Bellator 261 Fighter Pre-Fight Interview: Sidney Outlaw Looking to Get Closer to Belt in 2021

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Ahead of his Bellator 261 fight with Myles Jury, Sidney Outlaw spent some time previewing his upcoming fight, his 2021 aspirations and more.

KV: I am joined by Sidney Outlaw. We are here at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. You flew in from Coconut Creek, how are you doing?

SO: I’m blessed. I really can’t complain.

KV: You’re fighting a guy on a hot streak right now in Myles Jury. You’re coming off a split decision win. When you win via split decision it means one judge didn’t see it your way. What sorts of changes are you looking to make in this fight?

SO: I mean I definately feel like I won all three rounds. However, I should have never got caught. I feel as though [Adam] Piccolotti could possibly be champion. He fight a lot of high quality guys. Me and Myles are two different fighters and we had two different roads. He has a style I am going to capitalize on.

KV: You have a very good record, and you’re only loss in Bellator is to a guy that just fought for the UFC Lightweight title in Michael Chandler.

SO: My losses are weight cut issues. At the end of the day it is me vs me. Look at the quality of my opponents and the titles I have. I’ve been number one for a long time and haven’t gotten credit.

KV: One of the hottest topics is going to be co-promotions. What are your thoughts on representing Bellator?

SO: I am a fighter, I am a competitor, I am a warrior of God so my goal is completely different. If you look at it, Eddie Alvarez won both belts. Michael Chandler has done it as well, but came up short. All credit to ‘Olive Oil’ but Chandler got caught and didn’t respect his power. I think Ray Charles would have caught that [punch].

KV: Speaking of the Chandler fight. When you get caught, is your instinct to take him down given your background in wrestling?

SO: It depends on the position I am in. If I’m in guard and I get caught, I’m going to get on top. If I’m on top and get caught, I’m going to secure position. My trick in the game is to not get caught and win the fight. My mindset heading into the fight is to win and the fruit of my labor will show when I walk out of the cage.

KV: Let’s take a look at your opponent Myles Jury. He lost to Benson Henderson and has rallied with two wins. I feel like you two are in a crossroads where the winner gets closer to the title, and the loser takes a big step back. How do you approach knowing this is on the line?

SO: Not caring. I’m on a mission. That’s for everyone else, numbers and contenders. You can’t have a village full of kings.

KV: The past year or so you haven’t been overly active. Do you look to be more active?

SO: I do, yes. After this fight I hope they open it up as soon as possible. I want to get back overseas.

KV: Lastly, your 2021 plans, what do they look like?

SO: Getting closer to the belt.

Kevin Varghese

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