Ep. #20 – J.P. Saint Louis

J.P. Saint Louis is a mixed martial artist who competes Legacy Fighting Alliance. He trains out of Roufusport MMA Academy in Wisconsin, and all of his victories come by way of first round finish.


J.P. Saint Louis: Yes, so we’ll start with just the the standard, how are things going with you and during the quarantine – and things have been pretty good? I can’t complain all too much, I’m still able to work. I work from home, so I still have a steady income and then I live with my training partner and like biggie rose, so we’ve been able to train a lot like we made a little well, he kind of made it really, but so he got a little Gym set up downstairs like bought mats, we have an Aerodyne bike, we have a like a normal stationary bike. We got some weight and now my teammate uh, we got reflux bag and then my teammate Chris right, we just traded. I gave them some weights for a heavy bag, so now we got a heavy bag. I’M able to like do some ground-and-pound stuff on it. Just trying to make do with what we got. Yeah, I’m uh. I do Jiu Jitsu, I’m not I by no means I’m a mixed, martial artist, but uh it’s not the same. You know like I have a couple weights, that’s about it yeah and I write now like. I don’t have a anyone living with me. So it’s my only training partner is my pillow and that doesn’t fight back the way people usually do yeah. I mean it changed a lot of things like how we train and all that what’s uh I mean what’s the protocol. I guess we’re here where you’re from in terms of like, are you allowed to go out how you or get you restricted to your house? We’Re allowed to go out. We I mean, I’m not sure, I’m like some of the social stuff, because I don’t. I don’t really participate in too many social activity anyway, so it’s like when they called like the the stay-at-home order so like we can go to work. If people need to go to work, people go to the store, there’s a really seen. It’S not a lockdown like over here, like some states or some places. I heard it’s like. No, you can only go out if it’s an emergency or like a necessity. I’Ve been seeing a lot of people at Starbucks like I just went to the grocery store that they they cut into the parking lot, so people can get to Starbucks easier. So I mean I’m in Nova, Scotia, Canada. So it’s here, it’s you can get fined if you’re for any reason other than grocery stores. So if I’m going to like Starbucks Starbucks are clothes to begin with, but if I’m mode and I get caught in like a public park or anything, I get fined a thousand Canadian which i think is like 600 u.s., but still way more than I want to Pay they just go for a walk yeah that that’s rough. I mean it’s the smarter way. I would say it’s like because this thing is spreading and I think what the US now leads or had just surpassed a million cases and it’s it’s like I hate to be like. No, I don’t want anyone to do anything because I’ve been running outside you know, but at the end of the day it’s like, I think people have to be a little less selfish, which is hard because it’s hard for me to be a little less selfish. But it’s like if we want to get back to normal times, there’s like people got to start being a little bit more responsible and the way I look at it. It’S like I’m, not gon na be able to fight again. If, if people don’t like stop doing stuff and stop spreading it cuz, it’s like alright, there’s gon na be a while, like yeah fine, we can go back to like working stuff or working in the building, but it’s like who knows what the rules are for fight For some of the like regional promotions, you know yeah speaking of speaking, of fighting and training and you’re you’re, so raw foods for it yeah Sport, [, __, ], what’s uh Anthony Pettis, obviously is is fighting cowboy Cerrone. What’S his training and like is it minimal? I really have no idea. This is like I know, he’s been doing stuff, the gyms closed. Yeah, the gym is closed, but he has like no private areas that he can work out at and so I’m assuming he’s getting him some good work with somebody. I don’t know who, but that’s the weird part about all this stuff. Just like I really I’m like. I don’t know how people are getting in their training but same way. I guess it’s like you know. I have biggie and it’s like we’ve been training consistently since the quarantine stuff started, so he probably got someone that he’s putting in some working with to what it. What’S it like training with guys, like that, obviously it’s a one of the table gym or top gyms in the world, and you got a mastermind like Duke Rufus running it. What’S it like training with those guys who have been around the block, they’ve fought the top guys. They fought four world titles, they’ve trained world champions. What’S it like, you know, training with those guys. Every day I mean it’s, it’s amazing. You know I came from Virginia and I was kind of like there were gyms that I went to you know my old jiu-jitsu coach, Leo dalla he’s actually the one who gave lloyd, irvin his black belt, and he gave a lot of he. I don’t remember how many but a lot of black belts in the Virginia like on event, DMV area. It almost all started with him, and so there’s like gyms, like MMA Institute in Richmond and then the lab and Fredericksburg that I would go and train at was a solid place. But it definitely when I moved over here. It opened my eyes to a lot and it’s like they were all for it. It’S like you know, it’s a super high level and I came here not knowing all too much, but I was kind of just like a kickboxer and a judo guy that would fight MMA, but I didn’t know anything about anything. It’S like. I didn’t know how to mix anything together. I was just more of a person, that’s like I’m tough enough, and I mean enough. So I’m just gon na go and fight, didn’t really know how to put it together, but when I got the roof this board, you know it was it’s a. I always say it’s like it’s a steep learning curve compared to probably some other gyms, because there’s a system, you learn how to do the system. If you don’t know how to do the system, then a lot of this stuff isn’t gon na work for you. But it’s great, no! I I feel, like I definitely improved a lot it’s like from when I first got here till now. It’S like, I feel, like I’m, actually a legitimate fighter now versus someone who just fights and it’s like it’s making sense and having guys like rocky on Biggie gerald mere shark. All those guys is just great because it’s like Rahman was a champion in another sport before he even got through the sport, and this is it stuff like that, was always extremely motivating. So it’s like guys that whose energy is next-level well yeah. His energy, like I’ve, watched his Instagram videos even went on my podcast. He was just electric, I’m like man like, I don’t understand it like. I make the joke, I’m like we cuz. We compete with like our coasts, celebrations or post fight, celebrations and stuff like that, and it’s like that. Those are the only times I can ever like match, or maybe surpasses energy just a little bit, because it’s like that guy’s on ten all the time, and it’s like that’s what you love about him, though it’s like he’s a fun guy to be around it’s like You can’t talk to Rafi on and be like. Oh, my gosh, it’s like his energy is nice, and sometimes it’s like I need like sometimes like he’s one of my favorite guys, just in general, just outside of fighting but like just sometimes it’s like you’re feeling kind of like why you go to the gym and It’S like he’s all geeked up and stuff. It’S like it rubs off on you a little bit and it live-ins up the room and then reminds me reminds me a lot of John Dogg, his energy, it’s very John Dodson, like I have to ask and I’ve been meaning to ask someone who goes near gym. This CM Punk still go there. Yes, he does. He still goes and he’s still trained regularly. He’S he’s getting better too that’s. The thing is like he hasn’t stopped. I know a lot of people like to talk trash on the guy, but he trains harder than a lot of people and it’s like he doesn’t even have to a lot of times. I’Ll see him in like the ghee class in the morning, then he’ll be back later. I actually preferred, depending is like everyone has like their favorite training partners. You know and he’s definitely one of mine. If I see him on the mat, usually it’s like hey we’re. Gon na link up all right cool – and it’s like I talked to him outside of the gym – he’s a great dude. I love him yeah yeah. I’Ve always wondered that, and I thought you know it’s great to see. People continue to do it even after two unsuccessful UFC fights, and I always root for people who, like you know, go out of their comfort zone and they give it a go. You know you see guys like James Toney tried it, but he oughta fighting background and you know anyone who’s willing to put in and go out there and find a guy like Mickey gall. First, yes, I think, deserves a lot of credit and the fact he keeps training. It’S it’s great yeah. That’S a tough first fight like it’s like that. Guy’S been training for how long he’s been fighting for how long it’s like your first fight as someone who’s been doing it for a long time, and it’s like that was tough. I was always like you know it major props to him for doing it. If, if you got the call to compete, let’s say LF a were to open up, obviously ufc’s, getting back into things. If you got a call and said, hey look we’re able to do it. You know we’ve gotten Iowa or Fort Lauderdale. Who knows where the fights are? Are you are you willing to, or do you think that you know you want to get full training camp and you’re not willing to jump in there? I mean really that’s one of those hard things. It’S like the fighter in me is always like yeah, so we talked about it’s like I don’t say no, but then the non fighter part is like. I haven’t really prepared for anything, but then it’s also it’s like. Neither has he or those like we’re really going in. It’S like, I feel, like I’ve, probably been training more than other people, so I’m like alright how much you guys paying that’s. That’S the thing it’s like. If you got there, I hope there’s some hazard pay going on at this one, but yeah is like. I can’t really say that I’d say no to that, because I like fight, that’s what I do ha. How do you feel about the UFC opening up? I mean some people are for it. Some people are against it. Some people are like if you want to fight, go fight. What’S your stance? Oh that’s one of those hard things again because it’s like as a fighter as I can remove myself and be objective about something that I’m very attached to and I’m like. I want fighters to get paid. The only way that they can get paid is by fighting, but it’s also I’m thinking of the impact that it can have it’s like during a pandemic. I don’t know if it’s the best time to be trying to get stuff rolling, because I mean the Olympics got canceled yeah, it’s like never in my life. Have I ever heard: that’s like the biggest sporting event in the world. Just got canceled, so I’m almost like is this the best choice to be making right now, but also at the same time it’s like. We are fighters, we aren’t like everybody else, it’s a different sport, different mentality. You can’t you can’t bring up danger with us and expect the same reaction out of other people cuz. It’S like we literally lock ourselves in a cage and fight with someone until one person, one who loses it’s such a it’s such a personal level, sport. You know like basketball and those things you know if, if you’re off you’ve got 20 other guys, you can back you up yeah in a fight, you’re fighting it’s it’s you against someone else, yeah, there’s coaches and yeah, there’s all that stuff. But the pressure is on the individual in the cage. So I think it’s a much different, it’s so different than other sports, but at the same time like he said, you’re not getting paid salary you’re getting paid to fight so yeah, it’s it’s! It’S such a different comparison that I think a lot of other sports, and now I guess some questions about about you. You thought you had a nice three fight winning streak going into your last fight, yeah. Obviously, the what your last fight didn’t didn’t go your way. What do you think happened like what what was the? Why was the outcome, not positive in your favor um? This is what I haven’t really talked about all too much, because I’m kind of it’s like I lose, I kind of just I’m like alright, fine, I don’t. I’M not gon na make an excuse about it, but it’s like really that fight kind of got ended against my control and I guess you can say it’s like a bit of controversy yeah because it’s like, but I mean I was in the fight so say I Remember this, like I got hit with two illegal shots, then it kind of changed a few things that it’s like. I got hit with one up kick, which was completely legal like no issue there, and then I got hit with two up kicks, while my knees were on the ground and one of them, like I heels straight to here and then another one, I think just hit Me on my forehead or somewhere else and cooked me on my ass, and I was like rock pretty much for the rest of the the remaining seconds of that round and then going into the second round. I was still rocked like. I don’t even remember what my corner was saying and like he was telling the joke, then he was like yeah. I try to say a few thinks to you, but here’s. I could clearly see that your eyes were like gone, so I was kind of just fighting on autopilot. You know on end up getting stuck in Mission Control. He was a long pretty long guy, so it’s like he was able to hold that, but he was hitting the top of my head and I was defending it as best as I could. I was trying to push him over to the cage and it’s like I was to me. I was like I was showing signs that I was fine like the ref ass. He was like hey. Are you fine? I was like yes, but then it’s like his corner, saying it’s like, like. I forget what they’re saying but they’re pretty much like telling the rest that I was like more hurt than I was and then I’m like yeah, I’m kind of freaking out now, because it’s like this, I was like back away from me like stop trying to end This fight, I just need to find a way out of it and in my head I was like I don’t want to do something dumb and get myself submitted. I was I so they’re not going to end this flight from this position. I was like I’ve never seen that in my life and then he stopped the fight and I was just kind of like I sat there and some people might be like. Why didn’t you argue with the ref and I’m like when? Have you ever seen, someone arguing with the ref go anywhere? I was like. I was like he stopped the fight, I can’t say unstop this fight or whatever, like I’m, not gon na make myself look like a like an idiot arguing, something I can’t and but it’s like even after it’s like I got up and I’m like talking to them. Like what like, what the hell did you just do my corner they’re all sitting there like what the hell did. You just do it’s like. Why did you stop it and it’s one of those annoying things? It’S like. I got over it because, yes, I went in. I trained I fought hard, I had great moments and I Conda it’s like I didn’t get knocked out. I didn’t get submitted, I didn’t even get hurt. I was just taking elbows to the top of the head. While I was defending, it didn’t get cut and there’s actually like a few pictures. Uh I was looking at where I was like defending and trying to move in, like the elbows. Some of the elbows were hitting my hands yeah, so it is what it is. It’S like something to learn from you know. I talked to my teammates about it. It’S just like different things that I could do to avoid getting in a position like that. You know, there’s always something to learn and like posturing up a little bit better, regardless of how the fight ended in like illegal shots and all that stuff that didn’t get called. It’S like. You can always still do something to improve and keep yourself from getting in a certain position, so it is what it is. It is. I guess it’s like a side tracked me a little bit yeah, it’s like riding a three fight win streak. I was three and owned, the LFA which pretty hard to do because it’s a big league, so I’m just like you know what I saw. I show people that I can do something different. It’S like I have different. I have different parts of the game, so I just kept on training. It’S like I, I let my tears out that night and then, after that, it’s like alright got ta get back to the garage, so I’m so yeah yeah. The LFA, though, is it’s a lot of people. Don’T realize how legitimate it is like half the UFC roster, it seems, came from from the LFA they brought in a lot of guys. Yes, it’s a really good feeder system. I think for the UFC – and I think it’s one of the top organizations too, if you know to jump into a Bellator UFC is that is that the ultimate goal there UFC Bellator yeah? I would one again the UFC I mean, I think that’s everybody’s thing. I don’t there’s no shot against Bellator. There is some a lot of fighters in Bellator that are better than UFC, guys yeah. I think the the what’s such Lima, I think, Douglass Lima, is the best welterweight in the world, but he’s not as a fighter as a fighter but yeah exactly it’s like high-caliber got like Rafi on rocky. I could definitely be in the UFC and going like clean out a lot of people and make a run at the title, but he’s in Bellator just the way it all worked out, but I do want to be in the UFC. I do think that there’s some extra perks to it, you know one just like how professional they are like I haven’t been to a Bellator show as a corner. I went to UFC. I forgot, which one it was right before the corona hit. It was the last UFC event. I was there with Gerald and it’s like just the level of professionalism that they have. It’S like. You show. If you go to the UFC I Center, not the PIB headquarters. Do all your paperwork stuff get all that handled. They have a shuttle to take you from place to place. You get your corner bags and all that stuff, and it’s just like that high high level that it’s like I want to get it it’s like. I want to. You know just like for anything else. Any sport, it’s like you go to NBA, have been looking at if you’re a basketball player you like I want to play here, yeah, it’s no shot against the European League, because it’s like we’ve got some great players to come from the European leagues over to here. Like Luca and it’s like what Manu ginóbili all those guys, tono control Lukas holes, yeah yeah exactly so, it’s like there’s, never any shot at any of the other leagues. It’S just like you want to go to the place that everybody knows and where you get the most recognition and also you can get paid the most in some scenarios. I know some different promotions pay more depending on who it is. But yeah you get up saying. Yeah, I think, ultimately, if you’re the champion and you’re the best in the world in the UFC you’ll get paid better than the best guy in Bellator yeah Conor McGregor makes more than anybody in one Fc, like that’s kind of the way to look at it. I you know the guys at the bottom or whatever guys working their way up may not get the same amount but yeah. I know what you I know what you’re coming from there? What sorts of things are you doing to keep yourself occupied? Obviously your training, like he says with biggie but is: are you watching any Netflix anything on TV? That’S entertaining tyre King. That’S like the big thing during quarantine drop they’re like a perfect time and haven’t watched it. I think I watch maybe like five ten minutes of it, but they kind of ruined it. It was like I, I see people I was seeing people talk about it all the time and I’m like. I don’t even know if I care to watch this just know the fact that you guys are telling me exactly what happens anyway, but um got a switch like a little bit before the quarantine. So it’s like I’ve been playing that heavy Final Fantasy 7 remake dropped. I’M not sure if you’re familiar with those I’m not uh. I play fifa okay. The extent of the gaming I do. Okay, so yeah, but Final Fantasy 7 been playing that been watching. Anime have a big anime, nerd or Taku is what they call it as well. So watching that uh, let’s see, there’s something Oh Dave. I started watching Dave on who little Dicky, I’m not sure. If you’re familiar with him, no okay, it’s a pretty funny show than watching that show called YuYu Hakusho, I’m rewatching it a lot of anime. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy with my girlfriend and it’s like it’s. I I kind of like I’ll play my video game while listening to it, it’s like the storyline is interesting. It’S like they do a great job of bringing that drama, because it’s like it’s like man, all right I’ll, just keep on watching this [ __ ]. It’S like, I want to see how it is and that’s how they get you so yeah, pretty much that just chilling and join washing shows playing video games working for home yeah. It’S like it’s weird, because this is like MOT. This was my childhood dream, but now that it’s happening, I I don’t want it tired of it, but if I was, if I was 13 14 I’d be in heaven. Yes, I see if we have the tape. If we had the technology, then that we do now, it’s like this is a breeze. I started a podcast in quarantine. That’S how that’s important, but it’s cool. That’S I think I met some cool guys. I met you. I met Rafi on. I met some world champion boxers like it’s. It’S unbelievable, I’m having tap Miletich on tomorrow, which it’s ridiculous, yeah yeah, it’s uh, it’s so cool how the MMA world is more than happy to just like talk to fans. I wasn’t expecting that when I started this, but within two weeks I’ve had some amazing guys on so it’s just it’s it’s so different. If I were to reach out to someone in the NBA there’s no way that would happen. Yeah and we’ll like to make a correction not announcer for the LFA elephant, announcers that Mike something guy I just ringside, but anyway, I think, there’s just the one thing: MMA fighters we’re a little bit more down to earth. I would say as a whole, just the culture itself, I mean there’s a lot of downturn, NBA players, but we think about it’s like these guys have been stars, since they were 16 17 18, and I I can’t like I hate to make generalizations on a whole Bunch of people that I don’t know, but when you think about it, it’s like they’ve had people in their face forever and it’s like they’ve also had a lot of bad run-ins. Maybe good running, there’s cocky whatever it is. It’S like it gets to a point where it’s like they’re, not gon na talk to just everyday normal fans, like that, you know or people who are interested in it. You might get your few, but it’s a completely different culture, while with MMA fighters. A lot of us didn’t even start fighting until we’re like 20-something yeah. So it’s like that’s when we start getting some type of like attention, but then I also think just like how our sport works. Everything like we have our Rufus sport. We train with normal people. We travel with everyday people, we’re still. I was saying the terms in like in sports world. This is like we’re still like the blue collar. Essentially yeah. I mean I there’s nothing stopping me from going there right. I can go train at the top to top gyms. I can go train at SBG in Ireland. I can go train at ATT. I can go train a take. A just have to pay to get in, but I cannothing stopping me from from going in there yeah and you can meet those guys like just like that. Yeah glad it’s like hey, I want to go meet someone, so I’m gon na join this gym, don’t watch! You might talk to him, but you know meet yeah. Last last question is that you guys at have probably some of the coolest and different nicknames. It’S not weird. These nicknames come from like Showtime the King native psycho. Remember the name: well. Is there someone just at the gym who’s coming up with these names, uh uh? No, I think most of them had their nicknames before they even got to root the sport or, like I can’t say I don’t know how Anthony got Showtime that might have been like with him and Duke like way back in the day with that, one is just Flows off Anthony Showtime Pettis and it’s like his style yeah. It matches it perfectly yeah. So um, like my nickname too much, I got that before I moved to Rufus port, how still an amateur at the time – and I got that one from a teammate just I was a fighting this one dude and I was just like completely mopping the floor with Him it was think it was my second kickboxing fight and I was flying like this local MMA guy who thought he was like hot [, __ ]. I guess from what I heard from people in the crowd. He was like saying here’s what my ass. I was too young and I went out there and I like beat the brakes off. Him dropped him like each round, maybe sometimes more than once, and my teammate was like you’re too much for him you’re too much for him, and then you take that. So that was like how the fighting one started, but then, like my personality, it’s like a lot of people would always be like man you’re too much it’s like, because I’m just like joking around or it’s like I’m saying things that people think, but don’t actually let Out and I’m just like it comes to my mind and I just let it out no filter, no filter and I try to live my life like that. Just I mean, obviously I hold back a little bit. You can’t say everything that you want, but I think it’s a lot more fun and I it’s a lot more honest when I say how I feel – and I don’t want people to that’s one of my big things like I never want people to paint the wrong Picture of me so like I want you to know who exactly who I am from the jump. So you know whether you want to deal with me or not, and now just make it easier. So it’s like that whole too much thing it just kind of just it all flows together and there’s one one big card. That’S seems to be the only card that anyone’s been talking about the past, like three months feels like four years, but three months um your predictions, I guess for Goethe and Ferguson and pseudo Cruz. You know when it comes to like Ferguson. You never want to count him out, but for there’s some reason like I’m thinking, I’m like yo gage he’s crazy enough to pull this [ __ ] off yep and it’s like I’m almost really cuz. I mean one gay she’s, also a good wrestler like people forget that, because he has, though he doesn’t chew, he doesn’t wrestle yeah. It’S like people forget that, but it’s like thinking about he’s a psychopath. So is Tony Ferguson, so it’s like they’re gon na be on the feet for a while, I think gage. He has the upper hand when it comes to striking in terms of just like normal striking, but Ferguson is unpredictable. So you don’t know what kind of wild [ __ ] that he may pull off, but when it comes to the ground, Ferguson is good there, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to get Goethe there. So I mean he might was like some crazy he’s. Gon na go for Eman re-roll, like you, never know what you’ve got, what you’re gon na expect with Tony Ferguson, but for some reason I’ve been thinking. This, like Goethe, might really like be able to pull it off because we’ve seen Tony get dropped. It’S like we’ve seen him get hurt. He gets every fight yeah exactly so it’s like now. Goethe hits hard as hell, so you might not be able to get up from that. You think about us. Like everyone gets older, your chin has been tested. A lot. You’Ve been in Wars, who knows it’s like you might get hit with that one and just go out. It’S like we saw him, do it to Edson, and then it was a cowboy too in Vick, yeah, yeah and biggy exactly so. It’S like, and those are taller guys Ferguson is a taller guy and I know I’m kind of thinking that gage he might be able to actually really pull it off, but I was really hoping for it could be versa, Tony, because that at any real MMA fan Or anybody who’s been following for a while. It’S like we’ve been wanting that fight for years. Yeah, that’s ridiculous! Yeah! It’S almost like just stop booking that one there’s like stop promoting it. Just Oh! What they should do is trick. Everybody say khabib is fighting someone else, that person got hurt and now Tony is gon na step in yeah yeah. Do you can’t even ounce it until like minutes before the fight, because they’re not like World War, three or something will break out? They should have it like at the UFC event in this, like you know how like in fighting games, it’s like challenger to once, it’s like just have that come up because then it’s like, I feel like that’s the only way that happens so, but I would say, I’M almost thinking that gates, you will be able to pull it off and for Cruz versus ahout. Oh I’m picking sudha, it’s like at the cringe. The cringe machine is like as crazy as he is, and that’s weird as he is it’s like he’s got a phone call but spam frickin spam, but I think so who will be able to pull it off? You know I don’t. I don’t see Cruz being able to actually get all too much off yeah if you get them. If you take him down, maybe you take him down. It’S like. I don’t even think he’ll be able to get that or it’s like if he does he’ll be able to get back up and so who know can strike he’s mixing it up better nowadays. So it’s like I’m picking sudha, I’m rooting for Cruz cuz. I love Cruz, but I feel, like three years is too long of a layoff, so yeah yeah, but I also have Goethe, I’m one of the people where some of the few people who think gage he have it. So I mean I like I like Cruz. More than I mean it’s like, you came up in the WEC days. It’S like I’ve been watching MMA since I was like 15 years old, so I I’ve been watching Cruz for a long time and I used to not like him as much, but he kind of grew on me in some scenarios. So it’s like it’s like all right, but I would want him to win, especially because of all the injuries and all the obstacles that he over had to overcome, but I just don’t see him winning it yep same here, man aye same boat, alright man. Thank you for, for the time in I appreciate it. You guys it you guys at ruefully sport fun to talk to you, yeah, well I’ll, try to get a either CM Punk or Anthony shift on Pettis on next, but a bit of a long shot but uh. I appreciate you taking the time available to if you wan na gambit you’re Gerald Mayer shirt all uh, reaching out I’ll reach out to uh, to those guys for sure, I’m always down to talk to new people, and so especially if they’re uh, they’re high quality MMA Fighters, I appreciate it. Alright, man, thanks for the time and all the best, all right. Thank you. You too man yeah stay safe, wash your hands. Okay, yeah! You too, I mean can’t, leave the house get some takeout or something

Sergio Pineiro

Sergio Pineiro is the Founder of FighterPath.com and host of the Quarantinecast podcast. Based in Canada he is both a sports journalist and MMA enthusiast. He practices the sport but has a passion for the individual stories of training, fighting and living the fighting lifestyle.

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