UFC 254 Pros Picks: Khabib vs Gaethje

MMA Fighters give their predictions for the title fight taking place at #UFCFightIsland on October 24.

Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje

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Man glad you asked that question. I really am uh. I’Ve been watching a lot of pros pics on on youtube and a lot of people i’m like who would i say, um man, it could be you can’t you can’t bet against can be 28. No, like 20, was it 28. No yeah uh. You can’t bet against a dude. Justin gage is absolutely savage. I think his his footwork’s completely underrated um. I think his powers he has decent power. I mean i still think it goes five rounds. I don’t think anybody’s. I don’t think could be finished then, but i think could be comes out of the victory um. I think gage is going to get up a couple times, but i still could be able to do what khabib does and hold him down beat him up. But i could be wrong, that’s that’s the beauty of it. I could be wrong gage. You could smoke him in the first round. You never know gage has that ability, so gaitre has the power, but it’s also good. You can’t you can’t bet against could be so. My head says habib uh, my heart says gaichi, like i’d love to see um geichi win that fight just because the uh, the way it spiced the division up but um habib is a expert at his own. At his own game plan. He he literally makes good fighters look bad because he drags him into his game. So to beat him you have to make him uncomfortable. You have to. You have to sort of drive him into deep borders and you have to make him suffer for every round and you have to hurt him and it’s very hard to do um. So the best um analysis we’ve done on it is you have to drown a shark um. So it’s not easy easy. Do you mean so um i’d love to see gateshea beat him, but i am. I could see um happy winning again. I think it’ll be a decision, but um it’s a fight, i’m very, very looking forward to watching. This is what i like about. Ufc there’s, never um, they don’t do the whole guaranteed win thing anymore. Like um, you see a lot of organizations and they mismatch a lot um ufc don’t do that. It is just whoever wants to fight fights it’s easy, as that, like they don’t sort of hide people, if someone’s willing to sign a piece of paper to say that they’re right, they’re willing to put on on the line they’ll. Let those guys fight – and i i love that i don’t know man – i mean uh. I have a lot of love for both guys. I think uh geichi is a formidable contender and um. You know when you’re at the top, like that, every newcomer, every contender – everybody that that’s that’s, that’s essentially coming for your top spot, it’s going to be dangerous and just as poirier was dangerous, just as even connor was dangerous. I see gaity posing a major major threat and um, especially on 155. It’S never going to get easy, so uh for me to sit here and say: okay, she doesn’t have a chance. That’S a lie. Geichi has a very big chance um. He could definitely pull the upset, but in the same in the same hand, i could also see khabib uh taking him out as well. I mean it’s just the volatility of the sport and the way that things have been going. You just it’s you don’t know. What’S going to happen, but i mean uh, i would give khabib just a slight edge, just a slight favor, and i mean not by not by much just because i know the volatility of the sport and i know how things go. And i know how much of a madman gate she is and that’s why i got a lot of love for that guy and i got a lot off with khabib too. I don’t know they’re both my favorite but they’re, two of my favorite fighters, like thinking which i don’t know which glove you like better. It’S like, i don’t know it’s uh, i’m weird. I said that that sounded weird when i said that it sounded bad in my head, but how’s it gon na go it’s i think. If anybody can get it, it could be it’ll be gaechi. Oh, that’s so hard to pick against i’m gon na pick gaichi because i want to see like you know him him rocking it and see what he’s going to do. Then again, i guess i can go out of the way, but for my pick for this fight, i’m picking the dress and get you i like both guys. Both stand up, stand up, guys class acts. You know um both beasts um but honestly, i’m leaning towards uh gachi with the upset – or i don’t even know – who’s the favorite. But i’m saying she’s gon na upset him. You

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