Ep. #116 – Phillipe Martins

Philipe Martins is a mixed martial artist who most recently competed in the Featherweight division for Bellator in his first professional bout. He has trained with many UFC veterans including Danny Chavez, and trains out of Dragon Lair Fight Team in Framingham, Massachusetts.


Philipe Martins: Boom, we are back with the 116th edition of the quarantine cast as you uh. As you can tell, i, i have a a host this time around uh i’m joined by joe gravel, who is a friend of mine, also a writer for bloody canvas mma. If you haven’t check out his stuff, i think he’s one of the best article writers in all of mma. I’M not just saying that to hype him up uh, his articles are good. He puts his heart and soul into it. So if you haven’t check them out, he also trains at dragon, lair mma, and he introduced me to this guy right here who we’re about to have on in felipe martins. I’Ve been checking out some of his stuff and i can’t wait to uh to have him on and without further ado here he is hey man how’s it going hey, what’s up bro, what’s going on, how are first things? First man, how are you doing uh and how are things there with the uh the pandemic? I guess that question goes out to both of you you’re, both in the same the same place. Yeah i mean it’s, it’s opened up and then locked back down again so kind of got our our hopes up and then snatched them away. So just trying to deal with that depression. So that’s cool. How is that how’s? The training, though, like how’s the training for the two of you, are you guys able to train, or is it minimal contact? What what’s going on so the gym has been closed for, like quite a while, and i was just bugging them but like when’s, it gon na be back up when’s it going back up and you get back in there and then they finally opened back up. And it’s been like what: how long do you think we were there until this recent three or four weeks like yeah, probably like a month and then some karen [ __ ] ratted us out to like i don’t know some department of health [ __ ], like They’Re not being clean. So now we like took some more provisions and they’re getting everything set up, so we can open back up so right now we’re a little bit in limbo, trying to figure out. You know in the meantime what to do yeah. Some people want. You to spar with masks on some people, let you spar with masks off and it’s just a matter of uh, basically doing doing things exactly how the state would prefer it. So one of the things that i i mean i’ve been look, i mean joe and i have been talking about dragon lair the past. I don’t know a couple months and uh really seems like you guys are a close-knit group of guys. What’S it like when they’re like, oh, you got, ta, keep keep a distance or you got a spiral with a max mask on. Does it feel like man, like i’m gon na see these guys anyway? Like do you feel, like part of you is like this? Is stupid like can we just go out there and spiral like like i mean as someone who does jujitsu and whatnot, it really just seems silly that they’re taking this this away from us, if we’re going to do it anyway, as i’m saying yeah, it’s like it’s Like they just want us to go through the motions to show to show them that, like we’re being cooperative and everything but like i don’t know like you know the whole like science behind it, like nothing’s, really going to get like prevented by the wearing. You know the mask everybody’s going to have it under there. You mean, like you, need to it’s not going to prevent nothing. It’S just like for the show, like hey, look, we’re being cooperative with all your guidelines and rules whatever, but i think i think it’s stupid. Honestly, in my opinion i want to, i want to talk a little bit about about your background um, because from what i’ve heard from joe you’ve done, some training with a lot of high level, guys um guys who are in the ufc guys, like, i think, danny Chavez you i i’ve had on. I really like danny. I was texting him the other day, um, so so kind of describe how you got introduced to both a the sport of mixed martial arts and be uh these guys at such a high level, yeah so um. I first got into it one of my friends: um eddie, romero uh. I went to high school with him uh. He kind of like brought the the like the topic to me. Like yo there’s like a a gym in town, it was called usm mma and at the time jorge rivera um was uh a coach there. So i was like all right cool. I was like in my summer going into my uh senior year and i was like oh okay, cool. It was like a month before school started and i was like i’m gon na check it out and see how it is, and i end up really liking it. But i like stopped because i have like my soccer season coming up and soccer is like my first. You know my first love and everything, and i was like i can’t be fighting in the gym and then get hurt and then not be able to play in my like last high school season, so i took a break from it. Um from the whole, like fighting thing, then and then started back up after after um, i was in my high school and uh started up a dragon lair with. Actually, when my boys got here now with uh anthony corado, we started there and then, after that it was. It was a wrap and kept doing that for a while um with mario ramos a dragon there, and that’s where i got like my my base, my foundation in for sure um yeah. That’S how it really got started joe. How did you get? How did you get introduced to dragon lair? Was it just following uh, you know, is it just the closest gym to you? Was it uh people that you knew? How did you end up at dragonfly, uh yeah? Also felipe got his um, his blue bell in jiu jitsu there at dragon, mario ramos. I got introduced to it because i i wrestled in high school, i absolutely loved wrestling. I actually wrestled with the uh friend from face hanging out with tonight and um yeah. I felt like it gave me a base and then i knew felipe trained so years ago. He brought me through. I knew i loved it. I loved the energy, i knew i was passionate about it. Sometimes it’s a little bit um, costly and um. I fell away from it and then i continued to roll and just retro and the minute i got an opportunity to go back with felipe and begin training again i i jumped on it. I think it would help um everything i do with mma and i just think if people can do a martial art that they should, if you can, if there’s a possibility that you can train a martial art, i think it just helps with discipline and commitment and Learning about yourself, so that’s pretty much how i got into it. It’S a big thanks to felipe one of the uh one of the things you said there that that stood out to me was was you you had that wrestling base? I guess this. This question kind of goes to both of you when you first jumped into it. What was the hardest part to learn? I mean i’ve heard guys who have wrestled say like learning. Jiu jitsu was the hardest part because, rather than pushing guys away from you you’re doing the opposite. So i guess the question is: what was the hardest element to to adapt? Um me i mean i was speaking for me. I didn’t have any like background anymore, like any martial art going into it. Um, i know like wrestling is like the best thing to have going into mma, because you know you get to dictate whether are we standing up or are we going to the ground? But when i started it was just i didn’t know anything so um. I guess the biggest thing for me was just like the the world of stand up getting into it like not closing your eyes, all the time, not being so like, like hesitant, you know, standing up and everything i feel like the jiu jitsu was a little bit More comfortable because you weren’t getting like fists thrown at your face, it was more like technique and like if you’re about to you know if you’re about to get caught in something you can tap out. It’S not as like intense, but the striking for me was like something i really had to like break out of my shell of doing like the wrong things. You know what i mean just because it was so like you know. The newest thing was punches, getting thrown in your face. I’Ve never really had that, and you know jiu-jitsu you have to worry about. You know that that aspect of it yeah i’d, say the same thing: defending against strikes, um sparring with people like felipe and um, the sensei son, michael ramos, who throw these wild teeps, and these crazy kicks at your head and just making sure that i have my Eyes open in my hands up, because if one of those connects whether they’re going light or not you’re not going to like the way, it feels so definitely that being a natural wrestler. I just want to grab you and that’s just not always the case with these. With these quick guys, who have like felipe actual professional experience hopping in the cage and taking a real fight, i want to i want to touch on that point i mean unlike joe, and i you you actually had the courage to go out there and compete. So i want to start talking about the nerves around that first amateur fight you had, i mean how, when did you start like how early into your career was it that you took that first fight? I i think that fight was 2012 um and i honestly think i was only training. I think i started training in seriously. I think it was only like two years of like intense training and then i started talking to my coach. I was doing good in the gym i was like yo. I think i can. I think i can hang with these people and my coach is like uh, so you want to fight. I was like, oh, like i’m, not too sure. Let’S just keep on doing the training and then i’ll see he’s like no. No, no. The training we’re doing now is different from the training that we’re gon na go through if you’re gon na set up for a fight. So you can’t really gauge it off what we’re doing right now and me, i’m pretty like uh spontaneous person like i’ll. Just do something without really thinking about it, so i was like ah yeah [, __ ] it. Let’S uh, let’s get a fight, let’s do it and um and yeah. He set up my first amateur fight at 170 because uh in massachusetts, you need one amateur fight before you can elicit pros and uh mar. My coach mario, has a thing about um amateurs and people that, like to uh kind of um, take advantage of the amateur scene and be amateur kings as he likes to put it like people in, like the amateurs going like 20 and like three on amateurs. It’S like what are you, what are you doing like you did it already like get out of that, so i was like all right, yeah cool. Let me uh, let me just do one amateur fight and then just start the pros just to like not get uh babied by, like you know the the less intense division. So i want to uh. I want to talk about that. First, pro fight – now i mean was it: it was two years yeah a little, almost almost two and a half years later, yeah yeah, you get your first pro fight and it’s bellator like what was the feeling like when you’re like, oh, my god, i’m fighting for For one of, if not the second biggest organization in all of mma yeah, so the second fight was in in 2014 and and yeah, it was pretty. It was a short notice. Too ma my sensei was like hey. We have an opportunity for you. We know you’ve been, you know, training um, because i had a fight lined up and it got cancelled. So i was already kind of like in like a good like flow of training and then all of a sudden he just comes up to me – he’s like hey. So i have an opportunity: bellator only thing is, is it’s in a month and a half and i was training consistently, but my weight wasn’t there. I think i was around like 178 or or something around there and i had to fight at 1 45. So i had a month and a half to cut that weight and uh yeah. It was pretty pretty intense as uh as someone who kind of i’d say jumped into it um. You know both with the short notice pro fight and uh jumped into it. Only a couple years, uh into an amateur yeah uh in an amateur fight. What what kind of message you would have to someone who’s, starting a do you think, take your time, do it right or do you think you know what jumping in there and testing it is the right way to do it? I think honestly, it depends. I mean from a like uh, like a sane person’s point of view, like yeah take your time, you know, get get comfortable in the gym, get all your techniques uh, like all your ducks in a row. Basically, before you really take that step, but also i don’t know you could be the type of person where you just need to get your feet wet first to find out, you know if you can swim or not. You know i mean so that’s the type of [ __ ] like i just want to jump and figure out how i can handle the obstacles. You know what i mean um yeah yeah. I definitely had those nerves i was like. I don’t think i’m ready. I don’t think i’m ready yet, and i just got tired of being like. I don’t think i’m ready like [ __ ] it. Let’S go, let’s go see. If i’m ready, let’s go just, do it just get, let’s get our feet. Wet yeah felipe always uses that that term when it comes to to doing a lot of things, we do it’s just um. You just got ta jump in the water and just be sure that you’re not gon na drown but um everybody. You know, start slow and it’s better to start taking the licks now or start that hard process of getting used to things now by just jumping in and um yeah felipe. It’S just it’s crazy that you know you had an amateur fight and, and you lost the fight and then your next fight was um. You know you’re making weight and you’re shaking scott coker’s hand for repellatory and uh. Why don’t you tell us felipe i’ll? Let you do this, i mean. I know you were very close. How did how did that fight go in bellator? What happened? Tell us what happened all right so pete, pete rogers was his name um, leading up to the fight like dewayne’s. Like you know, you kind of see your opponent like doing like the the screenings and going through all their medicals. You see like everyone backstage it’s not like the first time i’m seeing them is in the ring. You know i mean we’re in the same line like for the medical [ __ ] whatever and homie was like pretty humble. He was like hey. What’S up like being, he wasn’t, like you know, mean mugging like [, __ ], you up did it. So i was like all right cool he’s, a nice kid that i mean he’s not he’s not someone like trying to be super disrespectful, trying to like get everything at any any um by any means necessary. So when the fight started, i’m super humble, like i one of my like my my my favorite fighter is anderson silva. You know how he’s super like respectful, like val, like i’m, not here, to like make a scene, i’m just here to like display my art. So that’s why i went into it. So as soon as we touch gloves, i go in there, you know hey my hands up, you see me um, put my hands up like hey, let’s touch gloves and usually when people touch gloves, they do a little hand touch and they kind of like circle around Real quick and like they get into it, but today that time wasn’t the case. Um we touched gloves and as soon as like, before our hands even like separated, he came up with a head kick and just like shook my whole thing up, and it was funny because, like when i was in there, i touched gloves and i got hit, and I was like damn already like fights just happen that quickly, like you know what i mean, because i don’t my nerves are crazy, so i was like super nervous to like you know, get into the belts or fight, especially on this main stage, but yeah touch gloves Hit me with a head: kick dropped me. I tried to fight it off, but then took some ground and pound and uh lights went out after that. Unfortunately, it’s a rough way to go, especially uh. You know in your pro day view i don’t. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but you know you go on there, it’s big stage, you’re being humble yeah and you take that shot. Um yeah, i would have rather got beat up for three rounds and, like you know i mean i would have got. My ass beat then lose like that, like like i’m, not like a huge like wins and losses type person like i do it for fun. Like i do this, because i think it’s super fun like it’s just like you know, playing soccer, you know playing one-on-one basketball, it’s just something while i’m doing it, i’m having fun doing it. So i’m not. I don’t get too anal about like damn my record. This and that, like i just want to go out, there have fun, you know, take some hits, throw some hits and just you know, have a good scrap, but unfortunately i didn’t get to do that. I want to uh. I do want to touch on that. It is like you said you do it for fun. It’S been, it’s been six years uh since you took a pro pro bow is, is it a dream to eventually return to and and make another fight, or is it just? You know what i’m in the gym? I’M enjoying this right now, what is the ultimate goal in the sport um so that that, like changes daily like in my head i’ll, have like different opinions like oh? No, i just want to. I just want to train and just be like you know, someone who’s well-rounded, maybe help out some sparring partners here and there, but at the same time i’m like i don’t know, i’ve had two fights and three is a cool like benchmark number of like if i’m Gon na stop, when you stop after three, you know third time’s, the charm type [ __ ]. So i don’t know i’ve been playing around with the idea of uh 2021, like late 2021, getting back in there um and that’s and, like i said, i’m spontaneous so one day i might be like nah, i’m not with it next day, i’m like [ __ ]. It sign this contract and i’m in there, so it’s definitely not out of possibilities. Um hoping this whole culver thing gets, you know regulated and we get to like train consistently and i get to be in the gym consistently and really get my um techniques all sharpened. Up, i mean it’s definitely in there for 2021. It’S a possibility for sure. I want to ask a couple questions related dragon, lair, uh and then, and then we’ll just do some off the cuff uh talk talk about soccer talk about whatever comes up um, so dragon layer mma, i mean for a lot of people uh. I guess a lot of people are familiar with the uh new england mma scene. First thing that comes to mind is lausanne or rda for people who aren’t familiar with uh dragon lair, who are some of the prospects that they can keep an eye out for and uh. I guess: what’s the secret there, what’s what’s what’s what’s hidden, um, that we don’t know about um, so at least back in the day we had. I don’t know if you know what uh saul almeida, he was like number one featherweight out here and um. He was really like the the face of the dragon there, at least back then um, like i said, i was away for like a couple years and i just started coming back in so like the faces i see in there now they’re pretty new, but uh the People i do know as uh uh mike michael ramos there and um carlos pereira they’ve had a few fights uh patrick ferrari, um those three names. Those are the guys. I would really really look out for they’re really trying to like um make big steps and getting next fights. You know i mean they’re really putting hard work in the gym and those are the guys that are really gon na. You know be making moves next year. Yeah, hopefully see them in ces or, like we’ve, talked about sergio premier, fc or or um one of those organizations in the future, hopefully yeah, no they’ll, definitely next year, they’re definitely gon na be making some big moves, especially you know once we get over this whole, Like lockdown phase and all that [ __ ], so we’re definitely gon na be doing that with them. There’S a there’s, a good scene. There, too, i mean, i think, new england right now is booming uh with uh, especially right now with the new england cartel uh. I think a lot of odds are on what can come out of new england. I think that will open the doors for a lot of these amateurs who are trying to get fights or guys who are trying to make pro debuts. So hopefully, things open up and it does look like ces mma is putting out quite a few events. So this it is quite possible. Some of these guys could get uh could get a shot. Um ask about it right on that i’d say one of the best secrets or things that goes on in dragon lair. Is it’s a bunch of people that also train at other places and and do that they they go around the new england scene and they train with other other sparring partners, but mainly it’s a it’s such a close tight-knit family that i think that really helps a Lot of the sessions and a lot of a lot of the fighters, um share tips and tricks. There’S uh, there’s there’s a high level of competition, but your main focus is to just help your partner. You know, i think, that’s one of the main secrets is, as you hear it, a lot you see with rob font and you see with caterer, but when things are tight and close-knit and there’s that small circle, then you really through that iron sharp enough sharpened iron. I think that being that being said, i mean you’ve worked with guys like like danny chavez. How did you, how did you end up meeting danny? I mean i loved danny pavez. I had a. I talked to him right before his his fight, his debut, which he won, uh very impressive for it right before it yeah like two or three days before. Oh that’s, what’s up yeah, so um, 20, uh, 20, 20, 2015., um, okay, so 2014! I had my fight. Got knocked out um, a month later i was playing soccer. I tore my acl, my meniscus um, and that put me out for another. Like eight months i was gone and then, after after i recovered from my tornado meniscus, i was like uh, i’m gon na. Take a break um, and i was in a point in my life, where i wanted to move out um and i ended up moving to miami, and i was in miami for four years, and i didn’t want to just let you know just like all right. Mma was in the past, you know, i mean like this is a new life like it’s like, i said, soccer and mma now, like the two things you’ll see me doing forever. So when i got out there, i was looking for you know gyms to to kind of keep my keep. My uh keep my hobby alive whatever, and i end up going to this uh, a fight club uh. It’S like a chain called fight club and it’s like a huge gym out there and it’s it’s like it’s not like a mma gym. It’S like a regular type gym, but they also offer mma classes and danny works there and he was like uh an instructor there. So while i was going there with my roommate, i ended up becoming like friends with him and i was like. Oh are you still like? I did this. I did that you said. Oh man, you should you know you come in and like train, so he ended up being my like uh, my like impromptu, like coach out there. So every time um his class would be over. I’D, come in and work with him and do some pads. Do some sparring with some guys he was uh having um, he was getting ready for fights. So that’s how me and him uh developed a connection out there like. I was really, you know really just trying to keep my my uh, my blade sharp, and he was you know we took like into each other and we just became friends and kept putting in the work out. There he’s an awesome guy. I think he he’s just recovering from covet. He caught the uh. He caught the bug a little while ago. He got the vid yeah, he got it yeah, so he’s just recovering from it. So i hopefully he can fight here shortly i mean i, i he had a very, very good fight over here, yeah yeah, no, i was uh. You should have seen me like. I was watching him fight and it felt so like surreal watching someone like i chilled in their crib with you know, it means they’re showing it means now he’s fighting ufc, i’m sitting there like. That’S really him like he’s really there on tv like fighting right now. This is crazy. Like i’ve been filming this guy, i went out to eat with him had drinks with him. You know it’s crazy. It does feel extra special when stuff like that happens, yeah it’s surreal. Almost it’s like, i can’t believe he’s on the tv screen. I want to talk about uh soccer, i mean obviously being spanish. You know i’ve got. That was my first love too uh. You know obviously kind of shifted to mma, but soccer will always have a special place in my heart um. So, who do you support uh club wise? I mean i’m, i’m not like a super uh like this is definitely my club, but if i had to pick one which i love is barcelona, i just love yeah yeah barcelona all day. I love their style of play and everything here i mean it. It complements the uh, the brazilian. You know style play a lot, a lot of tiki taka. A lot of you know: jogger bonita type stuff. You know i mean so yeah, that’s that’s the team. I uh i go for, but i’m more of like a player-centric person like i’ll, follow a player that i like and obviously mean being brazilian neymar is the you know the homie, so i’ve been following a lot of psg lately, so that’s mostly it yeah yeah. I’M a doc, i’m a die-hard barista fan too um, yeah i’ve been being from spain. I i had to pick you had a pig for you know. Based on my the time i was alive. I picked the right team, thank god, but uh yeah, messi and neymar and suarez when the three of them were together. It was oh yeah that was beautiful, but uh because of felipe’s soccer background. He has some devastating leg: cakes, oh yeah, yeah. That helps me yeah, especially like my whole, like um. What’S it called like my coordination like uh, i’m a lefty, you know what i mean so my front leg. Kick my switch. Kick is my most dominant kick like. You would think. Like people have like the back, you know the back like uh. The back kick would usually be like their most. You know comfortable kick, but mine is definitely my uh. My switch kick because i’m orthodox, but i’m lefty it’s good to have something like that, though something that sets you apart. It makes you unforgettable and makes it uh makes it confusing for the person you spar, yeah yeah. I i have to ask before before we end. This is how good is joe. How good is joe joe, was uh surprising, like i didn’t, expect him to be as good as he was just because of you know when you’re new, you know you’re going to make new new people mistakes, but, like he’s he’s really he’s better than than i expected Honestly he’s better than i expected and yeah i mean, like i said, hit with his uh wrestling in there. It definitely definitely adds like another level of experience with him, and i’ve been working a lot with him on tightening up his stand up and uh yeah he’s been out with it. He hasn’t been scared to. You know do anything that i’ve told him to do or, like you know, pointers i’ve tried to tell him to do he’s like yep, i’m doing it like [ __ ] it you know i mean so it’s definitely definitely good. It’S looking good. It’S looking good. All right man, yeah all right, go, go ahead, joe, oh i’m just gon na, say: um hell, yeah he’s been a a great help, like i i felipe says with himself that he’s always focusing on trying to hone in his skills, and i’m not sure. If i can really show you this man, because i’m trying to perfect this myself and it’s not, but i can see him training, not just kids one day but adults on how to defend themselves and how to do things he’s got a natural knack for it. I also think it’s real funny to bring to life before we go that in felipe’s amateur fight in his first fight ever he actually had to sell ticket to get commission so like the tickets he sold is the money he made off of the fight yeah. I don’t need the money i made yeah yeah. I just think that’s a cool little, a little thing for uh fighters. If you’re ever thinking about um, you know coming up in the amateur scene that there’s just so many things you don’t get paid to fill up. You get paid off your ticket sales and that’s it that’s how the inventory i spoke with a uh. I spoke with a guy yesterday, um he um, so he owns a software company and he provided a free pay-per-view service in order to fight on the card. He did he didn’t make any money like that is how he he was like. You know what, if you guys use my service, i will fight for you. So it’s it’s, and that was a pro card like it just shows until you reach like a ufc or a bellator, there’s not much money in it and uh it uh. It really takes a lot of path, then, to really make it as a as a fighter. Oh yeah, like like anything like you, never you never start at the top of anything. You got. Ta grind your way. Whatever you choose to do, you got ta come from the top from the bottom to the top. You know i mean like you’re gon na. Do the shitty stuff, the [ __ ] work at first, you know it’s just and uh we’re from we’re from a small town, we’re from like a small town where, like not a lot of people, do things like uh make the walk to cages with tupac planes Right, you know what i mean, i think for for him to do that for felipe to do that. I’Ve always uh kind of held it up there on out of high regards yeah. For sure i appreciate him. I appreciate it. Scary, like i was telling joe like um, i don’t want you to think like. I want people to think like oh yeah, this is normal, like oh yeah, i’m just walking into a cage about to. You know fight another human being about to get locked like nah. This [ __ ] is it’s just crazy for me too, like i’m, not there like waking up like yeah. I just got a fight today. No i’m like yo, i’m gon na be locked in a cage with another person. That’S been trying to like train to [ __ ] me up, you mean, and likewise the other way. So it’s like the nerves are always there. It’S never like a normal thing. You know i mean it’s. Never like oh yeah just got ta. Do this, i’m hoping it’ll be a normal thing. If you, you know, if you get to like vanilla silva status like oh yeah just another day in the office, but as of right now like nah, it’s still, it’s still like nerve-wracking, it’s so crazy to even think about which is like leads to the whole. Like i don’t know, if i’m gon na go back yet because if you think like, if i think too much about it, i’m gon na be like yo you’re crazy, like what are you doing like. So i like to just pull the trigger on things and just like sign the contract and like well, you got to do it now. It really is like that. I mean you even hear it at the highest level when uh tony irwin and justin gaichey agreed with tony. He was like. I am scared like how can you not be like like how could you not be like it’s not yeah, there’s, no, especially at that level like you’re? Not it’s not like. You know when boxers they’re, like um they’re, trying to get like there’s an up and coming box right and he’s doing well. They’Ll give him like sandbag fights so like all right. This, like you’re, going to get 10 wins easy. Like you, don’t even got to worry. You know i mean they’ll like the matchmaking and boxing when you’re coming up is so like skewed. In that sense, it’s all like political, because they’ll like fluff your record, like oh yeah, he’s 20, you know, but he beat 20 people that didn’t even know. They’Re gon na fight that day, you know what i mean. It’S like it’s very, very, very cloudy in that aspect, but i feel like in mma like it the the level the playing field is much more level like you’re, getting guys that you know they’re, obviously putting like record like similar records together, but every everybody in there Is like ready to bang ready to do some work and um and there’s lots more ways to get [ __ ] up too it’s not just hands like boxers exactly, and you mean just because someone’s, oh and oh, doesn’t mean they aren’t a uh. You know ten time, yeah people don’t like right or some karate world champion yeah you’re right, yeah, exactly exactly yeah in boxing. They don’t have that aspect. It’S like if you’re, oh, no unboxing, it’s like well. All you have is boxing to bring so you know i mean, there’s not much to be worried about or whatever, but i mean this guy’s, oh no, it’s like all right. Well, just i got it, you mean it doesn’t make me feel any more comfortable. It just means i have less to like know about them, yeah for sure yeah and on the boxing aspect of it too. While i was out in miami, i did uh. I did a year of just straight boxing just straight boxing, just to get my hands up together. Um – and this is this – is kid uh xander zayas he’s making a big scene right now he’s a uh youngest signee to top rank um he’s undefeated right now, too. Um but yeah, so i went out to miami, got my boxing hands right and just trying to help incorporate that into the mma world man. I i really appreciate we’ll have to do this again, sometime man, this was this was fun and it uh. I can’t believe it’s already been half an hour like it feels like it was like yeah yeah, but i i appreciate you jumping on man and thanks again joe for for helping out um. Yes, sir, it made things a lot easier um when uh. You know that there is some background there. You guys have known each other and uh. I appreciate it we’ll do this again um and maybe we’ll do an entire dragon layer and i’ll get the entire team on and yeah i’m uh. Once we um get back in there or even before, i’m gon na tell them like yo. We should uh. You know, link up, you know, get connected and everything all right. Man is there a last. I guess the last thing uh before we go. Is there any uh? How can people follow you and follow your stuff and um? Is there anyone you want to shout out before we uh before we close this out um? Well, everything from me is pmbrz on instagram, twitter snapchat. Everything is pmbrz and uh nah. No shout outs, [ __, ], everyone all right! There you have it um man, we uh, we’ll see you guys next time for uh quarantine cast episode. 117. We’Ve got a big one coming up next, so see you guys later. Alright sounds good man. Thank you.

Sergio Pineiro

Sergio Pineiro is the Founder of FighterPath.com and host of the Quarantinecast podcast. Based in Canada he is both a sports journalist and MMA enthusiast. He practices the sport but has a passion for the individual stories of training, fighting and living the fighting lifestyle.

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