Ep. #57 – Brett Martin

Brett Martin is a mixed martial artist who most recently competed for LFA in the Heavyweight division. The Michigan native is the former Lights Out Championship Heavyweight Champion and is now 9-1 as a professional.


Brett Martin: Specific, like you end up talking about something completely unrelated to MMA. That’S fine by me. It’S just kind of like well talk back and forth and wherever the conversation goes, it goes all right, perfect, all right! So I just uh get started man. How was uh? How was quarantine been and how have you been doing you and your family throughout the the pandemic? When are things in Michigan started kind of getting shot down so once things in Michigan got shot down? I think it was probably like a good month or so where I was still going like. Oh, when I was on call at work, I would still have to get going or like if something came up that was like an emergency or whatnot, they would call us and then we would go in for that. I’D say about a month and a half in one of my training partners that I you know do some work with quite often Jamal Hill um from Grand Rapids as well. Um signed a fight, so I had started training with him. So I guess, since then, I’ve been pretty lucky because I’ve been in and out of there gym career, probably two months and then my gym started doing some classes, but you can only do like one one, certain uh one, certain type of type of mixed martial arts. You know that we have jiu-jitsu MMA in Muay Thai at triumph, which was like my main. You know my main gym, so I’m doing just muy Thai with them and that I’m doing on my other work with Jamal and his team yeah. I do. I do a lot of business in Michigan with the company I work with and it hit Michigan and Seattle and though those sorts of areas really really hired. How was it is it gone down a little bit net since then I say that for awhile they were making, it seem like it went down, but such things have opened back up. I’D say like in the last three or four weeks, it’s looking like we’re. Probably going to be right back into um, you know somewhat of a lockdown or you know them kind of being very, very strict on what we’re doing and when we’re doing it you mentioned you mentioned Jamal Hill. He looked extremely impressive last time out. What was it like being a being a part of his success? All since we were amateurs yeah I mean so um. When we were amateurs, you know he was a 205 or that as well. You know and he’s not the smallest 205 he’s a pretty big guy people. Try to say you should go to 85 all the time, but you know I mean Jamal Jamal is not little, you know so um, I think back. Then. I was probably two years ago. Two and a half years ago we started like sparring on the regular. You know we had worked out a few times together here and there and then about two years ago, two and a half years ago we started working together, you know, and each other’s camps at least once or twice a week and then uh yeah. Ever since he went got into the UFC after his contenders series Dave, you know contender Series, fight, I’d, say every time he got a call for a fight. You know he was getting a hold of me and he wanted me in there. You know multiple days a week more than what we were doing. You know cuz. We were kind of understand that we’re at that level now, where you know, there’s nobody else really around here that can benefit off each other more than what we can. You know, and I mean so I’m very blessed to have Jamal you know in my backyard. Just like you know I feel like he. He feels the same way about me. You know I mean I, my skills are very good. You know, I feel like a lot of people. Don’T respect me because of how I look Jamal Jamal speaks for me. You know very, very much all the time you know and after he won his last fight and we were in the room with Dana right there. You know he even said you know quit sleeping on my boy. You know Dana didn’t really look up or nothing. You know not his job to you know he’s probably got enough things going on. Well, you know it’s just cool to see. You know that the people that I work out with and you know the things that I believe in and what I do is true. You don’t I mean um, I’m not really a big guy. I’M saying like I want to be the UFC world champ. I should be in the UFC, because I’m better than everybody else and Blob, that’s not who I’ve ever been. You know I mean I wrestled, so we we compete against whoever’s across the circle. You know you didn’t get to pick your opponents, so I wrestled all types of people – man tall short, small big, so I just try to work it to keep getting better and uh. You know, Jamal is a big part of that. You know. Jamal makes me work at all levels and I’m good on the ground he’s good on his feet. So I mean we mesh very, very well together, and you know it was definitely a dream. Come true to go. Go to an event like that and travel. I’Ve never been to a UFC event. You know I wanted my first one to either be cornering one, my buddies or you know fighting, so it definitely was pretty cool to have that happen. Finally, was it unusual to do it? I guess because it is a UFC event, but it sure probably didn’t feel like it with the empty arena did it. How did that feel, and is this something you’d be interested to do like to compete as a fighter in an empty arena? Yeah, you know I love people and huge people person. So that’s like one of my favorite things to do is be active, that with people you know I mean, but at the same time it was my first trip, so it was really cool to kind of see the business side of things and how things are ran. You know and what they’re doing right now, because we could be in this pandemic for a lot longer than people realize. So you know I’m getting the understanding that at the level I’m at me – and I really have to you – know – make this push because who’s really going to be doing a lot of fights right now other than you know the people at the highest level in the World so I feel like I deserve to be there. You know and right now we’re doing everything we can to. You know make that happen as soon as possible, so you’re, nine and one as a as a heavyweight which is really really impressive. When you think about it, because they’re stunning, guys that are three and one like they signed, Justin tava who’s, three and one he’s very impressive, but he’s three and one as a heavyweight to have a record like nine and one you’re you’re bound to be knocking on The doorstep of a UFC or a Bellator and know you, like you, said: you’re, not a guy, he’s gon na beg for those shots, but you have to imagine one big win and you’re right there. What do you think it’ll take to get a call from from a Dana White or a Scott Coker, or one of these big big promoters in the game? You know making sure I’m with the right management company I’ve been running with the same group for a long time kind of helping one of my friends. You know a guy. I came into the game with that I’ve seen trying to build a brand. You know I’ve been helping him build his brand for a long time and I think the biggest thing is just trying to make that right connection and figure out why you know they’re signing people that I beat last year. You know to go on The Contender series. You know these guys are all sudden sliding over the rankings and stuff on me, and you know I mean it just doesn’t really make any sense, because on paper you can say they’re better than me, but you know there’s proven facts that I beat these dudes and I take tougher fights you know ever since I beat some of these guys. I don’t go backwards even after I lost that one fight. That was a title fight. I didn’t move really that far back in opponents. I took another title fight right after that. You know what I mean ever since, and I fought I think I’ve had six scheduled title fights since I lost that fight. You know I mean so I keep dropping myself in what I would say. The dog house, you know, I mean – are in the jungle, you don’t I mean I’m not taking these easy fights, I’m not trying to you know, take away from anything. Anybody else is doing. You know what I mean I understand it is. It is what it is, and this is the game, but you know where’s the credibility and being the guy that’s different than everybody else and taking the top fights. Because I understand how I look, you know I mean I understand and everybody else’s eyes. They’Re gon na be upset, but about how I look, but you don’t know me, you don’t know what I do every day. You don’t see the time I put in, but I promise you. You know you get me in there and let me you know, perform under a you know: a fair fight. You know my last couple fights had some things happen that I can’t control you don’t I mean, and I I continued in both fights. You know if you watch those fights I never said I didn’t want to continue. I you know. Obviously I was a little battered and after him you know, I mean one of them. Split me wide open. The other ones were a couple of elbows to the back of the dome. I mean those don’t really feel that great definitely had a heavy weight. You know I mean those are big dudes, you know nobody’s signing up to fight these guys. I mean nobody wants to fight these guys. I’M fighting you know my that Leroy Johnson fight in Michigan that I lost nobody had fought him in Michigan in like three or four years other than Pat well, she was in the UFC yeah. I mean these guys. Nobody was signing up for these fights and I’ve been doing this year after year after year. Yeah I mean so I just I really can’t answer that question anymore. You know I used to be a lot of a lot of different answers. Could be it, but now it’s it’s. Basically. I think they’re just upset about how I look man. Maybe they don’t think I’m promotable, but you know you can look at my social medias. You can you can see how I promote myself, how I talked after those fights and those DQ’s. You know I mean how how I’ve represented myself after those DQ’s. You know if anything I feel like. I should get a call just for that, because not very many guys are professional in this game and I’m doing it to a complete another extent. You know what I mean couple back-to-back, DQ’s and stuff. I can control you know and people post in all kinds things about me and you know – and I use that stuff as positive – I mean not negative, so you know hopefully one day I’ll get I’ll get what’s mine and when the time comes, man will be ready. I’M just getting better and better. You know I’m only 26 years old, so yeah, your last. Your last two fights like you mentioned. We’Re disqualifications, do you think had one of those either one of those been a TKO or even a decision victory. Do you think that would have warranted a shot? That’S all I because in my opinion, that’s all. I think it is it’s like okay, we can’t give him a Shawn that you have see coming off back-to-back DQ’s, even though they were legitimate DQ’s. If there’s no controversy surrounding either one of those, but do you think had you won either one of those in a different fashion that that could have gotten you a shot. Yeah fighters deal with a lot of stuff behind the scenes and you know and with LFA going through what it would you just went through. You know they’re back up and running it and that’s you know, I’m so happy for him cuz. I love fighting for elevating those are great guys, but you know break before my last fight with them. There was also some things going on behind the scenes. You know and I was under contract. So you know, there’s some other there’s some other question marks that had to go down with my last fight. You don’t mean on through some decisions that I made on my side. You know business-wise, so you know what I mean there was a miss weight there, but you know that was a decision I made because I knew I was going to be asking to get out of their contract. So I didn’t really want the bell um. You know. I don’t really care about the belt to me it’s about taking these tough fights, so I guess yeah that could be a big part of it. Maybe you know I mean the seeing the DQ’s and I’m fine with that. You know, like I said, on my social media now and previously you know I’ll rerun any of those fights back. If that’s what the UFC wants to do, if they want to bring me in to fight one of these dudes, I see Henin just signed with pfl good for him I’ll fight for pfl, I’m a free agent man. That’S that’s why I made the decision when I did you know if LFA, even hit me up with something good, I would probably go back and fight for them as well. I mean it was just at the time with the way things were working out. You know fighting out of state for a little bit of money and me taking time off of work. Just didn’t really make sense, so I wanted to be able to schedule a fight in my home state. If that’s what was to come Dax. Definitely after the DQ you know I mean, because how is that? You know five-round fight ma’am in the fifth round, and I see that as a pretty close fight, yeah, there’s some holding on in that fight. That’S a wrestler versus a judo guy. You know what I mean as much as you tell us to break off and we’re still gon na try to do what we’re good at. Because that’s what I mean it’s, it’s tough in there. You know. That’S that’s what happens when you’re in these big fights it makes you go to the next level of yourself, you know and how many of these guys that they’re signed and are doing that. You know I mean that’s. That’S like my fifth or sixth title fight where I’ve been in that kind of a mindset, so I’ll be ready for you know whatever’s next in you know, I feel real bad for whoever I fight next, and I don’t mean that I don’t know disrespect man. It’S just I’ve been putting time in you see how Jamal did his thing. You know nothing’s gon na build my confidence more than you know, being his number one sparring partner. Looking just like that, guy switching stances – and you know doing everything that guy did you know to him and then to see him do what he did. You know I mean that just just helps to remind us. You know what level we are at and uh. You know we ain’t got to go too far to do those things, we’re doing it right here in our own backyard, I mean like, like people say you can yeah one of the one of the guys. You have a victory over Josh Perez Parisi and I think, is how you pronounce his name he’s fighting on the contender series. Is it a little bit bittersweet, seeing guys that you’ve beaten and something you haven’t lost since then, and then either? So it’s like it’s a little bit. It’S got to be a little bit frustrating to see guys that you’ve beaten competing where you want to be. How does it feel and like is it? Is it bittersweet at all to you yeah? You know I felt bad. It took me like almost two days to even make the post. You know I mean I knew some people were gon na be upset at me and in blah blah blah whatever you know, you know how this sport is man there’s a lot of drama that goes into it and I’m just not with all that. You know. I work a full-time job. I got a great family. I like to keep my head on straight and not even pay attention to people. You know I mean I’m a very friendly person, so I feel like people forget this is business. You know I mean so I may be friendly, but when I feel like my Stoke, my toes is getting stepped on or somebody’s spitting. In my face, you don’t I mean I’m gon na speak out, so you know I chased Josh as the number one heavyweight when I first came into pro fighting. So there’s a lot of background behind the other than me just beating Josh. You know what I mean. I uh I chased Josh when I was two and o3 and o4 know and he wouldn’t take the fight after he called me out. When I was oh, no, you know he was the one that talked about fighting me. I never even knew who he was until he called me out when I was an early Perot. He already had a couple wins. You know, I think he was just trying to get easy dub and then once he figured out who I was he didn’t want it. So then he goes to the contender Series wins good, for him goes on The Ultimate Fighter and loses to Olympic wrestler. You know I mean it doesn’t get finished. He keeps getting up and keeps getting up and keeps hitting up. It ends up losing the close decision, but shooting that credit what I did to him, because I finished him in a minute 10 on the ground. You know I mean I sub you quit so on to me. I should have got the call. Last year I was last April, April’s will go, sorry, April’s will go like a year and a half ago. You know I mean so. I felt like I actually got the call done you know, so it’s bittersweet. At the same time, I don’t mean no disrespect to Josh it’s just this is this is my brand? You know I mean so I earn number-one in Michigan. So if you’re signing somebody from Michigan to go on to the contender series, in my mind, why would you bring the back up yeah? I mean I already proved on paper and off paper that I’m better than there. So then I would do it again. I mean, like I mean that I’d no disrespect, I’m always cool to run stuff back wrestling. You don’t like. I said you don’t get the bit. So if you, you know anybody that ever questions my skills and they like they can come train with me at the gym. I’Ll beat you at the gym and then I’ll fight you eight weeks later and beat you again like I don’t really care, I mean that’s. I never say these things and it’s coming to that time, where I have to say these things. You know I mean, and I don’t I don’t. I don’t mean no disrespect to these people. It’S just I’m done being this nice, like, oh I’ll, just wait for these nah. Like you know, if I beat you and you got a shot over me, you should see that as disrespect to me like Chad, Johnson did you know Chad Johnson knows exactly everything about me. I fought on the same carnage at his Haven. His whole team hundred percent respect those guys, and I appreciate everything, they’ve done for me. Yeah I mean cuz, they reach out to me and you know they’re there they’re trying to do everything they can to kind of get the questions answer to. Why I’m not getting the call either? You know I mean, like you know, that’s that’s why I hate to be this guy sometimes, but I just want. I just want my respect, man and that’s basically, I’ve earned that you know forget the two DQ’s you can. You can forget the DQ’s, but even before the DQ’s I be Parisian and then a lot of people don’t know. Um Jesse Hernandez, who I thought after Parisian for lights-out, was um. Risley bear Justin, Frazier’s buddy, so Justin Frazier was in the house with Josh Justin Frazier. Originally originally wanted to fight me. Johnson Frazier was the one that originally wanted to fight me, but he couldn’t because he got some kind of contract from somebody else. So then, I ended up fighting Jesse, who was his main training partner, who also tried out for the Ultimate Fighter, and he made it to light the finals of the groove. You know I mean so like the UFC knows who he is. You know – and I mean like that’s so basically that was the only reason I even took the fight is because I knew he was so-and-so. His training partner in his record was halfway decent. So I don’t like fighting guys that I don’t think I’ve been in the game. You know I mean I don’t I don’t like easy fights either. That’S hot. It doesn’t make me work hard. What makes me work hard to these guys that look like poster boys and everybody’s saying I’m a nine to one underdog. You know I mean that’s the stuff that makes me get up in the morning and do what I do on a day-to-day basis. So I won’t chase that forever. You know, I don’t care about what promotion. Yes, obviously you know I wear UFC stuff. You know I mean I love, I love. I love the athletes man. I love. What everybody does you know, and I respect you know, Jorge Mass, but all John Jones and in all these fighters, Israel, oughta Sonya, you know, he’s turning down fights because he wants to main events lot and he’s not no he’s smart. These guys are intelligent fighters. Man. These aren’t young kids that are coming in the game anymore without without a business mindset. You know I love seeing that because it makes me feel good about. You know doing what I’ve been doing since I came into this sport so yeah. I think it’s important guys, like Jorge guys, like John Jones, doing what they’re doing and fighting up for standing up for pay, because I think it really will help grow the sport into becoming big. You know no one wants to get involved into a sport. If there’s no money in it like realistically, no one would go into the NFL if they were making peanuts, and I think the UFC really needs to kind of build that, and I think it’s important, like you said, for the champions to be doing what they’re doing With the organizations up and running now, you got LFA, Invicta brave all these tort. All these organizations are up and running they’re announcing events. Does that mean for you? Where are you? How are you feeling are you months away from a return weeks away? No, I think, I’m in ears with I’ve been in conversations with different management companies talking about maybe signing with them, because, like I said I mean I’ve been working with my guy for a long time and he’s he’s he’s lost for words. You know I mean like we’ve: we’ve tried to contact the UFC and you know so now we’re taking every route. You know, imagine well we’re hitting up cscc we’re hitting up. You know anybody that I think that he thinks – or I think or anybody around us thinks. That’S having shows regionally we’re hitting them up and then I’m using these other. You know this other management company, you know he’s a very good connect to have and he represents a lot of my friends. You know II mean so I kind of reached out to him. Just to kind of see you know, maybe he can get me a question answered that nobody else can. So you know, if that’s what it comes to, then that’s what it comes to you know. That’S I don’t want to go there. You know because that’s not the person I am. I’Ve always been very loyal and loved building things and my people, but you know sometimes you got to branch out and try to make connections to keep building. You know I mean so I feel like that’s where we’re at and if that’s where it comes to that’s where it comes to, but regardless I think I think you’ll see me back August and then hopefully November at the latest, because it sounds like the that Tony Lopez fight, if nothing else happens, you know I’m gon na hopefully run that in November because it was just postponed. They didn’t cancel it. So there’s still hope for that one. Even if I get one in before that, I’m cool cuz, then I get to funds. You know I mean I don’t I really don’t care. You know, like I said, Tony’s a legend he’s got 49 wins or 50 wins. So in my mind, I don’t you know, I mean he’s, beat a lot of good guys. That’S that’s! Gon na be a fun fight regardless you know so I’ve been chasing that fight. Since I was like two and oh you know – I mean so these guys are guys that I’ve seen that I wanted years ago and they’re just now, like you know, I mean finally giving me the chance and it’s cool for me bad for them, because it’s been A long time I mean so, I think I’m getting ready to roll into my prime here and I’m finally starting to figure life out. I’Ve been working the same job for about four years now, so my schedule is very persistent and you know things are things are rolling right into the way I imagine them. So it’s a beautiful thing, I’m ion, so you see a lot of guys right now calls because a lot of people aren’t willing to fight there’s pandemics. People are getting injured, people are getting sick. Is your mentality like, even though there’s no fight on a contract? Right now I’m staying ready on the off chance. I get a call because he saw it this past weekend or hey Mazz we’d. All yesterday wasn’t supposed to fight for a title now he’s four days away from a title shot. Is that your mentality just stay in shape, stay in shape? You know I was a really big. Guy was like 340 when I started 335 and I didn’t look anything how I look now knew and I mean, like I put on a lot of weight, I lost a lot of weight and then I started kind of putting on muscle. I went through a few injuries. I had a surgery a few years ago, so I’m about the healthiest I felt fighting. You know now that I felt in a long time so this quarantine, I kind of been doing some things. I’Ve been working out really hard and I kind of put out a little bit of muscle. So now it’s just you know the mindsets getting that weight right about where I wanted to I’ve always walked around a little bit over the heavy weight limit. You know I mean so the goal is now to get a little closer to the heavy weight limit. You know, maybe around 275 is what I want to walk around at maybe even get a little lighter. You know I mean if, if that’s what’s to come, you know I enjoy eating man. I love. I love my life, so this is like the only thing that you know this is the last thing on the list and I put it as the last thing on the list, because people have made fun of me since I was a little kid, so you know Everybody everybody’s always said that was you know. Oh he’s he’s a chunky kid or oh, he’s out of shape. You know I want to stay title like this. I was an all-american in college one year wrestling in college. You don’t I mean like my first year. I was an all-american, I was a true freshman 18 year old kid yeah I mean so how he kept doing that. I think I would have been just as successful. You know this is. This is just what I fell into and I have a huge love for it, so, whether I’m on contract to fight my life is built around this sport. I have so many other friends that fight. I love you Jitsu now as well, I’m a very, very good wrestling grappler and now I’m subbing subbing people. I have a very good, you know submission tool list, so I just enjoy getting better and that’s the whole thing about. You know the longer they hold out on me, not really gon na change. Anything I think you know. I’Ve got a big love for this sport and it’s gon na take something a lot crazy and then people tell me, I’m you know too ugly for the UFC to make me quit yeah. I think it’s. I think it’s very unfortunate that that’s kind of a mentality they have, because you look at some of the greatest fighters in the UFC. The first one that comes to mind to me is Daniel Cormier and he’s not built like Francis and gone ooh like that, when you’re in there man, I’ve wrestled some very, very strong guys, a lot of people many times so yes, this is fighting and, yes, there’s Punches being thrown, but you know I wrestled for a long time. I’Ve been doing jujitsu for about four or five years and you’re. Seeing me sub these high level, guys that got way higher belts, and I got the only mean so now. I’Ve been striking for about I’d, say five or six years as well. Almost going on seven years, I think, are well maybe spydra’s going on six years now. I’Ve been striking, and you see you know now you see who I’m sparring with on a day-to-day basis. You know he wouldn’t be bringing me in his camp if he didn’t think I was offering him something that was, you know better than most guys. So I I feel bad for these guys, because you know I’ve always built I’ve never been somebody that did something and then like plateaued, you know if I lost, I use that to get better, so I’m just waiting to you know find my day to keep getting Better, you know I hate DQ’s because, like that that that just gives it the question mark to me you want to me not, I wouldn’t have cared if I lost those funds because nobody’s taking those fights I mean, that’s my point – nobody’s nobody’s, jumping to fight at Six, nine or six ten 250-pound brazilian guy coming from one of the most notable brazilian fighters at heavyweight yeah, I mean nobody’s nobody’s, jumping to fight that guy nobody’s fighting to jump in to fight Daniel James. You know these aren’t guys that are the people that are getting signed at the contender series that heavyweight these aren’t the fights these guys are taking yeah – hopefully, hopefully man – hopefully you get noticed. I’Ve been I’ve, been watching you for a long time. So I do know that what you’re capable of doing when there’s no disqualifications. I know that that you’re quite capable of putting out anyone, so I’m really excited on. Hopefully your fight or two away I’ll ask a couple more questions and then I’ll and then I’ll. Let you get going, but there’s a big fight. This weekend we touched on it Jorge Masvidal, stepping up on short notice to fight Kamara, Huisman who’s, a monster, who’s looked absolutely crazy and every one of his fights. What’S your prediction for that fight, I mean, I think, if I think, if anything, it’s gon na be Guzman, Guzman’s gon na probably try to try to grapple him. You know a lot of lot of Jorge’s losses came from really really good guys taking him down. You know a lot of not a lot of people stand at the distance with him. Definitely not now. So I think if we see Kumar getting beat it’s gon na be something he gets caught with. You know I mean late in the round. I don’t think it’s gon na be something early. I don’t see him diving in on a shot like aspirin did yeah I mean everybody knows that’s what Jorge’s gon na be looking for. Is that knee? So I mean I love Mass, but I’ll. Do I’ve always been a man I used to watch him when he did his bare knuckle stuff and his street fighting yeah. I mean like that’s that I used to watch him before I fought. You know a lot of my buddies in high school used to watch. All that stuff, so I’ve always been a big mass, a tall thin, and it was only it’s really cool to see him come back these last couple years and do the things he’s been doing so it would be a heaven-sent day for me if he won the Belt, you know what I mean like that would be cool to me, because that’s a guy, I feel like put a lot of years in the sport. I love kamar Huisman. Sometimes I feel like he’s a little cliche. You know I mean, but that’s a lot of people in his ear prior telling him he’s got to say those things, but you know I understand it because you’re trying to make the money I get it. I get it, but I just I wish I wish them. Both a lot but I’m pulling for masa dough, I like math as a tall man. I really do and then last last question for you when you’re not training throughout the pandemic, when you’re, not when you’re not doing anything, I’m a related. What sorts of things do you get up to video games? What names big dog? I love dogs, so that’s kind of why I think that the dog thing came into my life is, I was always hanging out and I always had a bulldog. So people always always like Bulldogs, because they’re so ugly, they’re cute. Maybe that’s why I like Miss cuz, I’m so you know I saw so much different. I’M cute right, that’s that’s the goal, but no. I hang out with my girl, my dog. I play call of duty Jamal’s, really good at call of duty as well. He kind of wrote me into it. I used to be just the fort night, guy cuz, it was free. You know I’m gon na like spending money, so I played fortnight for a long time with, like my niece and after using my girlfriend fiance now um, but now she plays fortnight most of time, and I do some ID would call of duty what I work a Lot and then, even when I’m not working, I I usually I’m out doing like you know some tree work or some side work just trying to build some knowledge. You know because the goal is to start my own business one day, so I don’t have to work for somebody. You know that I can make my own hours and make my training regiment even better. I mean like so that’s that’s the goal one day and that’s why I want those bigger checks: man, I’m not asking for a hundred twenty straight. For me, oh yeah, I mean I’ll, earn it cuz. I can take 20 and turn into a business and be making more money, and then, when you call me I’ll, take a month off and all my buddies and stuff that I’m trying to help build their lives are back here working while I’m doing my other job, You know I mean that’s. I’Ve always had that goal. You know so fighting has just kind of been that blessing that I didn’t know I would have you know. I didn’t never expected to have a way to make extra money, so it was kind of cool that it is what it is because I spent so much time rustling in my life, it’s like well, it’s going somewhere yeah! Absolutely! Thank you. Thank you. So much for the time man, I can’t wait to see your next fight. Hopefully, hopefully it’s in the UFC or hopefully it’s a contender series or whatever it takes to get again, and you know that’s kind of my point – I wasn’t making those posts to be rude to people. It was more of like if you think this is what’s gon na make me go away like you know, you guys are crazy. I’M gon na be I’m the youngest guy on the list. That’S a lot of I’ve been the youngest guy on these rankings list for like three years and I’m still one of the youngest guys. So I feel like. Maybe that’s why maybe they’re like well he’s still young, let him let him grow in, maybe like maybe they think I’m gon na grow into my body. Hey. You know. I’Ve been hearing that baby fat will go away for about twenty twenty years now. So I just can’t wait for it myself, let alone them. I love that man, but man. I’M can’t wait to watch the next fight regardless, where it is. I do think it’s only a matter of time before you get noticed by a big organization. So all the best man stay safe, keep washing your hands; cuz, don’t want to catch anything yeah stay ready, man all the best. I appreciate thanks for having me yeah, of course, any time

Sergio Pineiro

Sergio Pineiro is the Founder of FighterPath.com and host of the Quarantinecast podcast. Based in Canada he is both a sports journalist and MMA enthusiast. He practices the sport but has a passion for the individual stories of training, fighting and living the fighting lifestyle.

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