Bellator 261 Fighter Pre-Fight Interview: Myles “Fury” Jury Looking Forward to Staying Active in 2021

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FighterPath had the pleasure of speaking with #4 ranked Bellator Lightweight Myles Jury to discuss his upcoming fight with Sidney Outlaw at Bellator 261.

KV: I am joined by Myles “Fury” Jury. He is fighting at Bellator 261 here at the Mohegan Sun here in Connecticut. How are we doing today?

MJ: I’m doing good.

KV: You’re coming off two wins after losing to Benson Henderson. I look at this fight as one to determine who gets to go on that Championship run. What do you think of this fight so far? Do you think it’s one to determine who’s on path to the title?

MJ: That is one way to look at it, for sure. Two top 5 guys in the division going at it.

KV: Coming off your win against Georgi. Some people saw it that way, some people didn’t. What was your thoughts on that?

MJ: I thought I did great. Georgi is a tough opponent. I felt that I for sure one that fight.

KV: Obviously Sidney is a well-known grappler. He hasn’t been as active as you per se. Coming into this fight, what are you looking to showcase?

MJ: I trained hard for this one, and came in well prepared. I am looking to showcase my skills like I always do. I am great on the feet and I am great on the ground. I want to get in my zone and rhythm while I am out there and do what I do. This is what I was born to do so I’m looking to go out there and do my best honestly.

KV: You were lucky enough to get a return fight at Bellator 243. A lot of the fighters I have spoken with today haven’t been able to compete in two years. How do you feel that one fight extra is going to help you in your 2021 season?

MJ: Being active is definitely a good thing in this game. Sometimes the time off can affect you. I am looking forward to staying active and I’m grateful for the opportunity man. Where I’m at in my career and life and I get to make some money competing.

KV: On a non-MMA note, you have a YouTube channel. How has it been going?

MJ: It’s been going well man. It’s been going good.

KV: You’ve been breaking down what it’s like to live in the life of a fighter. What was the inspiration behind that?

MJ: I come from a MMA background. I think being transparent and giving people an inside look on what’s going on in the fight game is cool. You can go on YouTube and type in anything and learn about anything. I thought what a cool way to give an inside look, m perspective and connect with fans.

KV: I agree. As a fan we love to see that side of you. We look forward to seeing your performance against Sidney Outlaw. Good luck with weigh-ins and we’ll see you Saturday night.

MJ: Thank you.

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