UFC 250 Pros Picks: Nunes vs Spencer

MMA Fighters give their predictions for the UFC Women’s Featherweight Title fight between Amanda Nunes and Felicia Spencer on June 6.


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She’S, a B side isn’t she’s a thing she’s in the red, some before saying should be regarded a lot higher watching what people think of her. My locker other people she falls and like cyborg as well and she’s a beast like she’s a she saw so relaxed with the shots and so heavy-handed yeah. But she’s she’s a saw fighter really and am I being heard and if I be man and nobody beating the man in new this, it’s just not happen. She knows how this year’s you know. She’S been working on the craft ain’t, nobody touching her, then, if, maybe maybe you know, Felice gets some. You know some highlights on her to show other people hey. This girl can’t be beat, but it’s telling gon na happen. It’S not. She beat the crap out, cyborg inside work was most dominant female in the world and she made her just look easy, so yeah, I’m with everybody under Nunez. He splinters ground game is very, very good and I know that Nunez a black belt in jujitsu, but they both are so I feel like we’ve seen, Spencer, West and cyborg. You know she lost to her, but she she took a lot of. She took the punishment and if she can take the punishment from cyborg, then I feel like she could and what I think she she can. She will probably not, but I feel like she could. If she can, you know withstand because man is gon na, come in there press early and go and go out her. She can handle that and create space that she needs and get it on the ground. Then I mean I think she might be okay, oh she’s, so good she could even fight some guys. Could fight and she’s good man. So every time so I picked against Amanda a few times and she’s always pulled it off. I’Ve picked against Felicia are like every single time and she always pulled it off. So I’m pretty much whatever I choose is probably gon na be wrong. I’M really not sure I’m kind of thinking Amanda’s got too much firepower and too much just she can be too much for overall, but uh Felicia’s got this she’s got this weird like dominating thing about her, where she can just get a hold of people, and then They don’t know what to do so. I still think Amanda’s gon na be too much, but I’m trying I’m trying not to overlook Felicia, you know eat so I’m very much a person. That’S gon na bet the underdog, especially a heavy underdog, but with this kind of fun you’re not dealing. So if you’re dealing with like 185 pounders or 170 pounders, who men who have like crazy knockout power, you can sway towards the underdog a little bit a little bit harder when you’re dealing with 100 and when you’re dealing with women. I guess in general, who typically don’t pack as deep as deep of a punch, it’s tough man, you know you’re, not gon na see like this. You know fluke submission you, you you, you might see a fluke knockout I mean that’s. It’S four ounce gloves you could knock anyone out. Felicia Spencer hasn’t shown crazy, knockout power, Amanda Nunez has and she’s shown incredible. Defensive Felicia is sown incredible jiu-jitsu and that’s pretty much it right. She’S not like this crazy, talented or crazy technical or finesse fighter, she’s extremely talented. I didn’t mean to let that word slip, but she’s not like this crazy finesse and and pick apart kind of fighter she’s gon na close this and try to you know, body lock. You and take you down. I think you have to go with the favor in this fight. You can’t bet against Amanda newness if she’s fighting cyborg – maybe you can bet against her in that kind of fight, but not with Felicia Spence him and I think Felicia Spencer is in over her head her over her head with this fight. I definitely admire her she’s [ __ ], fantastic she’s, eight one. Only what three or four fights in the UFC she’s fight for the belt against the champ champ, it’s incredible! She’S gon na go up there and she’s gon na try to put on the show man. I can’t root against Nunez. I can’t pick against Nunez she’s shown too much. I picked Nunez against a lot of dudes. I pick Nunez against me dude what the [ __ ]

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