UFC 255 Pros Picks: Figueiredo vs Perez

MMA Fighters give their predictions for the upcoming main event title fight taking place at the #UFCApex on November 21.

Deiveson Figueiredo vs Alex Perez

Sasha Palatnikov – 00:00:05
Jared Vanderaa – 00:00:29
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Um, if i’m a betting man, i’m putting it on figgy, i mean that boy got power uh, but don’t get me wrong. Perez is a very talented fighter as well. He can bring it but uh. I got figgy. I think he’s gon na defend that belt um. He looked incredible against joseph benavidez in both fights and he’s uh he’s a dangerous, dangerous fighter and um he’s got some serious power for 125 pounds, so i think he’ll get that w yeah. At the end of the night uh i used to do uh, conditioning with him out um out in huntington uh with cory, belichie’s and stuff, like that, so i met alex cheeto and all that so i just i got ta put my support on alex. You know uh and i believe i from what i’ve gathered from talking to chito analyst. They wrestle hawaii and they do uh have high levels of jiu jitsu there. So that’s my assumption, uh, but i mean i believe that alex has been a wrecking ball in the flyweight division. So i’m i just you know i hope the best for alex man. I, like alex prez a lot. I think he’s got solid boxing. I think he has a solid low kick game. I think he moves very well very good striker. I haven’t really seen much of his grappling here. I can’t really remember. Um davidson is very good as well a striking i feel, but i don’t really even think, especially that he’s good he’s just such an athletic presence that if he touches you he can seriously hurt you. So i mean i don’t feel like i’ve seen enough of figuero to be to like predict a knockout or see like how he’s gon na like to see him a little more. But if i were to go with anyone, i’d go with my guy alex perez for sure and i’m just hoping that they both bring a high level game. So we are all entertained. You know the horses when you get too high level, guys that are afraid of each other and they’re not willing to put their to risk it to to win the fight. And then you end up with two guys that stalk each other for five rounds. Not two guys have beat the [ __ ] out of each other for five rounds, so i just want to see a high level fight and an enjoyable fight at that. I still think figueroa is gon na win that i mean um other buddy. I forgot his name, he sees he’s. I watched him fight, he’s a top dog and he’s climbing up in the ranks, but i think figure out he’s like he found. He found himself like he’s he’s honed in and i don’t think he want to give that belt up anytime soon, so i’m going to watch it, but i i think, he’s still going to walk away with that fight. What’S up guys, ufc featherweight jacob kilburn here pulling for davison figuerado coming up he’s got better skills, uh right now, just like it’s his time. The momentum’s on his way, uh he’s had some good wins and he’s uh he’s got cool hair uh, another biased one. I got ta be biased. I got ta go with my contender series mate alex perez. We won a contender series together same episode, uh he was the other person. I got got the contract um, i’m going with him. I think figure is disgusting. You’Re right he’s nasty, uh he’s an explosive fighter and one thing about explosive fighters. They have a gas tank issue, it’s just it is what it is, and i think that um perez is gon na pick that up, i think perez is gon na outsmart him. Probably let him leap into his punches and hope, and you know just catch him on a double leg or a single or some sort of buyer lock. As he’s coming in and just let him tire himself out and then i could see him end up closing it out with like a rain, they could choke or something like that, but i think he is going to gas figure her out. I think that’s his game plan. It should be anyways, just try to stay safe and do that, but that dude figure out he got the aoe damage man. He cracks man he cracks, but i’m gon na go with perez. I’M gon na piss, like late finish, if he do get a finish late business, if not, he wins by the cards. You

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