UFC 250 Fan Picks: Nunes vs Spencer with Colton Rushton

We breakdown and give our picks for the card top to bottom for UFC 250.

Colton RushtonThere you said no internet connection, then that your video went away. I was like oh shoot, it’s dropping, i think it popped up and they were good all right, man how you looking like, i feel like this is the worst card so far, they’ve put together since the pandemic. Definitely definitely the worst card. Oh yeah. I guess it’s worse than the two of the two pay-per-views this one’s like it’s not even like i mean the featherweight belt, isn’t even real at this point yeah. No, that last pay-per-view event was probably one of the greatest paper duvets i’ve ever seen, lineup wise yeah. I don’t think i i don’t remember the last time the ufc’s put out something like even close to that. That was just ridiculous, but yeah. I know this card, it’s very mediocre. The main part i’m supe, like i’m, super excited about certain fights in the main card, but and even a couple in the prelim, the really prelims for me now or nothing except for gilbert byrne’s little brother. I think just because he’s gilbert burns is brother, though i have a lot of faith in him now, finding that you know the training partners or something uh, but i’m super excited for that. Uh, san hagen fight in the main card, but yeah still be good yeah. Hopefully i mean i don’t know like that: the the prelims are pretty uh subpar early prelims similar, but that means the main event. All right, like, i think the main card and everything is okay. It’S a pretty weak main event. The card itself main card is okay. Uh, i’m still watching it, i’m not paying for it, but i’m watching it exactly. I uh yeah the only things i just find it hard like it’s a good matchup for nunes in the main event, but just hard to keep throwing match-ups at her like she’s, beating everybody, yeah she’s. I find it it’s gon na be hard to take her down from anybody in that division, yeah, but yeah all right. Let’S get started man, so uh start at the bottom um, not it’s hard to predict these fights, because you know some of these guys are up-and-comers. Um off losing skids, i don’t really know a whole lot. I haven’t watched much film on some of these guys, so herbert burns. Evan dunham i have herbert burns just because he had a pretty impressive knockout last time out and evan dunham’s coming off retirement. So it’s! I mean evan dunham could have been training with george st pierre up in the top of a mountain somewhere and could come out looking unbelievable but uh i mean usually when you have a guy coming off a layoff. It’S there’s ring rust and everything, especially that late career kind of retirement, it’s yeah, but definitely gilbert burns little brother on that one and i mean herbert burns like he said i mean he’s gilbert burns little brother, so he’s training with some uh. You know potential world champion so uh, i’m thinking herbert burns on that. Definitely for sure, on that, one, the next one gon na be gon na be hard uh after you said that that manifield guy, so you said, he’s undefeated, undefeated 9-0 all finishes in the first or second round. Only one of those was a submission. All the rest were yeah yeah. It’S gon na be pretty hard to pick against him, so i think i’m gon na lean with him yeah i’m going the same way i mean devin. Clark is good uh, but he tends to be like the standard if you’re good enough to beat him you’re in the ufc, if you’re not you’re out, so i think minifield’s going to take it uh quite convincingly yeah. I could see that going in the first or second round and then this next one’s actually decent uh for a way to end out the early prelims. I think it says a lot about the flyweight division, though, like they’re throwing up ranked flyweight fighters in them to close out the early prelims like these guys could easily be on the main card in terms of ranking, but not name-wise like they’re, not big enough names And i think it says a lot about the flyweight division yeah. It’S like they’re, going from the fly, late, flyweight division, then into all these bantamweight fights yeah, it’s a class showcase. Who do you have for that? One i have for amiga just because i think he’s fought higher level fighters. He he’s coming off a loss, i believe um, but because of the higher level opposition i have. I’M leading him towards him. Alex perez is, is legit, and i think this is going to be the real test for him. I just don’t think he’s cut out there yet, but if he does win he’s in the he’s in title, shot picture, hawking yeah for sure yeah. I think i don’t know enough about either of these guys. So i might have to lean with you and pick for amiga um, but the next one definitely definitely going with bird. I i see him coming back because i think he’s coming off two. I think it’s two straight tko losses and uh. I don’t know, i just see him he’s he’s quite talented and i just see him kind of that lighting a bit of a fire under his ass to get him back into things. So i just see him coming away with this win, no matter what but uh i don’t know a whole bunch about pitolo. All i know about him. All i really know about patello is he has one of the coolest names in the ufc? Coconut bombs is unreal, but uh charles byrd is uh as logistic as they come. I mean he’s coming off like he said two tko losses, but uh his last one was against admin. Shibazian. Yes, as he’s right up there, he could be two three fights away from a title shot so uh charles byrd, on this one for me um, but it’s this is a toss-up. I don’t know much about either one there’s not enough film on either one uh in the ufc birds only had three fights pitolo has had one, so not a whole lot to go with for, for these fights, definitely gon na lean with bird for that one. Next one uh cody stamen and brian kelleher, this one’s this one’s fun uh. They were going back and forth on twitter before so this. This should be exciting uh. Really. What were they saying? Uh? Well, it was before kelleher’s last fight, so kelleher accepted the fight with hunter as her and cody stamen was like. Why are you chickening out? Why are you fighting him like i’ve been calling your name out and he’s like? Let me deal with hunter and then and then i got you uh so a little bit behind this fight. Yeah, it’s a i don’t know it was friendly, but there was a bit of uh back or trash talk, but not not too aggressive, not uh, not conor. Could be well yeah, oh yeah, i really think uh stamen is going to take this. One is uh his ground games really uh, really really good, really good and uh. I just find like defensively, he’s, really really good. I think brian’s gon na have a hard time reaching him, but if he lands like it’s lights out so ah yeah, i think i’m still gon na have to go with stamin on that one for sure yeah. I have stamen as well similar reasons. I just think he’s fought higher level competition than the color it get as impressive. As that knockout was against hunter azer. He wasn’t really uh or he wasn’t ranked. You know he hasn’t beaten the ranked opponent yeah. So that’s it. The only other thing that makes me kind of go back and forth is the loss in cody stamens uh emily, like his brother, passed away last week. So um question is: how does he you know? Does he fight with emotion then, if he does, who knows how that turns out could be a wall, terrace type scenario yeah exactly. I was really rooting for him on that one and then well yeah. I think he’ll either he’ll either have a rough time handling the emotions with that one or he’ll have a isaiah thomas uh basketball players across his sister and then dropped like 51 points, or something like the next day in the playoff game. Yeah didn’t um was the quarterback for green bay packers before aaron rodgers. What’S his name, he lost his dad and then played that night and had like six touchdown passes or something uh. What’S his name, i don’t even remember i i heard of that, though i know. I’M horrible with football but yeah brett favre. I don’t know anything about football either, but yeah that name’s definitely familiar um yeah. So i’m definitely definitely hope hope the best for him. But that’s definitely rough a week before a huge fight like this yeah and then uh ian heinisch gerald meerschart um. That’S! Actually. I think this could be a you know, a fight of the night candidate uh. I think a lot of people are overlooking this as fight of the night uh highness obviously is holding on to that 13th spot. I think in the uh middleweight division, but he’s coming off back-to-back losses. Meter start uh lost a split decision to eric anders your boy sanders is he? Is he ranked meerscha’s not highnishes, who, i don’t think i’ve ever seen, highness fight he’s, so he lost to kevin holland, jack hermansen and thiago santos and eric anders he beat lebron win giles oscar pichota and eric spicely, so he’s four and four in the? U? Oh sorry, six and four in the ufc um. I think he was last five uh win. I don’t know yeah, i don’t. I don’t know who i’m? Who are you picking for that one i’ve been going back and forth, but i think ultimately i picked mir shirt. Um just uh just based on the fact he won his last fight uh, it’s kind of a toss-up um for highnish, because i don’t like guys going on three fight losing skids unless i strongly dislike them yeah. No, i do feel horrible about somebody going three bites in a row. Just uh like cody, coming up cool yeah. All right, i don’t, i don’t know either of them well, but i’m i might go with highnish on that one um, but the next next fight is that’s where i’m really excited. I love anyone that looks like ben askren, sean o’malley love the funky hair yeah. So so i feel like the next six fights are actually gon na be exciting uh. I we know quite a bit about most of them. I think um, so it’s easier for us to like break them down, whereas before it’s like toss-ups, we caught glimpses of them chase hooper is hilarious. He looks like he’s 13. uh. I had no idea he’s the youngest at 20 years old. He was signed at 19.. He was when he when he was signed, he was the youngest fighter to ever fight in the ufc geez yeah he’s watching him on embedded and stuff he’s, like he’s so he’s just so young uh, and i’m assuming that alex kacarese or however, you say his last Name has a good amount, more experience than him. Yeah he’s fought over 20 times in the ufc he’s caught uriah faber, um, 15 and 12.. But i don’t like his ground game that much and i really enjoy cooper’s ground game. I think he’s either gon na either. The experience is gon na, be there and he’s gon na like just stop him from take down the stuff and kind of like pick him apart on the feet or hooper’s just gon na. I think take him to the ground and go to work and just do do what he wants down there, but uh. I i’m hoping for hooper, but, but i just i don’t know if he’s ready for, like the experience yet yeah, i think i think it’s ultimately gon na it’s like youth versus experience, uh. You know similar to that first fight herbert burns and evan dunham and similar to o’malley and weinland, which we’re going to talk about here in a second, it’s a young up-and-comer fighting a veteran. It’S like a real test to see how good he really is so chase. Hooper’S undefeated, but like he said i mean the experience of alex caseras goes a long way uh. Ultimately, i i did go with hooper um. Just because of the fact he’s undefeated um but alex castero’s is a problem like he he’s the guy that stopped sergio perez. As well uh because sergio perez was on a terror when he was, he was young, hungry caceres stopped him and he’s he’s like he’s pretty lanky too. Isn’T he yep yeah he’s lanky uh? He calls himself bruce leroy, which i love, but but uh but yeah. I have chase hooper as well um i i just i don’t see it being finished. I just see he like you know. He beat some two rounds to one and a unanimous decision. Yeah. I could see it going that way. I yeah. I don’t really see him finishing. It might just control him on the ground for a couple rounds, but yeah. The only thing i’m worried about is, if you can’t get it to the ground, then then it’ll be a rough day for him, but i i don’t think he’s gon na have too much of a problem there. All right now we’re gon na kick off the main card. Now it’s when things get fun. Yes, starting off with the sugar show. What do you think of his new hair uh? I think if he loses he’s gon na look like an idiot. Yes, definitely um, but it works for him. If anybody else did it, it wouldn’t like. Imagine if, like ben askren did that or like gsp or one of these guys, oh yeah uh, i can’t see him losing this fight yeah. I think eddie weinland’s gon na be in his face: eddie island’s gon, na fight his style, which is just like a dog fight um and that’s the type of guy that sean o’malley likes to fight because they’ll keep him at range. He’Ll pick him apart uh. I know eddie williams, tough uh, but i’m assuming it’s gon na be a second round. Tko sean o’malley, i uh yeah. I really think sean’s his ground game has improved so much. I remember watching so many months ago he was on one of the quintet like jiu-jitsu tournament and uh. After again, i think it was taken away. Wasn’T it yeah he tapped him and uh, but even watching in his last fight uh, there was one point uh when his opponent like rushed him, and he just like shifted out with his hips and just like tossed him against the cage like it was nothing and Uh, so i’m really excited to see he was saying even in some videos i was watching he’s like i consider myself more he’s, like obviously everyone like knows me as a striker, but he’s like i kind of consider myself more of like a jiu jitsu fighter. Now he’s like, but obviously you’re still going to see all the flashy stuff, but so i’m really excited to see that yeah. I think it’s it’s going to be a good test for him, because eddie weinland’s really seen it all. I mean he fought uriah favor. He fought scott jorgensen. He fought a lot of really tough guys, so it’s going to be interesting to see what o’malley can do against a guy with that much experience yeah, but i mean, like you, said, he’s he’s developed so much and i think, unlike anybody else, who’s really like he Got he had he didn’t fight for two years because of marijuana violations or whatever, and i think that’s really kind of lit a fire under his ass yeah. I think he’s like trying to make up for lost time and i think he’s really motivated and i think a lot of people would like take that and and become like when they fight again. I think that the ring rust is too strong, but i think for him like, i think it especially because he’s so young it gave him two more years to just you know, get better um, so i think he’s going to come out and i think he’s going To be a real threat, i think if he beats eddie weinman he can he can start calling for bigger names, like i think he’d be. I think he can start taking most of the guys in the bantamweight division, but uh it’s just one thing. I’Ve noticed about him is he’s so calm when he comes out and when he calls marijuana something like he’s he’s such a chill like person, like he’s. Just always smoking weed like playing video games with his uh on twitch, with the streamers and stuff and he’s like watching his podcast and stuff, like he’s like lives like a very like zen like chill life, and i wonder if that has anything because, like just watching Him fight like he is so calm and relaxed in there. It like seems like nothing phases. It reminds me a lot of a young john jones like he was he’s. Throwing stuff that is risky. Yeah he’s never been clipped he’s, never been hurt, so he’s so confident. Um and jon jones had a lot of that. He wasn’t smoking weed, he was doing cocaine, but a lot of the similar uh characteristics of just being calm and cool and collected in uh in the cage, and i think sean o’malley carries a lot of that. Yeah. No definitely yeah, i i think eddie’s probably going to be his hardest test for sure, but uh it’s hard hard for me to not pick sean on that one yeah and then we have neil magne anthony rocco martin um. I love magni. I think he’s a great fighter. I think he looked really good in his last fight, but i always find when he gets that chance to to shine and like he got against kelvin he got uh. He got against ponzinibbio anytime. He gets a chance to jump into the top 15. He falls short yeah. This is going to be another case of that i think anthony rocco martin is really impressive and i think ever since he moved up to 170 a lot of people, don’t really know a whole lot about him and i think he’s out to prove that he belongs Uh amongst the elite in the welterweight division, he went to majority decision with damian maya, which is crazy. Oh, i didn’t know that yeah, yeah and uh, and one of the guys i had on my podcast is really good friends with them. So i have to lean towards them. I picked neil magne just for the thought that i was like you know what maybe this one time he’s gon na shine tonight, but i’m weary on the decision on that but uh. I think i think i’m gon na go with maggie on that one. You know he did look really good last time out. He like destroyed lee jin liang so but i think it might be a decision. I don’t. I don’t know if i see a finish yeah. I don’t see a finish in this fight. I think that one’s just gon na be a technical battle and whoever can impose their will will win the fight yeah. I don’t know if it’s gon na be yeah the most exciting fight but uh, but it’s gon na be very technical for sure, and now we have fight of the night written all over this fight. Um, possibly fun of the year hasn’t even happened yet, but i’m predicting that al jamaine sterling who should be fighting for the belt yeah or is santa hagan, who could also be fighting for the belt. This could really be a title fight, um and their third fighter. That like this, could be like a title fight and then they say whoever wins peter yawn like faces them for that after that. But ah i i’m picking corey sandhagen because i want him to win, but for some reason i can’t really see him beating sterling. But i also can’t see sterling beating him yeah they’re, oh they’re, both really really good yeah. So i was having this conversation with randy costa. Yesterday uh. It was kind of cool to hear his his thoughts on it, but uh. One of the things that came up was like corey, sanderhagen, hasn’t even really been tested. Like he’s, john lineker was a tough fight um, but it’s a tough fight for everybody. It seems like he can adapt his game plan to whoever he fights he’s never really been. In a rough spot, he’s very unusual and awkward to fight, but you can almost say the same thing about aldrin sterling yeah. That’S what that’s! Why? Because i was at first who i was thinking that, like corey sandhagen you i found that he’s been a lot bigger. Like a lot lengthier than his opponents and sterling isn’t like he’s not gon na be, i think he still might have a little bit of like reach and stuff, but i don’t think he’s gon na have anything crazy on him and so yeah. I don’t he really. He hasn’t been tested tested enough yeah. I really don’t know how i see this one going at all. Yeah algebraic sterling he’s won six of his last seven. His only loss was to marlon rice, which was that what was that yeah um, but he won his last four, which includes cody stamen pedro munoz, jimmy rivera and brad johns, a very impressive list: yeah and uh yeah. It’S yeah, it’s hard to pick against sterling. But oh yeah, i have sand hagen uh, but it’s could go this one because a toss-up like i wouldn’t be surprised if sterling won this, but i think it’s gon na be just a tough decision, but i think it’s gon na be exciting fight. Yeah. I think it’s to be a really fun fight. I think san hagen wins my decision, but i i just think he reminds me a lot of like tony ferguson like his awkwardness and attacks, and he does weird things i notice he does this really weird thing where i was watching a lot of fights where, like Guys will hit you with a body shot and they’ll come in and pull it back out, and he just like lunges in with like the hardest body power shot, but he stays there like he doesn’t back up like he just comes into you and stomps, like abruptly Held against you and they just look painful and yeah, i’m really excited for that one. I was having this conversation with one of the bloody canvas guys and, and we were like who would the ufc rather have as like their champion and like corey sanderhagen like as impressive as he is as awkward as he’s a fighter. There’S not like. He reminds me a lot of jell-o lows on like he’s not out there, calling anybody out he’s not being loud on twitter yeah, which is why i like him, but he’s not a conor mcgregor ultimate sterling is out there calling for anybody. He’S calling up peter yawn, like it’s almost like the ufc, would almost rather him. That’S how i feel um one thing i found pretty interesting: i was listening to chael’s, podcast and uh. He was bringing up. I guess uh sterling was in an interview talking about it or something, but i guess i’m not sure how long ago it was, but he was at mark henry’s gym, like training and uh. He was like, oh like. Can you spar with this guy or something? And he was like oh he’s, just like this real lanky guy or whatever, and he’s only like 10 pounds more than you right now and he’s like okay like go in there didn’t know who he was turns out. It was a beat. Oh yeah. I saw that yeah get knocked out watch the beats. Oh yeah, i don’t – and i just i don’t see san hagen knocking him out though, but i see it, i see him winning a decision, yeah yeah, on the same boat. Now the uh co-main event. Raphael is sun style, who’s coming off, two losses versus cody garbrandt who’s, coming off three losses, so i saw this uh someone posted on twitter earlier. This is the only time or second time in ufc history, where co-main event was by two guys who were coming off back-to-back losses. The last time it was nick diaz anderson silva, oh wow, yeah, so i thought that was pretty interesting stat. I would have never even thought about that. Oh i didn’t know. Sansa was off too yeah. Well i’d rather him he needs to. He needs to try out with three losses. Uh he’s such a nice guy too, but i want him to lose just because i love cody, so much yeah, it’s yeah he’s lost to corey, sandhagen and marilyn morris. I just i see cody beating pretty much most phantom weights pretty much any band of weight, except for tj dillashaw he’s his his hands are just so heavy and yeah. No, i think i think it’s actually. I i’m changing my mind now. I think it’s going to be easy. This is going to be a either first or second round knockout by uh by cody, i’m like i’m rooting for cody, and i wasn’t going to make my decision until the weigh-ins, because i was like, if he’s out there and he’s in his face being crazy. I’M like he’s losing it uh, but he went to the weigh-ins. He was respectful. There wasn’t a whole lot of animosity, not not any bad blood, so i was like okay, i think he’s calm he’s composed he’s not angry like he was against tj um. So i think when i made my predictions on thursday, i had raphael sunset winning uh, just because i figured he was just gon na. Do it again uh, but i think he’s taking a lot of time off. He’S worked a lot on himself. He’S got he’s been working with mark henry, so he’s gon na be able. That’S gon na go a long way and i think he’s going to be cool calm collected. So i haven’t seen your eye a favor either, and i find your favorite ends up pumping him up way more than he needs to be pumped up. I don’t want to say, like you know, those guys aren’t good fighters at like alpha male or anything like they got a lot of great talent over there. But i just think that that environment for him might not be the best choice, like just kind of like literally like that, alpha male kind of environment, a bunch of like young guys, not that there isn’t young guys over at mark henry. But he seems more of. Like an old school kind of respect, kind of coach yeah – and i know like um, they have uh. What’S the name, the guy that got knocked out and then hasn’t really been back since he got knocked out in practice by tj uh anyway, he’s in the corner. Yes, yes, chris holdsworth yeah, i know he’s there, i know he’s around, but he tends to be calm like it’s the guys like chad, mendes, the uriah fabers. Those guys get get worked up um. So i think i think not having you ryan. His corner actually is going to be favorable for him and being able to work with guys like mark henry um. So i think now that we’re the like the night of i saw them weigh in. I saw the embeddeds. I think i am leaning towards scarbramp um, but i did predict a sun sal on thursday, so i’ll probably have to go with that one just because i’ve already i’ve already committed, i’m already committed you’re in too deep yeah, all right now, the last one. This is, oh, i think, it’s fair to say we’re both rooting for spencer yeah, i’d like to see a canadian girl win the belt, but uh. That’S as far as i can go for favoring her in a pic is being of the same nationality of me and wanting to see canadian win the belt, no amanda, she’s, so good yeah. But how many? I think it was spencer go three or four rounds, maybe with cyborg she went to decision. I don’t. I think it was a five-round fight. It was a five-round fight, okay, yeah, three five minute round: no three three rounds, sorry, but she went to decision so. Okay. Well, i might seem to go into decision then, but i don’t even know. If i see it going to decision, i feel like amanda nunes is going to knock her out. I have a decision but uh just because of the fact that felicia spencer’s never been finished, but it’s also amanda noona as we’re talking about here, so she can destroy destroyer. I have no idea how this is going to go, but i do have a feeling: amanda nunez will have her hand raised yeah. I uh. I definitely think she’s gon na have her hand raised, and i can’t see anybody banishing spencer by oh nuna’s, just so good. So, like yeah, i see it either being like a midway tko for amanda or decision win for yeah. I was talking to when i was talking to ray. I was on randy costa yesterday um and he was. I asked him his prediction and he was just like amanda. Nunes beats half the guys on the mail roster he’s like if she was fighting me, i would be i’d, be betting on her like yeah, and i think that’s a good point. I mean she has dominated everybody. She beat every every champion, every female champion in the bantamweight and featherweight division, yeah that that fight uh, that fight against cyborg was ridiculous. Yeah. Here’S the crazy thing, though, what if felicia spencer, does get it done like? What do you do with the division yeah? I was just thinking about that too last night, because, if she like, if she wins, she just beat the goat and we, i don’t even think she had a fight since cyborg. I think it was her first. She fought to random me. Oh i thought they. I thought she literally went from losing the cyborg fight to fighting right now. Okay, all right! Oh, oh, you mean uh, felicia, spencer, yeah. She beat uh zara fern. Okay, all right! That’S! I don’t really know a whole lot about her, but yeah. No, that would definitely be weird if she won yeah yeah, but if she won they’d have to build. The division like i feel, like they’d, have no choice but to build a 145 pound division because right now, there’s amanda nunez, megan anderson, sarah fern norma dumont and her, and she already beat megan anderson, sarah ferran and then amanda nunes. So she would have already beaten, like the entire division. Yeah get something going there or they just feed it feed her back to amanda and hope. Amanda wins the second time. I think i think that’s definitely what the ufc would have to do. Pull that off. As a big fluke and then have her try and win it again, but i’m i’m still thinking back when i watch the uh what’s her face, i can’t even think of her name ronda rousey when she came back against amanda. That was bad man. It’S funny. Looking back at how much hype rhonda had like knowing what we know now, it’s like why, like she was terrible on the feet, but she was steamrolling everybody there for a bit, but it’s always fun in retrospect same with like ben askren, like yeah, but and ben Ben had the weirdest ufc run ever that was well even the robbie fight like he was getting demolished and then got pulled off and it was controversial and then i got kneed into that was bad knee yeah. That probably was not the run uh into the ufc. He anticipated no, no, i mean, i think it was, i think, ufc kind of proved their point with it like. I think that i mean they lost dj in the process, but i think dana white just wanted to prove, like you know, he’s not as good as everyone says he is the best fighters are in the ufc and then they fed him to jorge mosbydoll and jorge Masvidal destroyed them big, quite the turnaround too in the last little bit, although i don’t know what’s going on now with all this that everyone’s talking about like drop me yeah, i mean it’s jon jones, henry’s, tahuda, just retired and jorge mazvidal wants to uh wants to Go too so it’s like three fighters all saying i’m leaving because the pay is [ __ ]. Do you think either ben or not ben? Do you think jon jones or jorge actually leaves? I don’t think jones leaves. I think jones says like look, i’m done for a bit, but i think they work something out, because you can’t have the greatest fighter of all time, just walk away yeah. It looks terrible on the sport as a whole, even if he is even if you have to pay him a little more than you want. I don’t think you want to lose that that fighter and that i mean he may not be as big of a draw as a conor mcgregor, but he’s the best fighter of all time. Imagine if, like tyson fury was just like. Ah, i’m done with boxing, you guys aren’t paying me enough. They’D figure something out exactly, but uh. I’M really excited to see jorge mosby, all back, hopefully yeah, i’m hearing they’re doing burns and uh usman, though, like i feel like, i think, that’s what they’re doing yeah. So i think leon can’t leave the uk, so he can’t get the fight. Maz vidal is refusing to take it because he feels like he deserves more. He says fighting nate is you, may he makes more fighting nate and it’s not as risky as usman um, so he’d rather do that fight and burns is just like i’ll fight anybody tomorrow. So i think they’re going to give it to him yeah, fair enough and then tyron woodley just got beat then there’s the only other thing is: oh, i wouldn’t mind seeing colby fight guzman again. No, i i i wouldn’t either, but i don’t think they do. I think he has to pick up another win like i was doing the matchmaking, like writing a doubt. How i would do it and i’d want to see maz vidal uzman, just because i feel like maz vidal has so much hype um. I don’t think he beats man, but that’s the fight i want to see, and then i do burns leon, edwards on fight island and then colby versus wonder boy. Oh, that was interesting yeah. I just really want to see colby back yeah. I hated him at first, but now i love him. I love him too. I just accept the fact that he’s just this whole character and just to get people to hate him. I think it’s so hysterical and how horrible like some of his like ads, are like having girls around it literally look like they hate him and yeah. It’S it’s it’s funny, because i think wonder boy and him are like polar opposites. Like wonder, boy is the nicest guy in the ufc and then everybody hates colby um. I love that fight. I’D, be so interested to see colby’s trash talk for that yeah. How would you even get under water boy’s skin? Oh, my goodness, i want to see that fight so bad. Now, as i was looking at a clip of uh woodley when he fought wonder boy the second time and they were asking him like, they were on like a media call and they were like, you know what they said, something negative about wonder boy and they were Like wonder boy, what do you think about it and he goes? I don’t know. I don’t know why he’s got to be so mean yeah he’s far too nice to be a fighter. Oh, it’s it’s! I was watching the video of him also like uh analyzing, when he got knocked out by pettis. Oh, i saw that this is funny like guys like that, are hard not to root for yeah. I still want to see cole weaver’s woodley, but i don’t know when woodley will be back. Yeah woodley looked awful. I think, like his last two fights, he looked terrible yeah. I don’t even i just don’t know if he has enough fire to like fight whatsoever, because it’s just like, even in some of his last wins like he. It was, i don’t know, not not saying like he needed to finish every win or it should have been a better win like you know, you’re not in there fighting, but it just seemed like he has no urgency anymore. Yeah i mean you, you get rid of the till fight like the till fight was the exception, but, like his last fights were burns usman wonder boy times two and both of those he didn’t look himself damian maya, he looked awful yeah, so i mean you know, Was that a decision yeah? It was a unanimous decision, but he like just didn’t, engage he did whatever it took to win. I guess but yeah, i kind of don’t see him coming back. No, i think he should. I think you should hang it up and just focus on rapping yeah. I used to think i used to think. Oh, i kind of want to see him versus goldie but and i’d kind of want colby to win. But i was like i kind of see him just knocking colby out, but i don’t see that anymore at all yeah yeah. It kind of reminds me of robbie lawler, almost like yeah robbie used to be popping people and yeah they’re, both fun fighters when they choose to fight, but they just both have kind of like lost it a bit, and i think that’s the fight they’ll do. I think robbie lawler versus tyrone woodley is the fight they’ll do, but that makes sense yeah. I don’t like it because i like both. I want both guys to win, but neither of them to lose. But someone has to all right man. I am gon na grab a quick bite to eat post this video and get ready for these fights it’s gon na be uh. I think it’s gon na be a a long start, because nothing exciting happens until chase hooper. So exactly yeah all right. Well, i’m about to do the same except post in the video i’ll leave that to you all right, thanks for your best and uh we’ll do this again! Yes, all right later, sergio

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