UFC 249 Pros Picks: Ferguson vs Gaethje

MMA Fighters give their predictions for the UFC interim lightweight title fight between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje on May 9.

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I I think that prevailing theory is that Tony’s Tony’s, the man and we need to see him fight to be, but Davey comes out of the gate really hot and gets so hard and Tony isn’t afraid to take some shots and engage. He hits so hard and Tony loses the first round, a decent amount and then just shreds guys up in and wins later in the fight uh. You know what I think, especially if DG was an underdog. I think I’d bet on Beijing. You know when, when it comes to like Ferguson, you never want to count him out, but for there’s some reason like I’m thinking, I’m like yo gate he’s crazy enough to pull this [ __ ] off yep and it’s like I’m almost really cuz. I mean one gay she’s, also a good wrestler like people forget that, because he has, though he doesn’t shoot, he doesn’t wrestle yeah. It’S like people forget that, but it’s like thinking about he’s a psychopath. So is Tony Ferguson, so it’s like they’re gon na be on the feet for a while. I think gay Chi has the upper hand when it comes to striking in terms of just like normal striking, but Ferguson is unpredictable. So you don’t know what kind of wild [ __ ] that he may pull off, but when it comes to the ground, Ferguson is good there, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to get Goethe there. So I mean he might look like some crazy he’s. Gon na go for Eman re-rolled, like you, never know what you what you’re gon na expect with Tony Ferguson, but for some reason I’ve been thinking. This, like Goethe, might really like be able to pull it off because we’ve seen Tony get dropped. It’S like we’ve seen him get hurt. He gets every fight yeah exactly so it’s like now. Goethe hits hard as hell, so you might not be able to get up from that and you think about us. Like everyone gets older, your chin has been tested a lot. You’Ve been in wars, who knows it’s like you might get hit with that one and just go out: it’s like we saw him, do it to Edson, and then it was a cowboy too and yeah yeah exactly so it’s like and those are taller guys. Ferguson is a taller guy and I’m kind of thinking that gage he might be able to actually really pull it off, but I was really hoping for could be versa. Tony cuz, that at any real MMA fan or anybody who’s been following for a while. It’S like we’ve been wanting that fight for years. Yeah. That fight is some almost more interested in that than honestly the big fight. The only two is just because it seems like it’s never going to happen yeah. So obviously I pick Tony 100 % Tony, but I think what makes it even more crazy as that he would do this after just making wait for the fight that didn’t happen and that he could easily sit down chill out and say, you know what I’m gon Na wait on the belt and he absolutely has that ability or to at least wait on the belt or, let’s say, economy, gregor fight. He could have either those let’s be honest and yet he’s still willing to just throw it out there on the line and fight Gaetti, which is a very dangerous opponent, because if he would lose the gauge he then that would pretty much reverse him engage. He in rankings a position, whereas then gauge he would be the guy that could fight for the belts or by car McGregor, which I hate that I even have to say is like the second best thing to do, but it is so. I think it’s insane and says a lot about Tony for him willing to risk it, so i 100 % picked Tony. I don’t think you would do something that ridiculous without being smart. A lot of people call him crazy, but I think he thinks through a lot of the things he does. So this styles are very different. I’M actually very excited sketchy has good wrestling. He just doesn’t use it when he fights and his striking is that dude his heart man, he hits hard. He can take a hit. Tony is, and I wouldn’t call Tony much of a power puncher, but he didn’t he just go for days. He can hit you from all different kinds of angles: he’s always inflicting damage and gauging, but gage he’s. You know he lands. One kick you’re gon na feel he lands. One punch, you’re gon na feel it he’s always got that just lights out power and he can very easily. I don’t say I wouldn’t say easily, but he can very readily negate Tony’s grappling advantages. So I think this is gon na be a really good fight and I’m actually leaning toward gauging well okay. So I, the thing is, is like: I really think that Tony’s gon na win obviously like well, no, not obviously not obvious at all. Actually, I have winning in oh really well, the thing is is like I, I would like him too, but I think Tony’s gon na win, just because I think his his heart is there more. You know like he has noise, it’s not like in it more, but I just feel like. I can’t explain it. I just I see something like in his mind or something I don’t know what it is only like in his heart that it’s like he’s, [ __ ]. Winning, like you know, I don’t know it doesn’t make any sense. I’M a big Ferguson fan. I did his seminar he came in did his very first ever seminar in New Jersey. When was it was a beginning of March end of February, something like that and just a cool dude. You know I’ve always been excited. I’M a huge fan, a tenth planet. It’S right up my alley with style and you know he’s just careless. You know I love his style, he gets he gets hit. He keeps coming forward, he’s very unpredictable. You know he just he’s out there and he’s like free-spirited, which is awesome when he fights. So I think that he’s gon na, I think he’s gon na win. I can see him wearing on gage. He gauge he takes a lot of damage. He’S gon na have to use his wrestling in my opinion and I’m just ever since the beatings that gage he has taken. Nobody can take that much punishment without without starting to get chipped away. So you know, I don’t see him finish in Ferguson and I could actually see Ferguson and submitting him you know or TKO in them. So I’m excited for that fight. It’S definitely gon na be a barn burner, but I think Ferguson has it. You know. I think it’s gon na be closer than it was on short notice yeah, but I still don’t think it changes the the outcome of the fight man. I’M gon na take Justin gates. Here. I’Ve always been a fan of Justin gage. He even from his days back in World Series, you know I’ve always thought he was a monster and I remember when I used to want to fight just engaged, and you know as I’ve gotten older, and you know years later, I’m like thank God. I didn’t fight that dude back went out pointed to he would’ve probably killed me, but I think you know he’s one of the toughest guys in the sport and I love the way he approaches a fight, the dude he just don’t. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t care. If he gets tired, he doesn’t care if he gets hit. You know, of course he cares, he wins or loses, but he goes out there and puts it all on the line and I think his kicks is gon na be the factor his kicks and it’s wrestling is gon na, be the factor that’s gon na play out In the fight with him, I Ferguson, so I’m gon na take em take gage, but I like that fight a lot. Tony is a madman but uh gates. He is a freakin terminator. You know Getti. Everybody says he does stuff wrong, but he does a lot of stuff right and you know he’s he’s determined in you know putting people’s lights out and uh man. That’S a tough fight too. You know I feel like Tony is more dangerous on the ground like if it goes to the ground top or bottom, but I can’t say that I’ve seen much of uh kgs wrestling game cheese. I can see I see Casey on the ground, just because I mean he’s hard to keep down I’ve, seen that and he’s he’s very good at defending takedown, so he’s he’s a high level. Wrestler he’s a cocky one, while American, I believe, yeah he just chooses not to use it. People say he’s not smart, but he does what he does very well so man, he and he also sacrifices. I feel like he sacrificed his body a lot, but you know it gets the job done. You know and he’s he’s all out on what he’s doing so.

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