Ep. #40 – Randy Costa

Randy Costa is a mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC Bantamweight division. Training out of Lauzon MMA, the up and coming prospect is one to watch with all of his victories coming in the first round.


Randy Costa: So how’s the house training been throughout the entire pandemic quarantine. So I was supposed to fight March 28th. The fight got cancelled on March 16th because of like everything else the world got cancelled so my parents have a vacation house in Kissimmee Florida. So when my flight got canceled I said being stuck in the snow or the cold rather and they gave me the keys down the keys the place in Florida. So I went down to Timmy. I was in Kissimmee for up until about two weeks ago so about two months skipper. It’S at six weeks give or take. I got back it. I took a few weeks off because I figure I was in. I was in training camp for you know seven weeks I’ve been seven weeks away cut and I went from a full training camp to a two to a quarantine. So as you can imagine I was eating everything I was huge. I was I was drinking everything I was. I was a booze bag or you know three weeks two and a half weeks just kind of enjoying myself and I guess making up for lost time couldn’t do anything else couldn’t rain. Nothing then I started get back in the swing of things. Start. Stop feeling bad for myself started getting you know started training again. I was training out in Tampa Florida with a Billy or until it was also in the UFC coming off a huge win and we were training at a freak accident. I busted up my hand broke my finger a little bit of ligament damage to my finger so I was oh another two weeks so I’m getting back in training them both three weeks back into training um I’m still up in Florida. I’Ve been training at ATT with a with all those savages over there so I’m getting back in the swing of things and hoping for return sometime mid to late July. I’D be nice. So describe me just like the whirlwind of emotions. Obviously you’re you came off a huge win over Boston Sam and you’re. Looking forward to this next fight you’re two weeks out less than two weeks out it gets canceled I kind of described what all that felt like yeah man. So you know the coronavirus. You know it was such a developing thing. You know it started. It started here like rumblings of it like what December maybe January and then it started slowly slowly picking up now we’re we’re mid-february right. So I’m about four weeks into a training camp. I’M not I’m not killing myself yet I’m training hard but you know the real dieting and the real you know weight drop and has not even came yet during that time. I’M I’m very much in tune with the news I enjoy reading the news I enjoy what I enjoy. You know current events reading what’s going on and I and I see the coronavirus developing and growing immensely and it’s just this brand new thing that no one has any idea about. So I’m talking to my coaches on my guys. You know this is kind of you know it’s kind of a big deal they’re like don’t worry about it focus on the fight focus on the fight. I’M like I am focusing on the fight but I think it’s. I think I think you know it’s very easy to be ignorant to something that we don’t know anything about thankfully that I kind of date a lot of a lot of research a lot of in-depth. I was just reading all day . Every day about the coronavirus and the severity of it so I kind of knew it was coming as soon as you know. As soon as you start the one state of emergency and in insert X state I knew there was no chance. There was gon na be a fight. I [ ] knew it. I was. I knew it so. The fight officially got cancelled on March 16 but unlike March 11 you know Ohio I had just my fight was be in Columbus. Ohio Ohio had declared that a state of emergency the governor in Ohio has has you know this reputation of you know jumping on on things right away so I knew it that he was gon na call it right away maybe not that you have See you know maybe other events all these other things they started canceling my concerts in in Ohio maybe not Columbus for concerts Ohio State started tweeting stuff about you know the fun. You know cancellations and this stuff I knew it was gon na happen. So I I kind of prepared from myself that it was going to happen so it wasn’t. It wasn’t like news to me that there wasn’t a surprise to MIT the flight got canceled. I knew the flight was gon na be cancelled. It was just kind of inevitably went when was the fight getting cancelled. I wish it wasn’t ten days out because I’ve really stuck. You know that I had trained. You know for seven weeks and then died so hard for seven weeks and you know got my ass kicked every day for seven weeks. You know all that could have been avoided. You know I guess it was a good thing. You know I got a lot of skills. I’Ve learned a lot about myself. I trained really hard. I got in excellent shape. I was I was shredded which was always you know. It’S always cool. You know seeing all these transformations but it definitely sucked but it wasn’t like definitely wasn’t a start. You’D be stupid to think it was a surprise that the fights gon na get canceled. This is a this. Is a real real virus people dying out there they’re not gon na like you go out there and compete in front of a crowd of people. If it’s like a liability you know so it wasn’t it sucked but it wasn’t. You know you take the good with the bad. It could have been a blessing in disguise. It couldn’t went out there and got my head kicked in. You know two minutes who knows you know it could be a blessing in disguise yeah. So now here you are I mean everything’s back up and running obviously still no crowds all in the UFC apex potentially fight Island. We really have no idea. What’S going on you said you wanted to get back in there in July is is Martin Day still the opponent that you’re looking at or is it just whoever I’m not looking at any at any opponent? If I’m a fan of the sport – and I don’t know Randy Casa – and I don’t know Martin day – I would like those two guys to fight only because if my only knowledge of those guys were their fighting style you know that that point had fireworks written all Over I go out there I go throw bombs I throw you know I’m looking to fight Martin. Has these fantastic Casey super super exciting he’s extremely talented. It wasn’t gon na be a boring fight. There was no way that was gon na be a boring fight and I’m sure Martin’s answer would be the exact same thing. I don’t have any. I don’t. Even I don’t know that guy you know I wished him well as soon as our flight got canceled. I wish him and his family safe as did he you know I didn’t. I don’t want to fight him per se. It would be cool to you know test my skills against someone like that or someone like that and put on a awesome show for the fans but the fans aren’t there. You know. So if that’s fight yeah if that fight happens great if not [ ] awesome I’m gon na shake his hand. When I see him – and you know we’re gon na get paid to fight each other we’re gon na get paid buddies of it there. I think there are a lot of exciting matchups out there and I think the UFC probably knows that you know they have I’m not gon na go out there and I’m not gon na say that you know I have star potential I have UFC you know you Know Belt contention this dad the other night I’m not gon na be a future star but one thing that’s guaranteed with me is that you’re gon na have an exciting fight so I think the UFC probably recognize it probably knows that they’re gon na they’re gon na Put something someone in front of me where it’s you know it’s someone that’s gon na actually want to fight not someone! That’S gon na want to go to the ground and hug against. You know for 15 minutes and you know just grapple. They got a foot. So I’m gon na go out there against peanuts. You know wants to fight because thank you mistake. I want to go out there. I just wan na throw bombs. I don’t want to go out there and cuddle up this. Do this all this crazy stuff I can but I know people want to see people. People want to see . The limb is being drawn out. Yeah you’re you’re five and one is a pro five first round finishes. So I think that shows a lot about your fighting style which is kind of you know. The first thing I noticed is your training at Lausanne MMA. Yet you all all of your finishes are in the first round with TKO right not they’re not submissions you’re working with one of the best submission specialists in the world. What’S it been like to work with him and and what has he done for your overall game? Man I’ve been him I’ve been with him for nine or 10 years so I’m like that’s why I grew as I definitely grew as a martial artist. What what since I’ve been with him you know when I when I started training with him I had been. You know I’ve been a wrestler I’ve been you know Russell in high school and I’ve been a kickboxer. I did it all before going in his gym. When I went to his gym I kind of put everything together and every single link of jiu-jitsu that I have and that I know and that you know that I practiced as everything is around him. You know. So I definitely attribute every single bit of my success. In MMA directly to him no doubt about it 1 000 % from the way that I conduct myself from the way that you know sportsmanship and respect to the way that I compete it’s directly you know correlated in it’s because of him. If you look at our fighting styles they’re different but they’re not that far apart he’s constantly looking at you know finishes finished and finishing on the ground and I’m constantly confer finishes finish and finishing on the feet. So you could say like I’m you know I’m the Joe Lauzon of stand-up. You know I mean I guess that you could. Even could you know I have like a his fighting style except I prefer to keep it on the feet. I’M I’m constantly attacking consciously going forward constantly throwing big shots constantly. Looking for the knockout he’s constantly going for the takedown constantly you know trying to pass guard and constantly doing damage on the ground. You know our fighting styles are different but very very much similar in the grand scheme of things. You know everything everything I I you know. I owe everything to I’m forever indebted for everything that he’s done for me. What was it like? Training at 18 t? I obviously said it was great amazing experience did you who are some of the people you work with while you were there you mentioned Billy core Intel and what sorts of things and is it nice to kind of get a variety of different training camps yeah? Well the first thing I didn’t train with Billy core until about a TT Billy corn so trains in Tampa at Gracie Tampa South under Matt Royal both fantastic excellent Jim Matt. Rio is a fantastic coach great great great people. Over there Billy corn tells of awesome dude but training HTT I’m still training htc I’m still here in Florida. I’M training with obviously a lot of high level guys constantly in the room with you know ma Marlon and Pedro Munoz and trainer of Ricky Ben Davis and Charles Rosa and all these big-name guys it’s just so nice being around all these. You know everyone has the same goal. You know there’s no ego there. Everyone’S super cool super cool from the second. I walked into the door. I mean obviously I’m in the UFC so you my my worry was that I was gon na go out there and I was gon na. I was gon na go there. There was gon na be a target on my back people. Gon na try to beat Brandi cost up. It wasn’t like that at all. I haven’t super welcomed and super cool. You know I definitely felt like I was. I was welcomed and I felt like I was you know like. I wasn’t intruding on anything. Everyone’S been super [ ] cool and I’m you know I’m super thankful that like I said I am so training out here I’m especially since gyms and Massachusetts can’t open until June 30th at the very earliest so I’ll be here at least until June 30th. What was it like so you mentioned Charles Rosa you mentioned Jill Lausanne. What was it like for you the three of you to compete on that card back home in Boston and what was it like? Getting a victory in front of your home crowd yeah so that that night you know that that we got. That was the first time I ever met Charles Rose. I know I know I’ve known who Charles Rosa was ripped from Massachusetts. Obviously he’s a household name in Massachusetts but I was sharing the card with Kyle walking a kowai train with Joe Lausanne who I trained with Calvin cater was supposed to be fighting that night so but he was in camp for you know two weeks after Mandy Bermuda. She was a very good friend of mine who fought Charles Rosa that night. So all these guys it was it was really [ ] weird you know a lot of guys get in the UFC and and they never get the chance to fight in the Big Show in their hometown. I got the chance to fight it on my home town on my second fight in the UFC. You know a second and we’re now with you know four or five other Boston guys it was a. It was a local show on steroids. You know it was. It was a [ ] fantastic experience to go out there. I get a win. You know like in that fashion. After after coming up a loss in my hometown arena you know getting a first-round knockout and then Joe Lauzon coming. Oh my you know my coach my mentor might the guy. I looked up with the guy who I never even thought. I would fight you know in the same [ ] you know breed the same hair. Is him never mind fighting you know I’m the same Big Show as him. You know on the same night in what could very well be his last fight. Ever it was just. It was a bit you couldn’t have wrote it better. I went out there barely got touched got a first round. Knockout Joe went out there barely got 24-hour TKO it was a [ ] fantastic night for lows and everything yeah. I was incredible. I remember like I was Joe Lauzon fan. My entire life still AM to this day and so when I saw him win I was like. I hope this is it for him. I hope this is it. I hope each and he didn’t make the speech as someone who trains with him. Well what is it you want to see from him as the fighter not as a coach as a fighter i man so I I obviously see firsthand the way that Joe trains all that stuff and Joe hasn’t missed a step. Joe was still training every single day with [ ] savages and and he’s and he’s not only hanging with these guys he’s beating these guys Joe’s. You know I’m training with with the best guys what I would like to see out of him because I have this relationship with him. That’S that’s deeper than just fighting obviously we’re very very closer very friendly. Is that I just want. I would like to see him. It whatever he’s gon na do I’d for him to be happy. If he’s if he’s done and then he’s done if he wants to go then he wants to go who the . Are we to judge? You know he’s he’s done all these great things in MMA in the UFC. If the guy wants to take another fight let the guy take another fight. Why would he be wrong for taking another fight after demolishing someone then he was supposed to lose in his hometown arena? Would that be a good thing to walk away with yeah? Would that be a wrong thing to go forward and fight again ? No let the guy do it. I want Joe to do what Joe what Joe wants to do it. If he’s gon na be happy to take another fight you let’s go do it if not do get a [ ] awesome career yeah I think future hall-of-famer for sure you know he’s done it all one of the winningest fighters in lightweight history But one of the people who have the most performance of the night bonuses incredible fighter all-around and yeah. You know – and you know when you think Joe Lauzon or when you talk about it’s a people Hall of Fame. You know he doesn’t hack there’s not one negative press thing about him whether whether you’re standing across from in a cage whether you know at Wayne’s he’s not shoving people at Wayne’s he’s not talking about his opponents. You know there’s a lot to be learned from a guy like Joe Losey he’s an incredible role model core for the sport. For sure you know it’s his from his he’s got to shake your hand before the fighting that smile at you he’s gon na wish you and your family well and then he’s gon na go out there try to take your head off like that’s All there is to it you know so it’s just it’s so [ ] cool and you know I try to envy that or I try to you don’t replicate that myself and mirror that myself is just there’s he he teak. He can teach a lot of great lessons a lot of young fighters including myself and I think you know he’s just he’s the man yeah your journey is very different than most. You know. Most people especially in a division like bantamweight have 12 13 14 fights you had for when you made your debut. What was it like? Getting the call and did you think it was like too early or were you just like and I’m all-in so I could definitely see why why someone would say that it’s too early if I had gone out there and I got my ass – kicked right away it Would have been too early? I think that I showed that I belong. I went out there at peddanna. I had him hurt with the first punch sight through I had I was in a you could argue that I was more in the first round. I got caught in the second round it is what it is. I got there I just for no I was a unicorn no one was still no one really knows my full potential but I think I showed in that fight and I absolutely showed in the last fight that I do belong. My record I may not have 1012 wins but my talent shows that go up there. I knock people. Oh that’s all there is to it or not. These aren’t accident ponch’s. These aren’t accident kicks. I did this all this stuff isn’t an accident. The way that I fight I know what the I’m doing. I can hang with the best guys again if I had gone out there and I was knocked out right away or I had got submitted right away taking down right away. I would have a different answer that wasn’t the case I put on a good show I was I had. I was winning some of the fight I was putting it on. I was putting it on him. I was hurting him with every single show. You have to remember this is a guy that went three rounds. It’S a beat Magnum Magnum it’d sure pop. I didn’t go three rounds. It was a bean bag of Meshuga. I was just a foreign old guy fighting a guy that was coming off of a fight. Three rounds to be no I showed that I definitely belong when I got that when I got that notice that I was getting it into the UFC it wasn’t like. Oh [ ] I mean you’ve seen you know. This is all an accident. It was like all right it was only a matter of time. The local fights were just a preseason. Now I’m in the real season now it’s time to fight now it’s time to compete. This is this all this stuff wasn’t an accident man I’m here to stay and I showed that with my last fight and my debut yeah absolutely I thought your debut is extremely impressive. Considering the you know the the level of fighter which you were fighting like he said he would just came up with three rounds was a beat and then you steamrolled Boston salmon in really really impressive fashion. So yeah like you said four fights in I think some fighters wishes say: 12 13 14 fights some I guess can be rushed into it. There’S a big card this weekend with a lot of bantamweight talent on it. What are your thoughts on this weekend’s card? Under these fights you’re watching and interested in men hold? The whole card is is stacked from talk this card is it’s probably better than that that first card they brought back from the pandemic. I would definitely 100 % argue that obviously they have the big big ban on my flights at three bantamweight. Three big Benway fights although I’m just looking at the card and that’s the states vs. Cody yeah I’ll Jemaine Stirling versus Cody San Hagen and I think there’s one more big bantamweight fight on that card and in the main event obviously a man wants bantamweight cards to Borbon big man weight fights Oh mal O’Malley and Eddie Weiland in it of course Brian Keller and cody stammered Cody Sam Ryan Keller isn’t a title contention shot but those are two top 10 fighters who talking for huge bandwidth that whole card is stacked from top to Bottom yeah I’m really excited obviously for those been away fights but even the fights that aren’t family fights. That’S what the heart is just banging. What’S your what’s your prediction for the Sterling fight as well as the the Garr Brandt fight okay so I’ll start with the garment bite first so gar Brandt gar bran is a killer 100 %. You cannot deny that I think his kryptonite well. His kryptonite has been. Is that you know he fights a lot with emotion when he fights the motion he gets caught in these bad situations when he fought when he fought TJ he was. He was able to get away with that stuff but you saw her. You know very very you know very clearly when he fought Pedro Munoz. They drum you knows knew exactly what he was doing. He’S gon na stir stir the pot with him get in there and try to brawl brawl with him got caught with a big shot. Cody’S powered fantastic: can you question his chin absolutely in question his chin? I think this fight you’re gon na see a very composed Cody grant. I think I think he probably knows that he can fight emotionally and a son saw is not the talker son saw is not the guy. That’S gon na push you a twin sons was not gon na guy. That’S gon na talk [ ] Cody is extremely extremely crafty. When Kody’s on his game he wins he wins fights very impressively. I think Cody’s gon na pull away with it man I really I’ll have a better either have more of a definitive answer. When I see the weigh-ins but I right now when there’s no bad blood no talking [ ] no nothing I think Cody I think Cody’s a better fighter man. I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think a son saw is gon na be able to close that distance and wrestle him like the way that you know I think a sense I would win. Cody’S wrestling is outstanding Cody’s movement is insane and he packs a huge huge punch. Does a son saw husba have punch and power like that? I don’t know. I’M not sure I can say that I think Cody’s gon na do a lot of dancing. It’S plain that Nick Cody’s got a word inspect yeah I mean I have. I have a son so because of the way Cody’s temper is right it’s hit or miss. If he’s composed I feel like he wins. If he’s not I think it’s done sound pulls away but like he said I mean a son so isn’t one for trash-talking. So it’s it’s hard to predict because I think it really falls on Cody shoulders which code decided to show up a thousand percent. I agree. 1 000 % and Lord what sterling san Hagan I think the winner of this deserves a title shot neck yeah 1000 % no doubt about it. I think I think you could even both of these guys could 100 % get title shots at this point right now and I think this I think they the title yeah yeah the only thing that I think that works against Cody or Cory is that he doesn’t Really have that star power yeah. I think he and it really sucks man because I like what Cory’s about I love everything he’s super [ ] nice and super humble he’s not talking like that doesn’t really sell it. It’S hard to get that. It’S not very often that you see in those kind of guys sell. The new McGregor is doing that but the whole burger the McGregor that got him to where he is. That’S the that’s the you know that’s not what Cory saying he’s doing Cory. San Hagen is man that dude has Talent his he’s so crafting there. He is such a high tech. You he’s reading things like in like in half speed. Like we see all this why are we stop all this fight and stuff and you see and everything in slow motion? It’S fantastic. I think I think Cory’s Hannigan’s gon na get the win. I don’t think words taking San Hagen’s gon na knock sterling out. I don’t think he’s gon na choke him. I think he’s gon na get the win like he beat John linacre. I think he’s gon na move around and just play around them. Sterling has unbelievable wrestling but can sterling hang with someone with that kind of movement that kind of crazy crazy movement? I think so I think San Hagen’s gon na get it done there. I can’t root against that guy. He hasn’t shown me a reason why why I couldn’t pick him sterling I’m sure like a super [ ] cool dude yeah. I think I think he’s just in a tough fight right now yeah. I have Stan tagging winning it but it’s it’s so back and forth and the only thing that really like did it for me was: was that knockout loss? You know I know a lot of people say it’s a fluke but it does show that there’s kink in his armor. So that’s the reason why I went against him. It really hasn’t been anybody. Who’S really tested San Hagan and really like you know she’s good like he was never really in danger in any fight. And what about that? What about that main event Amanda Nunez and Felicia Spencer man come on a man in nuna’s. She wins! That’S what feliz Felicia’s good at jujitsu right yeah she’s got great wrestling. She’S great you know she’s durable she’s got a chance. She showed it against Chris cyborg yeah and a man and Nunez is a animal like she’s she’s I’d. What are those odds? That’S got to be crazy lopsided eyes right yeah. I don’t know what the odds are but I know it’s got to be very much in Amanda Nunez. This fan I mean yeah so I’m very much a person. That’S gon na bet the underdog especially a heavy underdog. Well but this kind of fun you’re not dealing. So if you’re dealing with like 185 pounders or 170 pounders who men who have like crazy knockout power you can sway towards the underdog a little bit a little bit harder when you’re dealing with 100 and when you’re dealing with women. I guess in general who typically don’t pack as deep as deep of a punch it’s tough man yeah. You know you’re not gon na see like this. You know fluke submission you you you you might see a fluke NACO I mean that’s. It’S four ounce gloves: you could knock any one out: Felicia Spencer hasn’t shown crazy knockout power amanda Nunez has and she’s shown incredible. Jitsu Felicia is sown incredible jiu-jitsu and that’s pretty much it right. She’S not like this crazy talented or crazy technical or finesse fighter. She’S. Extremely talented I didn’t mean to let that word slip but she’s not like this crazy finessing and pick apart kind of fighter she’s gon na close it and try to you know body lock you and take you down. I think you have to go with the favorite in this fight. You can’t bet against Amanda newness if she’s fighting cyborg maybe you can bet against her in that kind of fight but not with Felicia Spencer man. I think Felicia Spencer’s in over hit her over her head with this fight. I definitely admire her she’s fantastic she’s eighth one. Only what three or four fights in the UFC she’s fighting for the belt against the champ champ it’s incredible! She’S gon na go out there and she’s gon na try to put on the show man. I can’t root against Nunez. I can’t pick against Nunez she’s shown too much. I picked Nunez against a lot of dudes. I picked Nunez against me dude what the yeah I think Nunez is extremely impressive. Her streak is insane and the fact that she had that rough patch to start a career and really turned it around and became arguably the greatest of all time. Male or female I think it says a lot about yes yeah man. I don’t think I don’t think anyone and I don’t think Felicia Spencer’s gon na be I don’t think Felicia Spencer’s gon na win to win that fight. I mean I that’s a topic so he’s just fencers one of the best 145 one thousand percent. No doubt about that for a minute noon. Is this next level yeah yeah absolutely last question and we’ll make it non MMA related. What sorts of things are you doing now? Oh any TV shows your watch in any video games. You’Re playing. What do you do? What have you been doing to keep your mind occupied outside of like you said drinking and and eating you know it’s funny. Man is that I make it sound like I’m this big this big booze bag right but you get people what I’m doing like and what I’m doing interviews and stuff like this is different when I’m typically doing interviews it’s typically what I mean when I’m coming up On a flight and I’m in my cab yeah let it be known that when I’m at home in the state of Massachusetts I will not have a sip about quality. Only time I drink is right after a fight and I had a seven week fight camp. So it’s me I had a point but I haven’t. I haven’t drank since a long time I mean like since yeah the initial first three weeks. You know post fight got cancellation um yeah I mean I don’t play video games. I don’t ever watch TV the extent of my TV watch a man is you know I like watching cool documentaries. I just watched that cool that Jeffrey Epstein documentary that was pretty cool in Netflix but I’m not one of these guys that sits down the place. You know computer games or video games and stuff like that. I’M extremely active I’m always always always working out something running swimming [ ] any anything that to get me on my feet: um yeah man that that Epstein doc was pretty [ ] cool. If you haven’t seen that I highly highly recommend it it was very very informative very [ ] cool and very very sketchy that dude is close. Yeah yeah I have been wanting to watch it. I’Ve read a lot about them and have listened to people like Joe Rogan talked about him and stuff like that but never really dug into it. And what’s my knowledge of Epstein was not that depth prior to the watching this documentary man this document it was an extreme extreme iOpener. I always knew he was like the Skagit character for man this. This doc breaks everything like extreme like unreal. If you do watch it state don’t don’t watch the first episode and let that be the deciding factor. I fell asleep in this. In the second episode it was extremely [ ] boring but as they get on like the third and fourth episode it gets schedule starts to get like really spicy it’s all up to date and it’s a chronological order. So if you’re talking about you know Epstein didn’t kill myself all that stuff. It shows you why that you think that Epstein did not kill himself. It’S really really cool. It’S super super informative yeah. I got it. I got ta check that one out I’ve been watching a lot of like Tiger King and all this other nonsense. So you see [ ] uh the judge ordered bat or the Carroll Baskin stick to have full ownership of Joe exotics ooh. No I didn’t see that dude the other day yeah Carroll Baskin has the rights to Joe exotic zooms kicking out. What was that other dude named that the other as the other psycho yeah yeah kickin Geoff Geoff Laura keep making him get out and it was like 60 days or something and then she has full ownership of Joe exotic zoo. Oh my god. Aren’T they like investigating her soo like I thought they were investigating her? Yes so there was obviously since Tiger King got put out – and everyone started doing this big outrage Tampa Tampa where a Carroll basses thing is they they’re they’re Police Department reopen the case they do. The investigation on on her at killing the husband which it’s so clear that she did yeah. That was a good one to me. That was a real good that Santori. You know this entire brown one. You know it’s um chin joy brown know she was 16 or 13 or young a young girl who was uh. You know pimped out. I guess I got picked up by this dude and then she turned down sex by this by this guy and then she thought this guy was gon na kill him so she reached over and shot him in the back of the head and then ran and she Got put in jail for a long time and then she just got out and it’s that one’s another really up that really twisted awesome awesome one. So I definitely recommend now. I know I have to check that one out as well that one’s a cool one alright man well thank you for the time it was nice talking and looking forward to seeing you back in there hopefully in July once everything’s filled up and hopefully on a fight On fight island that’d be incredible whatever the heck. That is I hope so man put me on an island take away. I know I may go and get trashed after these but after these fights they take away the middle man I’ll just get drunk on the island all right man all the best. Looking forward to it. I promise they say: planet yeah used to

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