Bellator 261 Fighter Pre-Fight Interview: Soren “The True Viking” Bak Plans on Making a Statement

PC: Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors

FighterPath had the pleasure of Soren Bak sitting down with us and talking about his comeback fight after an injury layoff and COVID-19 delaying his return. He goes up against Bobby Lee at Bellator 261 this Friday, June 25th, Mohegan Sun Arena.

KV: Hey Soren, Welcome to the US. We are at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut. So you’re prepared to make your North American debut; how do you feel?

SB: It feels fantastic! Arriving here, everything I see is so big. It is pretty different from a place like Denmark. Different from the venues in England where I made my name.

KV: Your last fight you fought was in England, right? Have you ever returned there, or no luck whatsoever?

SB: Nah. So my last fight that was in England, I had sustained a knee injury. So with that, I’d been out of practice and focused on healing up. During that time, COVID-19 hit us all. I haven’t even left the country since my last fight in London with all that said and done.

KV: That being said, Your fight in London was almost TWO years ago. How do you feel with the two-year layoff from MMA and COVID-19 hitting at the same time?

SB: Believe it or not, my initial thought was: “This fits perfectly!” I know it’s not an ideal thing to say, with how dangerous the pandemic was. My thought process was like this. I was injured and unable to train, and other athletes couldn’t train or work out due to the pandemic. So we were initially in the same boat. I always take notes and observe my opponent, watch my weight cut for my fights. How am I emotionally and mentally? These are things I consider. Especially being away from home turf, in a new environment, and also have no fans to show support.

KV: Has COVID effected you directly or people around you?

SB: Nah, so I haven’t been hit. A couple of family members had it, but it wasn’t serious. The most considerable impact COVID has had on me was to mitigate the instructions given by the Denmark government. We had to train outside every day! Finally, here in the US, I get to enjoy the nice summer weather here. It’s perfect here.

KV: Alright. So you’re coming back after two years. What’s your plan for the future? You’re essentially given a fresh start in your MMA career. While you were sidelined and recovering, no one else could get the jump on you while you were mending from your injuries. What are your plans for 2021? Will a statement be made?

SB: There you go, even you said it. My goal IS to make a statement. I didnt bring my axe here to the U.S. for nothing, haha! Made sure it cleared past U.S. Customs & Borders too! I’m gonna leave my mark on Friday, and it will be with my axe.

KV: Well, well. Seems like a good way to wrap! Any quick shoutouts to fans or family back home?

SB: Hey everybody, back home! I will be live on Youtube around Midnight Danish time. I hope you guys follow, watch, and show your support as I bring one back for the home country!

Kevin Varghese

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