Ep. #112 – Xavier Alaoui

Xavier Alaoui is a mixed martial artist who competes in the bantamweight division for UAE Warriors. The Canadian is 11-3 as a professional which includes six finishes en route to his first title shot against Juares Dea at UAE Warriors 14.


Xavier Alaoui: Boom, we are back with another edition of the quarantine cast uh. This is episode 112, which is crazy to think about that. It’S been this. Many episodes really excited for this one. I set my alarm early, i’m speaking with one of the brightest prospects in all of canadian mma and xavier alawi uh he’s joining me from overseas. So without further ado, i’m going to bring him in hey man. How are you doing what’s up man, i’m good and you pretty good, pretty good, so uh, i don’t know if you heard that intro, but one of the uh the brightest prospects in canadian mma. How does that uh? How does that feel uh? It feels good. Well, it sounds good, but you know what i think: they’ve been uh. I’Ve been having that status for too long man. I don’t think i’m a prospect anymore. I like it well one of the best guys outside of the ufc for sure, along with elias theodoru, um and josh hill, in my opinion, um. So what’s life uh like over there, man uh crazy, crazy times right now in the world. So, what’s it like over, there uh tell me about it crazy times. I just heard also that uh, the the show will be the first one. Well it’ll, be the first show with fans if they get vaccinated, which is also pretty crazy. Uh life here, man, everything’s open. We go to restaurants. Every day we eat, we train, the gyms are open. I mean you got to wear a mask outside all the time like even outside, but uh. Apart from that man, i can’t complain man, i’m happy to be here honestly. How does it feel uh, knowing that i mean obviously so much um? So much attention has been been drawn right now with with covid restrictions and whatnot, but as someone who competes and is an athlete and health, is your number one priority, does it make you a little nervous knowing that there’s fans in the arena uh? To be honest, man, we’re not gon na be in contact with the fans, so uh, i’m more like nervous, i don’t know, are they gon na ask the fighters to get vaccinated? But i don’t think so because it could put us at risk right of developing coping, because i mean a vaccine means that you’re getting covet injected in you so uh. No, i’m not not really nervous man, i’m training uh. Turning my ass off, you know, i’m being careful wearing a mask is infecting my hands, not touching my mouth. You know basic rules, hygiene, 101, and apart from that uh, no, that’s it! Honestly! I was more. I was more stressed when i was in canada to um. I feel i don’t know it might be an illusion, but i feel like i’m already right next to the venue and everything. So it’s fine. How do you feel uh just a few weeks out, i mean a lot of i mean speaking for myself over the pandemic. My training went down to pretty much nothing. So how does it how? Obviously you had that fight last month but uh? How are you feeling just a few weeks out man, i’m feeling great, but i think i’m in probably one of the best shapes i’ve been in my life, if not the best shape uh. Just today i i hit the lowest weight i could hit and i got i went to eat refuel train tonight. Again. Uh weight cut is good, everything’s, fine, um. What 18 days out man? I can’t wait to put my hands on this guy. Honestly, i’m with jeff chan over here and we’re just training every day like it’s like i don’t know, if you’ve seen dragon ball z, i feel like we’re in uh the chamber of time. You know every day we’re just training we’re getting better. I swear this guy’s working some pads with me and i’m like getting new tricks, new slick tools, and i can’t wait to use it and demonstrate it. You know you’ve got a big fight. First, title fight, um. What what’s your thoughts on him as an opponent? It was obviously supposed to happen previously. Do you feel like that? You know the extra bit of time and that almost tune-up fight for him uh is gon na benefit you well. You know what i think. I think he got uh an extra two months without getting his ass whoop. Honestly man. I think that uh, he saved himself from a big, a badass beating for two months, but it’s inevitable man, i’m gon na catch him and i’m gon na beat the [ __ ] out of him uh there. I think the guy is athletic. He’S explosive skill, wise i’ve seen better. I fought better, i train with better guys on the daily, but you know what it’s mma anything can happen right, but i’m going in there confident man i’m ready to i’m ready to deliver. You know pressure. This guy put him in in deep water. Show him what he’s never seen before. You know when you uh, you fought texting, zabatov um. Instead, what was it like? Having an opponent change, you know you prepare for one guy and then next thing you know: you’ve got another guy who’s who’s undefeated. I think he was undefeated at the time yeah. So so, what’s it like to have that opponent change? So basically i mean i’ve been in a messed up situation. I mean i fought in latvia, where the guy didn’t even show up to the weigh-in and showed up to the fight. So, like i’ve been i’ve, i’ve seen a lot of [ __ ] already fighting but, for example, i’m fighting this guy. So i get ready. I do my eight weeks for jaris. I finished my camp last powering of camp. I just finished powering. I go. Look at my phone, you know i’m just about to check the time and i get a message from my manager that danny rubinstein and he tells me the guy’s out of the fight. Imagine man that’s one day before taking the flight, you know and uh. So i’m like freaking bummed out, then he sends me names of guys uh. He sends me, i said yeah to every every single guy. You know he sent me a chamill michael medev. I said yeah, but for some reason the guy didn’t take it. Then he sends me tax him zabitov, i say yeah and he takes it. You know, and then they tell me that the fight’s at 140, instead of 135. uh, the guy’s undefeated, he’s a wrestler like i mean he’s a creation champion out in kazakhstan and he’s so. He wrestles much more than the other guy, completely different approach, different fight, but you know what i use my experience and uh and i just adapted. I mean it’s a fight. You know i always say that to the guys that i i i train with or that i coach or whatever it is like people over dramatize, that you know they think like. Oh man, i need to be ready, uh yeah. Of course you need to be ready, but it’s a [ __ ] fight. If you’re, you know, you tell me if you’re, let’s say you’re at mcdonald’s, you’re drunk you just finished partying, it’s three in the morning you’re with your girl. You know i always use. That example, guys that know me know i always use that example, and the guy touches your girl’s ass. What are you going to tell them eight weeks, you need to make the weight hell. No bro you’re gon na throw down right away. So it’s a fight. It’S nothing more, nothing less uh! Now. What i like is that it’s 25 minutes, so i made sure to be in top physical shape top condition to actually push the pace for 25 minutes. But i think i’m going to finish this guy early man, that’s uh! That was my next point. There is it is. It is for a title uh. Do you find there’s any added pressure knowing that there’s a title at stake and it’s an extra two rounds added excitement bro. To be honest, uh i’ve been like bro. This sport is a roller coaster, all the time, uh i’ve only lost split decisions like most of these fights, i feel like i won them. You know and uh so to be here and fight for a title i feel freaking blessed. I always wanted to be world champion. I always wanted to get a belt and there we go it’s like unreal. You know i was telling jeff uh. I was walking back home. I mean back to the hotel two day two nights ago and like dude, like i’m, not a i’m not like uh an uh spiritual like i’m spiritual, but i’m not like a spiritual guy. That’S like oh, it’s, 11, 11 and [ __ ] like that. But it was 11 11., so i always make a small wish and i i was like man 11 11 and when i made my wish – and it’s always the same one – i realized it was so it was right there, it’s two weeks out and it’s time to Get it you know what i mean uh, i’m excited man, it’s not nervous. It’S no pressure. It’S just freaking, happy freaking excited that i get to to fight in front of the whole world and get that belt. I want to talk about those three losses. Uh, like you said they were all splits and majority decisions. Is it a bit bittersweet knowing that, like really i’m losing these fights, this close like it’s not like i’m getting tko or submitted and uh? Is it a little bit bittersweet when you see them go on and and put string together, some victories and you’re they’re like i was this close, i’m happy for whoever wins. You know, i’m not a bitter guy about winning or losing, but i mean a split decision. Yeah, it’s the worst freaking thing: man, it’s the [, __ ] worst thing: uh bro! I i beat josh shield. People can most people think so some people don’t think so. His friends don’t think so. But bro i beat him. This guy was running from around after round one. He was running two and three had to chase him around the cage uh he he he tried. The only thing he tried to do was to pin me up on the cage. Then, after this guy’s quivers, i beat the [ __ ] out of him for three rounds and then the rep gives it to him and then the tightest closest one was with uh shamil. You know i mean this. One could have been a draw like two judges gave it a draw. Two judges gave it to him and one gave it to me. There was five judges, that’s why they said the majority that one was a tight one. You know i mean it really could have went either way but come on hill and and scriveners bro. They they know what’s up they these guys and deep down inside of them. They know. What’S up and uh yeah, it’s freaking bitter man to uh to lose a split decision. It’S the worst thing and i mean at some point. It even made me question. If i wanted to do this sport anymore, i was like dude, i’m busting, my ass. I go out there i put on a show, i’m fighting like some top level: competition yeah, these guys are top level fighters. You know, and then i just get robbed, because some judge has a subjective like from a subjective standpoint. This guy thinks that i lost get the [ __ ] out of here man. You know it was really frustrating, but then i guess it made me it made me more mean it made me more made me more violent. I think yeah it’s uh and, like you said i mean there were it was three in four fights. You know three split losses in four fights um, but it really like you said it made you more violent, because your next two fights you went out there and finished them early. I want to touch on that point that you made, though, that that you questioned it, and do you think that there’s a like i’m sure, there’s so many fighters who have lost split decisions like that and it made them go and be like. You know what this sport isn’t for me. What is i guess? What do you think would be the solution to fix that you know those split decisions? Do you think it’s more judges? What do you think the the correct solution would be uh well for me in terms of uh solution. It was my mindset. You know i mean i i had to get kind of like i mean i always had my life together, but i had to really not depend on fighting. You know because if you depend on fighting, then you go in that fight with so much you’re. Questioning like i need the bonus. I need to win bonus uh. I need this. Oh ufc is to call me after all, this kind of crap. You know that like doesn’t make you perform the way you should be performing, you know and i’m good bro. Like i tell the you know, i got my gym. I got my properties, you know i got my girl, i’m bro like i’m in there, because i just want to scrap now. I don’t go in there because i’m expecting something. I don’t i go in there with zero expectation. I just want to beat that dude up. That’S all it is honestly, and it just makes it so much more simple. I want to talk about the decision to sign with uh with an organization overseas. You mentioned ufc the bellators and all that stuff. They tend to focus on people who you know, compete locally. Rather than than abroad, so what went behind that decision? I mean you: had a nice camp set up there at tristar you’re training with farasa hobby, one of the best coaches, one of the best gyms in the world, and you made the choice to go and compete overseas. Um. What went behind that decision? Yeah you mean for uae warriors, or you mean for most of my past fights yeah no uae warriors yeah. Oh well, you know what that was uh, then that was a reuben scene, uh ruby’s, entertainment, sports and entertainment, my new management. So i never what i never had a management honestly and uh. Until until my last fight, i decided you know what it’s time, to get a management to actually get somebody to do things right and it sounds so cheesy, but it makes the whole difference. I swear to god like if i could have an advice for fighters. If they’re good, you know, get a management because the manager is actually like he’s going to find the right opportunities for you and like it or not. Mma is a game of who knows who, like i’m, telling you most of these dudes in the ufc, i’d smoke them, but because their manager knows someone or knows this guy or this guy they get signed. You know so you need to have a guy that has the right connections to get you far in the sport. It’S a it’s like hockey. You know we’re canadian right, we know about hockey, but hockey is the same. You want to be in the nhl. Well, you need to it’s, usually the coach’s son or like a hockey player’s son. You know you need to who knows who that’s what it is? Yeah yeah, it’s funny you mentioned uh danny rubenspeen. I spoke with uh sasha palatnikov, who uh do the last show yeah. He told me to say hi to you, because i told him that i was uh talking to you today um and he same sort of thing. I mean he just signed with rubenstein and two days later he’s fighting in the ufc. Do you think that uh? That decision can help you ultimately get to the ufc yeah. I’Ve got uh, like i told guys previously danny, got me an offer for the ufc at 145 and uh at the time. Right after my last fight, i said yes but the opponent, i don’t think he took it. He took someone else and uh yeah. No, honestly danny got he’s he’s [, __, ] good. Look! I just signed with them like three months ago. I’M fighting for a world title and like he’ll, have many more opportunities after you know so yeah i mean i don’t even want to think too much about it. I’M pretty sure it’s it’s bound to come. You know i’m fighting my ass off, i’m putting on a show for everybody, but uh. I really want to focus on the task at hand which is november 27th. You know i want to make a statement. I want to show all these guys. What’S up, i want to show that dude that i’m not as i’m not a bump in the road like this coach is saying: i’m a [, __ ] traffic stop bro, i’m a brazilian hijack, i’m going to take the car you know, so i can’t wait. I want to talk a little bit about canadian mma, i’m obviously from nova scotia, so i’m very high on on canadian mma, i’m close with the guys at fla. What do you think the the future is for canadian mma you’re, seeing guys like tj laramie, just got a shot, tanner bozer? Who who was a hype train until this past? I love tanner tanner’s, a bad [, __ ] bro tanner is a bad man. I remember seeing this dude, i remember seeing this dude when aca came to montreal and um, so i was a bit. I was part of the a bit of the reason why aca came to montreal in terms of of connections, and we got them the show in montreal and everything and when they wanted a heavyweight we knew it was tanner that had to to take the spot. You know – and i saw this dude when i saw this dude warming up warming up in the back, so so gritty with his mullet. Bro yeah slime warm up and then beat the [ __ ] out of the guy. Now he’s a great guy he’s a good fighter, and then you see him in the ufc how how in shape he got. Guy works hard man, you weren’t, hitting me hard, he defeats the stereotype. You know us. Canadians are it’s known to be good people, nice and friendly, and then this guy’s out here and in terms of canadian mma man, i think we got some great prospects uh. We got some really good guys, good fighters also on the the international scene. The problem, though, is probably the the lack of activity in terms of shows in canada, because i know, for example, like i can speak from uh from quebec. The province of quebec, like there’s, never really been anything like when there was something it was tko and uh. It’S hard for guys to actually come up when they got ta fight. Amateur all the time you can’t rack up a car, a record of like 15 amateur fights. It’S way too much. You know what i mean when you see in the world some guys they get. Three four amateur fights go pro right away. In my opinion, that’s how it should be like we should have. Many pro shows that allow the guys to actually fight at a pro level and build up a record fighting pro and getting the proper experience and uh yeah. That’S it you’re from nova scotia, so you know um jericho, uh, mckee or whatever yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I don’t know him personally. I know who he is, though, but okay cool man, that’s my boy. You trying to try start with us, um yeah. So you mentioned a long, extensive mma career i mean or amateur career. Sorry, you went 11 and 1, which would i mean if you look at that – that’s 22 too much. That’S too much yeah. So what is? Do you think that the the uh, i guess the recipe and and advice first for up and coming fighters is take less fights? Less amateur fights go pro sooner yeah yeah, of course like. That’S, like not everybody thinks like me, but a fight is a fight. You know you end up with a guy in front of you. I mean if you’re ready, like you, you’re training properly, you shouldn’t have to rack up over 10, no nowhere close to 10 amateur fights get five or six like, depending on your results, of course. But if you’re five you know amateur six and a half mature you’re ready to go pro. In my opinion, you know all right i’ll. Ask you a couple more and then i’ll, let i’ll let you uh go back to uh your uh mental mental state. Before this fight um, what is it? I love your nickname, the bread man. Where does that? Come from that’s uh, that’s the guys from uh, that’s friends of mine. You know from uh when i grew up uh, because uh yeah man fighting doesn’t pay. You know you got ta, get your life going, you know so uh yeah, i’m gon na leave it at that. Okay, all right, i like the i like the mystery behind it uh and lastly, for people who maybe haven’t seen you strictly ufc fans. Most of the people who watch this are only ufc fans um. So what is, i guess, describe your fighting style and what can they expect from you? Yeah uh man, i’m i’m, i’m a boxer, jiu jitsu guy that can wrestle. You know i like to box. I like to wrestle i like to do jiu jitsu. I mean i’d like to take the fight wherever the guy’s uncomfortable uh, sometime, sometimes uh depending you know what i mean some some fights you can see me with great iq, some other fights a little less, depending on uh on how the fight goes. I like to throw down you know. Of course i like to throw down, but uh yeah i like to bring the guy in uh wherever he’s not comfortable, so you’ll find you’ll, see me fight different styles, often all right man. I i really appreciate the time uh. The time difference is is is ridiculous, so i’m glad we were able to to get this thing sorted out. I appreciate it and uh can’t wait to watch you fight man all the best. I appreciate it. Man, thank you for having me and uh shout out to quarantine. Podcast guys appreciate it man. Thank you very much and uh all the best and stay safe. Great. Thank you, man, bye-bye all right. There you have it xavier. Eloise i’ve been a fan of his for for a little while now um, one of the like he said, no longer a prospect uh, but one of the the brightest canadian fighters outside of the ufc uh look forward to that fight on november 27th. And if you haven’t yet make sure you like comment and subscribe on this video and all other videos, man i’ll see you guys later

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