Ep. #17 – Jeromy Mitchell

Jeromy Mitchell is an undefeated 23 year old mixed martial artist who has a 2-0 record as a professional. He has 14 official amateur mixed martial arts bouts and is 8-1 as an amateur boxer.


Jeromy Mitchell:So how are things there in quarantine and how’s training going? Oh pretty good man honestly, which I know I believe you’re you’re, not from America. I’M now can of Canadian okay. Okay, so I don’t know how different it is there from here. There are certain places they’re a little more strict, but really it’s they’re relying on us to be good people and most people aren’t – or at least but it hasn’t changed much. Fortunately, I have a key to the gym that I try that and so we go in, but usually it’s a one or two of us maximum trying to avoid as much contact as possible, but really not much has changed conditioning stayed the same skills training stayed the Same really, the only thing lacking is where I might have 10 to 15 training partners that I could alternate through on a normal week. Now it’s just me and one other guy or two other guys. We really everything’s the same travel here is a limited very much. They obviously say up: the central travel only really go to the grocery store, or whatever has to be done, but not very many people are getting punished for going out. You know going out freely. People are only really good in trouble for large gatherings and stuff, or at least where I live yeah here in Nova Scotia anyway, this this province we’ve think we’re the strictest Canadian province like you, you’re allowed to go out only for grocery stores and they’ve closed off. All parks, so, if I get caught at like a playground, I can get fined a thousand thousand Canadian, which is six hundred us. So it’s a pretty strict here and so like we’re all working from home. If you can, if not all this, all businesses are shut down unless they’re essential, so like mechanics and stuff like that, so it’s all gyms are closed. I work at at like a sports facility, so much in my gym shut down, so I have like a 16 pound barbell. That’S all I’ve got so it’s yeah gyms are shut down here and stuff man. It’S like, like, I was saying, the small groups, but absolutely I believe, where I’m from they’re trying to open everything on the first, but I’m not very hopeful. What’S your take on ANCOVA, I guess and the seriousness of it yeah. I think honestly, like I, I don’t know anybody personally that has it or has had it most of my family’s in Europe, so it’s not serious there. So I got the call from them months earlier and they were like be careful and I’m like why it didn’t hit Nova Scotia too too badly. The only people here that have really been affected by it are the elderly and stuff like that. I think it’s a bit blown out of proportion. Oh, but I mean I have no expert. I don’t I don’t know anything but used to see what the demographic was. I guess so, like the opinion of people determined on where they live, because, where I’m from, like we were the last state to have a confirmed case, so we haven’t had it bad. I think we’ve had maybe a hundred confirmed cases in our entire state and I believe, like one death. Maybe two and the strange part, though, with the death was that the one death we had was a 25 year old, so that was kinda strange, but really still only one death. I’Ve heard, though a lot of hospitals and stuff are actually closed down. They’Re not closed down. I apologize like super empty. Let me rephrase that, whereas most people think they’re packed so yeah, I had to go I’d to go to the hospital, not for me, but I had to drop someone off at the hospital and it was dead right. People are avoiding, and I think, unless they absolutely need to go anyway. That’S I mean that’s here anyway, yeah, but I mean hopefully clears up because everything’s on standstill, opening or uh, like my my work, just you’re, just everything how long do have they give you guys an estimate to when you think you’ll go back to like normality. We have no idea, it’s bi-weekly. I got a call from one of my employers yesterday and he’s like just so. You know we, we still don’t know anything. So it looks like everybody’s out of the loop so and I know Canada’s gone way to the lake way. More to the extreme than the US, the US has been pretty big. Donald Trump wants to get everything up and running, pretty quick yeah. So I it’s it’s very different. Our government seems to be more concise, they’re they’re, less conservative they want to. They want to be safe rather than just going out there and risking things. What are they doing for those that can’t work or cannot work for at all, like their job is clothes or whatever yeah? So I’m fortunate enough, I work for a tech company, so I’m an accountant for a tech company, so I get to work I’m working remotely, so I get paid and everything is the same for me except for my physical location, but everyone else is on e. I so the government pays them to work from home and then they’re, I think they’re, giving additional funding as well, and I think there were there were talks about lowering prices of like electricity and all that stuff. But I I don’t know if that went through or not, and I don’t really know the extent of that, but it’s yeah Canada’s gone way to the extreme compared to the US. Well I mean, I guess it depends on which side you’re looking at it. As far as like, let’s assume that covert is actually that bad, then that’s the proper measure to take. If it’s not, then you know, I guess that’s why everybody’s back and forth on it you’re hearing – I don’t know about you guys, but here in Canada, the US or the oil story dropped below a dollar. So right now people who own oil stocks have to pay to get rid of them. Oh so I thought about that on the side of like the gas buyer or the guy that needs to buy oil, I never thought about as the guy that would own the stocks for the oil company yeah yeah. So right now that people are like paying to get rid of them, which is which is crazy to think of what would it not be more, which I’m not a super super intelligent on? The conversation are informed, but wouldn’t it pay off to just hold on to those and wait for the rebound yeah. That’S what you’d I mean. That’S what I’d do if I had it, because I’m like I mean, may as well, wait it out, but I’m not exactly sure on it either. I’M no expert! So I don’t. I don’t really know a whole lot on that. It’S just. I think it’s the first time ever that that’s happened, or at least no very long time. So it’s very unusual but yeah. That’S definitely not. This is a world a weird place right now: first yeah yeah, so um before your last, your last fight. You had a you in a really long way off. I think you, you had to wait a year before fighting your there’s, some rumors there you were, did those fights fall through. I think you you mentioned that they weren’t your fault or it wasn’t on your end. But what exactly happened so to get the exact time when I made my pro debut November – and I swear it still feels like 2006 to me so, but I think it was 2018. It blows my mind that was 2020, so I believe I made my debut November 2018 and then one it was scheduled to fight February of 2019 and the event ended up falling through. So they something about just getting everything with the state, commission and stuff and everything to send up volunteer. So then I got booked in Vermont for April the 16th. I don’t know I remember these dates, but April 16th and then the guy ended up pulling out with at the initial moment. I was very aggravated at his reason for pulling out in hindsight. It’S probably the most honest, respectful answer. He he pulled out about four weeks out from the fight was like look, I’m just not ready, and so he he pulled out of the fight and decided that he wanted to stay amateur supposed to be his pro debut and so that one fell through. I immediately got scheduled again for two weeks after that, one and well, okay, so first I decided that one and I had pre scheduled for three months after that or two months after that, the event that I was supposed to be on in February. They had finally got everything scheduled for a month or so after I was supposed to compete in Vermont, so I was going to compete in Vermont and then immediately rebound a fight near my home and so in between those two, the guy in Vermont pulled. So I tried to find another fight because I still wanted to compete before I competed at home because I didn’t want to break my lay off in front of everybody. That personally knows me and so I’d booked one and then the person I had ran my contract for the event at home. I had overlooked and I could not compete within. I think it was a hundred days of that event, so I ended up having that one was a little my fault. I had to pull out of my belt because of another contract, but they put that one on my record, even though I never officially signed the contract, so I never truly withdraw because I never truly signed the contract, but I did break a verbal agreement on it. So that one was a little on my fault, but we were still gon na try to recover that belt. Then the event that was in my hometown had came by and my opponent poured out the day before the fight with some chest, congestion which had it happened around this time. We would have all said coronavirus, but so he pulled out and then I get scheduled again, for which I don’t believe this one was on my apology, but you could follow my Instagram through it or something I ended up supposed to compete on king of the cage Compete on king of the cage and in my actual home state, because I I live in, like the middle, I would say between like four different states. I could get to each place around the same amount of time so that one was in Virginia. I could compete in Virginia Pennsylvania, Ohio and I’ll go with, let’s say two to three hours each direction, so I could still technically be local, but I was going to get to compete for king of the cage in my own state and it was the first time They had ever been here so super stoked about that and their whole event ended up falling through as well, and then that same opponent, I know the long story. Same opponent ended up being cool enough to accept the fight again on a different card and we finally fought which was Dre on Martin, and then I got booked again after that. One to fight fatty Schumann. On March of this this year, and we both weighed in made weight, showed up at the event woke up did my morning shake out. I was ready to fight, and I saw I was getting in the shower done. My shake out we’re gon na go, get some food after I showered. I checked my phone and my manager has sent me a text that call me and I called her, and they had scrapped the whole event. They were trying to do it without the spectators due to kovat and governor, wouldn’t let us even do that, so they just completely shut down the event, but fortunately 247 I will bathroom is a very professional promotion. They still paid me my show money and everything. So although they weren’t obligated to that’s uh, I mean crazy year. I guess that’s my pro career and yeah, the yeah. The one thing that I found really interesting about your career is how long you spent as an amateur. I don’t know how many boats it was. I think 14 14 listed at 14, but they’re surprisingly, a lot of people haven’t heard of this. I felt like it was a larger, but there was a promotion that went through here’s a boxing promotion where I live called the rough and rowdy and they made their money essentially finding the worst places where I live. Huge stereotype of life, essentially just being like a redneck hillbilly and made those people look very stupid. It was like an off the street boxing contest, so you had to know nothing about fighting. Actually, you was not allowed. If you had more than three sanctioned fights, you cannot compete, but I mean obviously I was to do it cause. It was like a 5,000 dollar tournament so that same promoter, though got into MMA, and so he had fought. You know, may advance for him before cuz. It wasn’t as uncompetitive as the boxing event and he ended up not reporting on the topology or anything. So I technically, my amateur record, should have been listed at 1407 instead of 707 and I had fought nine amateur boxing matches. You were eight and one correct mm-hmm. The one thing: if I’m really interesting about your MMA career, is you you have a boxing background, but I think all of your wins or by submission yeah, yeah absolutely, and I have no idea how it keeps happening like I don’t even it’s not that I don’t Want to grapple, and it’s not that I don’t want to strike it’s just. You have to do what will win a lot of people I feel like get in there and they forget that as it’s our job to do just one thing: it doesn’t matter how I do it doesn’t matter if I get beat up for 14 minutes. I just have to do one thing and that’s when and I can address how I won after that, but in the moment I just have to win so with that being said, I just take whatever comes my way. Yeah. I watched your. I watch your last fight against Ray on Martin and he had you up against the cage, and then you just threw him down and finish them. It was a this. Is it we describe that, like what went through your mind, you look like you just you literally just toss them to the side and then mounted him when he pushed me against the cage I was upset because I was like I really wanted to strike because I Knew he was a boxer and I really just wanted to to test myself – I guess and which is just as much my fault for backing. I guess, but I wasn’t also trying to have a brawl in the first 10 seconds so once he pinned me to the cage, I was kind of surprised that he shot because he was the whole build-up. He was talking about striking the whole table and after he grabbed me, I almost had a guillotine. I decided to let go of it because I was like I’m not gon na win the fight by guillotine, and the only thing people are gon na remember is that he almost had me before. I got him into submission and then he locked his hands under my legs, and I was I thought about. Let him take me down, because I knew that I was more skilled on the ground than he was, but then I also felt like I can’t have people think that he was good enough to take me down. So Ian said once he had stepped and he just off balanced himself by squaring his hips up. It was just easy. I it was more of. I can’t believe he’s given me this opening than anything so yeah it was it’s. I think it’s. I think it’s hilarious that you had a boxing background. It’S different you’re scheduled to face Fatih human, like you you mentioned, is there any rocks on that being rebooked over quite you’re looking to birth? So I have a few options. I’M very interested in obviously with my youth being very young of 23, oh and very experienced throughout my amateur career and stuff I would be. I would obviously love to get like a early jump in Bellator, let’s say, but which would be a great, a great interest. Mom, probably my main interest, excluding UFC, but that’s not a realistic thing as a 2 and I but 203 know you, you could get a Bellator shot um as far as that fight goes, I’m not opposed to it. It’S just kind of hard to get re motivated to fight the same guy that you were that close to fighting. I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I would definitely want more money for it other than that. There is a local event where I live actually the same event that I supposed to fight on, I was telling you about coming up, probably early fall that they can’t specify. Obviously, because nobody knows, but if I got to fight that when it would probably be for a belt and if I got to fight for their belt, I would obviously pick that fight. So, let’s see uh. Obviously you mentioned Jolla tour and UFC is that is that the ultimate goal there is to compete for those big organizations, make a living doing it and be the best there is to do it. A lot of people I feel like get in the sport as an amateur and their goal is to go pro for me. I always felt like it was. I could guarantee that I was going to go pro and I almost feel like it’s a guarantee that I’ll make it to the UFC. The only thing that is a question in my head is once I get there. Will I be a champion so obviously that’s where I’m working at now, I feel like I could already be there. I could already compete. The only gap that I’m trying to bridge right now is to be able to be a top 10 UFC featherweight. So I just need the exposure, but the skill is there to get there. I just want to make sure that I’m ready to stay there once I’m there. So you’ve talked that you’ve talked a bit about your weight, whether or not it’s 145, and I think I heard an interview of you talking about potentially dropping down to bantamweight, that is that still an option or a stick, a featherweight. Definitely I don’t know, I don’t know how to even really word it. It was like I hit a second puberty very fast man like it was like. I was 22 and I was 152 pounds like walking around and then I I’m twenty-three, almost 24 and now I’m walking around 168 169 and we there’s a guy that opened up a nutritional store. Beside of our gym, give him a little shout out a shout out. It’S what’s up supplements, but he has a like a machine over there actually scanned your body fat percentage. I’Ve looked it up, studied that supposed to be like 98 % accurate, and when I last got it checked, I was 159, which this was all my way down. For my fighting its fatty Shuman, but I was only eight percent body fat at 159 and I actually had a hundred and forty one pounds of lean mass. So if I’d been completely stripped of all fat and all water, I’d be 141, so been on. Weight is possible if I was willing to give up just muscle mass and I could understand giving up fat mass to fit into a weight class, but to give up muscle you’ll never compete worse by being stronger. You know what I mean yeah, so if you could give up the fat to make a smaller weight class, I would do it, but I’ve uh. I always thought that I mean I saw it with like guys like Kevin Lee. I always thought that big camp ends up playing a big factor in their overall success and growth. As a fighter have you have you considered relocation? Obviously your so your current camp has been successful. You’Re undefeated as a pro. Do you think, as time progresses you may shift to to a camp such as like Roku sport, or I think even team alpha-male would fit well, especially with your submissions? Is it something you’ve considered never permanently? If that makes sense, I could see myself, let’s say Louis Theroux, American Top Team out there. I could see myself traveling there training for four to six weeks competing, but always coming home back to where I’m from some more of like go out. There do a camp fight come home, go out there. Do a camp fight come home, but these guys have met him when I was 12. So me doing such like me doing that and completely leaving would be hard on me just because once you’re around new people, let’s say that somebody might know something better, but these people aren’t going to know me as well, and these people are not going to be Half as interested in investing as much time in his my current team is just for the fact of, if I’m in a team where there’s 150 UFC fighters and three of them are champions. Obviously I have 50 is a huge number, but you know in three of them are champions. Two of them are champions, I’m at least the third or fourth important person, whereas now on the first, not that being. Third, fourth is bad, but you get what I’m saying. Yeah, so I could definitely see myself going out there for a fight and then fighting and competing, but always coming home. You always have to keep the people around you that are bet that are interested in your best. What’S best for you as a person as well. Not just you as a fighter so yeah I find like, especially if you, if you did, you know at least at least have a training camp. You know you you get to roll with the good guys, but, like you said you go back and, and you stick it out with the guys who you bet know your best, the the training partners that know you’ve asked the coaches and and whatnot. How did you find the transition? I guess from boxing to to MMA, obviously you’ve seen a lot of success and you’ve had no issue transitioning, because all your wins our submissions? How was that transition and was it? Was it unusual? Was it was it different? Obviously we see professional boxers like James Toney, who made the transition. It didn’t go as well, obviously, not quite the level of James tone Tony. But how did you find that that move um by accident uh answer – I am when I first started, I started doing MMA when I was 12 so and Jiu Jitsu was actually what I was better at, not good at nobodies just good at it. But I was better at it than boxing initially, but I’ve always interested in interested in striking more, I guess just cuz, it’s more visually appealing, especially when you’re like 12 yeah. So that’s what I picked up and wanted to start competing, and so, although it had a little bit of jiu-jitsu experience and did it along the side, I was mainly focused on boxing when I started boxing competitively. That became my main focus and we had a guy that had a MMA fight coming up. He’D already had like four or five MMA fights amateur, obviously, and he needed a spar important for that day. Had a fight coming up in a few weeks and the guy who was fighting was predominantly a boxing stylist guy with a little bit of wrestling, and so they just asked me to get in their spar with him shoot a takedown or two whatever I can with That, but mostly boxing, and so I did, I ended up taking him down and ironically, rear naked choke him, and my coach was like hey. They have a opening on a show in like two weeks. Would you be interested in doing it? More is like, I know you don’t really care about this stuff, it’d be fun to do. You know what I mean and just to get you in there before you go back to boxing, because my whole complete thing was just not so most often box again and I did it once and that’s all I’ve done since I think I might have boxed one More amateur match since then, but ever since I’ve just been at like an MMA jockey like it’s just what was there a fighter that you that you looked at was like? Ah, that’s that’s the guy that got me into it. I I fell in love with the sport with rampage, so here’s an embarrassing thing, I guess to admit I never watched a full UFC event before the Ronda Rousey Holly Holm, Holly Holm fight, so I’d actually been a fighter before I watched an actual UFC event. I’D actually had two MMA fights before I watched the UFC event, not that I’d never watched like highlights or clips or a fight. I just never sit down and watched an entire event, but I remember when I was 12 or 13. I would get home from practice and I would sit there and eat after doing my homework whatever and for hours until, like my mom would make me, go to bed just watch and Anderson Silva highlights over and over, even if it was the same video for the Hundredth time, so I would say that he really captivated what I truly enjoy in martial arts and that somebody that has toughness, which you seen he makes expressing his Chael Sonnen fight the first one with an elite-level submission, obvious submissions, obviously being a black belt. And then just his finesse on his feet was so amazing how he could take people that you watch them fight and these two guys are so violent. So aggressive that when you watch anderson, sober you’re like there’s no way this skinny guy with the dad bod is gon na, be able to do anything with this man. And then he just makes them looks like they just fumble every time they just fumble. And if you watch me you’ll and you watch the people, I fought and their previous fights and then you watch my previous fight, you you, you will find yourself being like. I don’t know how this guys want to do anything with this guy and then somehow. Every time they get in there with me, I just make them fumble. So one of the after one of your fights you had talked about a little bit about how your your mindset – and I think it was you you as you thought too much in the cage, and I think it was a fight. You broke your nose. How did you how you sweat, how are you gon na switch that I guess for your next fight and how do you turn that off when you’re in the cage um for me, I finally found it in my last fight, like I guess I still think you Will always think, but you can’t think about repercussions and I always thought it brought about repercussions. Let’S say I was controlling somebody. There was an armbar opening instead of taking it, because I was afraid of losing that position and potentially ended up in a bad spot. I would hold or overthink it so much that the opportunity would pass so for me. I had to realize that I drilled these motions so that I can do them off of instinct. So I have to trust myself to rely off of that instinct, and so ever since I’ve turned pro or ever since the fight we I got my nose, busted and broken up. I learned that a I’m not made of glass, I can get hit and be fine, and I learned that if I just react, even though the things aren’t going my way, because by far that fight was so far from perfect on, both of our sides were amateurs. But I still had my moments and it was because I just reacted – and the moment said I was thinking did not go my way. So I just kind of started to force myself to find. I guess the term would be flow state everybody talks about it. I don’t want to use it because I sound like, like I’m, trying to be a guru, but I guess that’s truly. What it is is just a place rocket react without thinking about I’m. This could mess up and the people in the audience don’t think. I look stupid or something and once I let go of that, I don’t know everything just got better for me. So yeah I mean it obviously turned around. You’Ve got a successful pro career going and hopefully you can get back in there soon. I built this kind of small platform, but the platform I built on MMA, I built it based on making matches after fights, as well as making predictions before fight there’s one or two big rumored fights. You know through this time, there’s not a whole lot of activity in the MMA world, but there isn’t two boats that have been rumored. One is Henry cejudo and Dominick Cruz. What is your prediction on that? Uh? Our show is a bantamweight for one and for two. I feel like you should probably fight out Jemaine. I see what he’s doing there. I completely get it for one. You were you’ve, earned your way to be where you’re at so you do deserve the right to kind of choose your fights. I guess, especially since you took out two of the biggest champions with that being said. I just feel like nobody should be defending a belt against a guy. That’S been off for that long yeah. So I would like to see him fight al Jemaine or as a Peter as it yawning iyanya, but out of this Phi, I think I think you have two people that have the strongest monster. By far, I don’t know how predict a fight if it stays on the feet by all means Cruz wins, I think so, who knows so much shorter and crews move so much that I do do not see him being able to land on the feet very much. If he gets it to the ground, obviously see so who don’t winning the fight, not that Cruz? Isn’T it elite grappler everybody? There is Moshe, it’s not an Olympic gold, medalist yeah. So now. The other thing, though, is that you have to consider the fact that these angles that Cruiser bonnet is going to create will make issues for who don’t take him down. So I don’t know where you add on it. That’S a hard one yeah I have. I have Dominic and I think the you know I saw I rewatched them a rice fight and I think that’s the reason that did it for me. I thought maurice gassed, which played a huge factor in that fight and then I rewatched I mean I know it was a long time ago, but I we watched the Demetrius Johnson Dominick Cruz fight, so I I don’t know I I think I think Dominick will win Because this cardio will be the decider and I think cardio is gon na, be the difference and that’s my thought on that fight, so who know gas against right? No, I thought he came out strong there in the second round and I think that’s what finished him is Maurice didn’t had nothing left in the tank yeah. So I think that’s. I think I have that being the decider, but I mean who knows, but I agree with you. I think I’ll Jemaine deserves it more than anybody else, oh yeah, which in that fight, I would also pick out Germain, but I still think that sir, who do honestly has a better chance of beating out Jemaine than he does Cruz, even though I don’t know his Mindset towards I just feel like we’re, crews move so much. It’S funny give him so many issues, whereas al Jemaine moves a lot. Three throws a lot of kicks and a lot of kicks are a lot of things to catch, and if you catch a kick, that’s a takedown, yes and then the other one is Tony and gay G. That fight is some almost more interested in that than honestly. The b25 me too, and is just because it seems like it’s, never going to happen yeah. So obviously I picked Tony 100 % Tony, but I think what makes it even more crazy as that he would do this after just making wait for the fight that didn’t happen and that he could easily sit down chill out and say, you know what I’m gon Na wait on the belt and he absolutely has that ability or to at least wait on the belt or, let’s say a Conor McGregor fight. He could have either those let’s be honest and yet he’s still willing to just throw it out there on the line and fight Gaetti, which is a very dangerous opponent, because if he would lose the gauge he then that would pretty much reverse him and gage. He in rankings in position, whereas then gage, you would be the guy that could fight for the belt or by car McGregor, which I hate that I even have to say is like the second best thing to do, but it is so. I think it’s insane and says a lot about Tony for him willing to risk it so hundred percent pick Tony. I don’t think you would do something that ridiculous without being smart. A lot of people call him crazy, but I think he thinks through a lot of the things he does so. Yes, I have. I have kg, but – and I think that the one thing that that it’s making me pick in as I go back and I watch Tony’s fights end up a nada, Anthony Pettis. All these guys drop them and I don’t think Katie would let you get away with that. He’S got more knockout power and he swarms you. That being said, if Tony can weather the storm, I think Tony can win, because you watched the Eddie Alvarez and Dustin Poirier fights versus kg and it gets to a point where he’s got. Nothing left well, Sonny, even point out the Michael Johnson fight by the end of the fight, which only went to the second round. They were both dead. Like I mean he came out obviously victorious but like there was a point that I think he Michael Johnson got knocked down with a leg kick and he didn’t even want to stand back up and when he did, it took him like five whole seconds. Just to get back to his feet because he was so fatigued and gage. He was over there with hands on knees like waiting on him to get back up so and I’ve never not seen Tony weather the storm and I’ve never seen Tony slow down. He said I would say third or fourth round Tony takes that fight yeah, it’s just gon na be whether or not he can weather the storm. I think if it’s an early fight, it’s gay Chi. If it’s the main event, that was a three rounder, it’s gay Chi, if it’s a five rounder, it plays better in the Tony yeah there, and I guess one last thing: that’s not related is what are you uh? What are you watching and what do you? What are you doing during quarantine? Is there any movies or shows you’re into I’ve watched almost everything the Chris D’Elia, no pain stand up was awesome. I’M currently stuck on a show called West world. It’S about like, essentially, these people that live in a simulation and it’s it’s kind of like a black mirror vibe. If you’ve ever watched that yeah, but just watching TV, a lot of exercise and a lot of like work around my house, that’s about it all! Right! Man well uh. Thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it and all the best hope to see you out there soon and I’ll keep in touch, and hopefully, uh have you on after your next victory. Awesome sounds good man thanks for calling it rear naked choke. I’Ll take it all right, man, all the best. Yes, sir, you too

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