three three scenarios. Basically in most seminar is nervous. So, like look, I’m teaching you these things, but this just because you’ve been taught this once does not mean that you know it doesn’t mean you’re safe. If you don’t practice it, you don’t know it. It’S about reaction. Yeah, you might know like okay. I don’t want to push my opponent to the the distance of his fist or, like you know, like a punching range I don’t want to. I don’t want to push him to that like if, if you push someone a little bit and they go to punching range, they can smash you even harder if you go into them so, like you know, like a body lock or something, then it’s gon na be Harder for them to damage you because they can’t have any power right. So things like something you wouldn’t think about like. If you didn’t do MMA then do like any martial arts, something you. If you, your immediate reaction is going to be getting them away, get them away, but then they’ve got the power in a space to be able to use it. So you go in close to them. Hey they don’t expect it and B they don’t have any power. So you take away power, so just something like that could stop someone from getting punch. For example. Oh I’m really adamant that look guys you’re, not gon na learn something by doing it once like. That’S a complete bull sure if you think that it’s a case and you’re fooling yourself, you don’t yet, and every person like, for example, it may be a smaller person. It may be a bigger person, the size of the person and whatever they’ve done right, whether they’re a football player just a regular Joe. The way you react, it’s gon na be different. Just because you can react to one person doesn’t mean you’re gon na be able to do it for the next. Oh, I was doing like loads of workshops and then I kind of feel struggling to get people into one place at one time, because you know like everyone’s working everyone’s like doing something different so like right, and I really want to learn from you. But I just I can’t get to that place right. You know what I need to work out, how I can teach some something online and I was like right. Okay, if you think about it logically, before you turn out to an MMA class, if I known how to, for example, throw a jab for a cross like jab cross hook, cut poker if I’d known how to sprawl, if I’d known how to break fall, if I’d Known how to shoot all of that kind of stuff would have been really helpful to know before I turned up to class because I learnt it with people basically laughing at me, because I was doing it really bad. So I developed this online program, which is basically all the warm-up drills that we do in a really simple format. So it’s MMA online, but it’s not MMA online. It’S like it’s, it’s fitness and it’s not like boring, squats, the star jumps and all that [ _ ]. It’S like shadow boxing and sprawling and break falling and putting it all together and so you’re getting your finger subs that way and all the programs, all the sorry all the workouts are three five-minute rounds like a MMA fight. So it’s like it’s it’s going on the MMA theme, but I’m not like I’m teaching you MMA. No, I’m teaching you the movements from MMA that you could use to keep get fit or you could use. For example, if somebody tries to attack you at the hip, I don’t know why they would do that, but maybe someone tried to and you sprawl great reaction, good work. Where did you learn that? Oh that was me cool? You know I mean so and for the other part of it, which is the the really the bit I I love both parts actually, but I do a lot of mindset work. So it’s like MMA and mindset and the mindset work is like a love meditation appreciation like I have like a whole appreciation journal. I actually have a book how a book came out this week. I called five daily habits you can find on Amazon. If you want it, and it’s basically like a just a little bit, you know self-published yeah self publication, yeah yeah it’s on Amazon. Anyway, it’s called five daily habits and it’s basically goes. It’S like a like an organized journal. So like not a journal, we just write. It’S like every day has its own page, and it’s very like what you like, how many calories did you eat today? I encourage you to track your calories using MyFitnessPal like how was your mindset today? What did you do to Train? Did you do like a workout? Did you do like some like some yoga? Was it like more of a rest day? Maybe you went for a swim, you know, maybe you went for a run like what did you do? How did you feel about it like all this kind of stuff like? Have you written in a journal today? Did you meditate this day? How did you feel before you meditate? This is: how long did you meditate, for how did you feel after you meditated all this stuff and explain like why you need it as well and everything so yeah, that’s like kind of to go with the course, but you can also just do on your own As well so yeah, so the call is only eight weeks, so it’s intense, but it is oh, it’s actually even like the timing of like, for example, right now is the time to even try that right, you’re in quarantine. Nothing else to do may as well give it a go. So I’ll also include the link in the description 30 or 40 viewers, or what, however, many I get Howsam. So you also do a little bit of rock climbing. I tried it. I suck at it. You’Re self proclaimed, avid rock climber, I think, is what it says. What got you into that and how do you find that that that’s those sorts of activities, co-relate mmm, a good question? Okay, so I got into climbing with my ex-boyfriend, who is by the way, a really nice guy. We just it was just time like nothing happened, just cool time in the relationship, but he he was really coming and he got me into climbing and I was like so started off with him being like hey you wan na, go climbing and I’m like. Well, it’s not jujitsu, so I probably not and he doesn’t do jujitsu. So he didn’t understand my stance from that and then I was like. I went with him and I was like oh no. This is so much fun and I wasn’t good or anything but like I wasn’t [ _ ], so I was like oh sweet and and then the next day I was like it’s so much pain like my muscles are absolutely killing. I was like suck yeah. That’S awesome, like I didn’t think I could get this kind of workout that wasn’t like MMA. You know yeah because it’s it’s nights like so much slower, it’s so much more controlled, but it’s still so much fun him. My girlfriend does it and I can’t I got she crushes me every time we go it’s not for me. I don’t know why the keeping your arms straight thing doesn’t seem to work for me I like to be in. In close, I took me a long time as well to get me like he kept saying to me like. Why are you trying to hold on with her? I was like this like holding on he’s like white hold on there. Your face, I’m, like I don’t know – maybe it’s gon na punch me yeah, but then like as I got used to it was like. Oh actually, this is it’s not gon na punch me I mean like I have hit my head on holds before and it [ _ ] hurts cuz. It’S like, like really painful hard like I don’t know what the material is, but the holds like plastic or something minute break hurts. So I don’t recommend that. Ah I started going on my own after he introduced me to it and then I met loads of people. There and I have loads of like friends, they’re like my climbing friends, I have my gym friends and my climbing friends so now like, even though you know I’m together anymore. I still go so well, obviously, not right now but like when we have isolation. I will still go so yeah, but yeah, oh and it’s the second part of your question, how it relates to jujitsu. Well for me, I relate it to you Jitsu, because it’s like really controlling the body so like in jujitsu. You obviously want to be able to control your body. You want to be able to control your body when someone else is trying to control it, whereas in climbing you want to be able to control your body to reach the next holder, the next step so get yourself to the next step. So it’s like it’s. It’S kind of the same, but obviously no one’s trying to choke you out. So it’s kind of fun, like I mean just on TV, but like it’s like fun in a different way, I would say: yeah it’s like you’re, using your body weight in momentum rather than trying to force something to happen that isn’t supposed to happen, yeah exactly exactly So yeah, I think I think it complements you Jess. You really really well definitely recommend it. Okay, so to anyone here that does jujitsu all 40 of you uh do some rock climbing to you. That’S just you know why don’t ya all right! Well, I I appreciate you, you jumping on we kind of talked about everything which is kind of what I like about this podcast is there’s no real structure to it. It’S just whatever comes up, so thank you for coming on and I should include all that stuff in the in the link in my bio. So all the best – and hopefully you get back in there sooner rather than later, and maybe you get a call for UFC. 249, all the best problem, all the best wash your hands stay safe,

Sergio Pineiro

Sergio Pineiro is the Founder of FighterPath.com and host of the Quarantinecast podcast. Based in Canada he is both a sports journalist and MMA enthusiast. He practices the sport but has a passion for the individual stories of training, fighting and living the fighting lifestyle.

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