UFC 251 Fan Picks: Usman vs Masvidal with Joseph Shaw

We breakdown and give our picks for the card top to bottom for UFC 251.


UFC 251: Usman vs Masvidal: All right we’re back with another another predictions: video for UFC 251, I’m talking about Joseph Shaw and we’re gon na go through starting from the bottom and we’re probably gon na analyze the main card a little bit more in-depth. So we’ll start with the first. The first fight there Davey grant and Anne Martin day, but what do you have for that? That fight, I hope David Gray, winnings. I think I’ve seen more of him and I think it’ll do really good in his last fight against good pop off in Russia, and even though it’s not the best of records of thing that would give him a lot of confidence going someone’s backyard, I’m winning. So if we can take that confidence be martyn day by do from us and they lost a very close fight in his debut of thinking, China, I think it was against pingu in lieu or something like that, and his name was he said, he’s decent he’s, not Fought since to play 2018, the most recent activity today begun. I think I think you get a decision win yeah I have, I have Davey grant. I just think that the experience in the in the UFC is gon na go a long way. You know, I think, there’s a difference between competing on local circuit versus in the UFC. I know it’s an empty arena and all that stuff, but there is that pressure of competing for the biggest organization in the world, and I just think Davey grants been around for a lot longer and I think that that experience is gon na play a huge, huge Factor in this fight and then women’s bantamweight division, Carol, Rosa and Vanessa Mello. I don’t know a whole lot about these two, I’m a hundred percent, honest, so more of a coin toss for me. But how do you? How do you see this white going? Co-Host wins in a debut, I think Canton than they do. She fought but – and I know Vanessa Miller got stopped very quickly in a recent fight, so those wins yeah, I’m in the same same boat. I just think that I guess I don’t know a whole lot about about either one, but I do think that that that she looked more more impressive in her last fight and because of that she’s gon na she’s going to come up with the and then who Is after that we have rouille on pava and Jacques Jamal ghilaf every pronounce that he was supposed to fight in Kazakhstan, but obviously things kind of fell through with that card, and so he’s getting put on this card. Rowley, I’m PAVA is a ranked if 25 ur, which doesn’t mean a whole lot because there’s only like 15 of them anyway yeah, it’s good, that they’re gon na start building the division. What do you have for this fight? I’M Jacques got some good wins over Tiger. You and birkoff used mate who’s meant to make his debut couple weeks ago, but a lot of people say you could have lost that one button paper wins just on that fact. He’S younger and he’s got a lot more experience and I don’t think we’ve seen his full potential yet he’s only 24. You look very good in sky card fans probably gave me one day, I’m going the other way on this one. I you know this. One was one where I was back and forth and I I do think Leyva is a very, very dangerous fighter, but, like he said, he is only 24. He’S got a lot of room for growth Chagas, not many people have heard of him. I didn’t even hear of him until until he was signed, and I just think that he’s got a lot more tools. He has some big wins outside the UFC and – and I think a lot of people are sleeping on him because they they don’t know a whole lot about him and for that reason I’m gon na go with them. That being said, I really have no idea where to go for this cuz, it’s hard to tell what level he’s actually at until he fights in the UFC. I think there’s a lot of these fights where people might not know who they are. After my pop performance, Susan yeah for sure – and I think this one has a lot of potential for being whether Eve fight of the night or at least exciting, because they had to have a lot to prove – and I think everyone in that division does and they’re Fast they’re, quick, they’re, they’re, energetic and I think that’s gon na go you this one could be a shocker and I think it really could be a very exciting fight and then we’ve got Marcy taubira experienced he’s fought a lot of high-level guys. He got a bounce back when last time out and he’s fighting Max and grishin who’s, stepping in and on short notice as well. How do you, how do you? How do you see this one going? Probably just two bollocks, I don’t know much about dishing. I know he fought in pfl and I think he did well for that, but I’ve seen more Tabora. I know he lost to us to Sakai, but he’s coming off a good win. I think him had a full camp. He probably would have won. I think he got more experience overall, but he doesn’t have as much yeah. I went the other way for I don’t know I just I haven’t been impressed with Ty Burrell. In a little while I mean his victory is now don’t even seem as impressive as they once did. I don’t let me check here. His last win was I mean win over Stefan Struve and Andrei Arlovski. At the time they seemed like big wins, but you know looking back now, Stefan’s groups been struggling Andrei Arlovski as well. So I just think that you know those wins that were once impressive. Don’T no longer seem that impressive. So, for that reason, I’m gon na go with Grishin, but another exciting fighter ingression coming out of Russia, where you really don’t know what these guys can can do right, like you look there’s either like you look at Amari, achmed of or all the normal metal offs Or Ramazan aviv, these Russians could really be very impressive or they could be not very good. So I think there’s a this is gon na be an exciting, a exciting fight. I think also the fact that he’s in the heavyweight division, there’s a lot be able factors in you didn’t have to be awfully about overall skilled. You know I mean like if you’re long division or if you can just have a higher age. I keep also be over guising that you ranked thank you yeah, absolutely and then the next one is another debuting, Russian and roman bogota who is fighting, in my opinion, one of the greatest lightweights that we had that most people haven’t heard of in Leonardo Santos. How do you, how do you see this one going? Think I’m gon na go bug it’s off just basically on a pure, be more active, because I know how good Santos is. I know he’s on the seven fight win streak, but he’s not fought in like two years and you can Stevie Ray and bucked off his ten. You know he’s got a lot that he’s fought. Very good opponents come from and one which is which don’t give easy fight at all, and I think knowing problem is that he’s a wrestler and Santos a very good fighter on the ground, so he might struggle there. So I think it’ll be more like a stand-up fight. I don’t think any of them want to test each other’s pounding yeah. I think I think this fights another one. That’S really really exciting because I think think Santos, his strengths, actually kind of make Bogota have to adjust. You know he’s got great grappling, but Leonardo Santos is a fourth degree black belt. He submitted George st. Pierre and a grappling tournament. Most people don’t even know that, like I think, that’s that’s crazy. He just finished Kevin Lee, Anthony Rocco Martin, and you think about what those guys are doing now like it just shows how good Santos really is, even though he’s on the wrong side of wrong side wrong side of 40. Now I really think that he’s he’s really coming into his own. I think this layoff actually might benefit him and I think we’re gon na see that on on Saturday. The only thing that concerns me is what happens after the fight. Is it the only thing consistent about him has been, he wins, but then he disappears for like three or four years. So hopefully, this fight will all like spark something great for him and he stays active but, like you said, Bogota is undefeated and you can never overlook. Undefeated fighters, usually they’re undefeated for a reason, and then we’ve got finish. The finished sensation in mock wan na mere Connie and Scotland’s own Danny Henry I’m sure part of you is wants to root for Danny Henry yeah. I’M not sure you guys, don’t. I think my carnie will do it because it’s what best opposition, even though, when he’s took that step abuse lost, he’s been a been a very strong fighter in the middle of the top 25 to vision I mean anyone below yeah, I mean you look at their They’Re both coming off losses, Henry lost to Danny gay, which in retrospect doesn’t seem so bad ma, Quan lost his Shane Burgos, which also a retro retrospect, doesn’t seem too too bad. But, like you said, I mean he’s just fought so many great guys: Jason Knight Chris fish cold Mike Wilkinson. He lost her Arnold Allen too, but I was a split that went to split and we really see how good Arnall and actually is so. I just think that I just think I’m here Connie has more tools to get it done as well. He’S got great submissions. He’S got great on the feet as well, so I think I think americani wins it yeah, just the last minute, Daniel him he’s quite decent. So I’m thinking, if he can wear him out cuz Americana, struggled a lot with his cardio, so they can take him down and keep him down in the early couple rounds. Maybe it’s Agustin on you might be able to finish him. Yeah Scott wins over hacking. Geraldo who’s a very good fire, so he can pour just yeah and I mean what that’s actually a good point, because they are fighting both of them are travelling to a fight, and I think that plays a huge factor to is: what’s the weather gon na be Like there, I know they say they have some air-conditioned or some some some cooling or whatever the heck they’re gon na do there in that in that arena. But you know the it’s really hard to get rid of all that, especially in the lead up at the fight. How are you gon na stay away from the heat? How are you gon na stay? How are you gon na adjust to that whether they’re, so I think that’s actually a good point that I hadn’t even really considered, and I think that favors and he had me more than it does in Mira Connie and then we’ve got Zaleski dos Santos versus Muslim, Salah cough, I love the spice 92. I like this. I like this fight as a Leske. Obviously he was ranked at one point, Salah cough very, very dangerous. What’S your what’s your thoughts, I’m probably gon na go with Muslim Salah. I think he might be an underdog and I think yes, the opposition was for is not very good. I think is McCain’s a lot since his loss to Alex Garcia, which really not someone you should be losing to and he’s 35 now. So I think it’s his time now to go on the road and make sure he gets him to the top 15 with a win which may make him they could do in viscid Magni. I hope he beats him less. Peter Santos is very good. He I don’t think that good offensive content, though I thought he won. A lot of people thought he lost a fight and he didn’t look good against Lee jay-yong either. So I think nice inform, I think the win for could be the case of in not fighting this kind of opposition before because happens to be much invade with guys and might be able to die experience and God. Skill set when easily so they’ll, be very close by, I think, a Salafism blow himself out. This possibility was like be so attracted and finish him. He keeps his [ __ ] and he went yeah. It’S a it’s actually really really hard fight to predict. I’Ve been going back and forth on both fights, and I mean dos Santos when he’s on, he looks insane. I mean he has wins over, Oh Mario red off. He has wins over lymangood max Griffin, like he said he didn’t look great against Tkachenko and I think someone who can do a great job of nullifying his game is is silikov and he got knocked out by Li Jing Liang. That being said, I don’t think Sally cough has the hands, I guess to put away yeah this’ll s key dos Santos, not saying it won’t happen, cuz that’s very possible, but I just don’t think it he does, and I think that, even though he may wet the Storm and may start a comeback. I think I think so s key has the ability to win the first two rounds, and I think I think, for that reason I’m gon na go as a Leske, but this one’s either way man, it’s a toss-up. It’S some of these fights are really close, usually with the fight night cards. It’S like one cop obvious with this one. It just seems like either one of either fighter really has a chance to win. I think, like she said I don’t think Sackhoff would knock him out by punches, but he’s got a lot like spinning kicks as me, so he could catch him. Something crazy, like laughing, give anything to mouth with a head kick or something. I don’t think he’s gon na knock him out with his punches yeah. I mean good point. I mean the both exciting, which is is what I like, and I think this one could be another sleeper for fight of the night. Dos Santos has fought higher-level opposition he’s been at top, fifteen he’s been around a little bit longer and I think that’s gon na play play a factor, but you know one thing up: I’ve been saying this a little while about these relays, Russian fighters that have two Or three fights in the UFC, is you never sleep on them? They’Re really good! A lot of them come from from years and years of combat experience and they’ve they’ve seen scene at all, and it’s kind of hard to put them away. I mean you see that with even um, even the heavyweight division like Alexei Olynyk, it’s so hard to beat that guy and everything all these, these Russian guys who come in there they’ve seen they’ve seen everything. So it’s it’s hard to it’s hard to root against them, but I don’t know I’ve seen so a ski for so much longer, and I think that’s probably why it’s just I’ve seen so much more of them that that I’m leaning that way yeah these are like Two guys you’ve just flown under, I always feel like most dangerous. Like you see this a lot, no, he dies. We’Ve got like nine losses. You look slowly creeping up. I think it feels like a lot of people put a lot of pressure on people being known and not getting a name out there, but like the people, I don’t have to name our little more dangerous vices. Could no one ever mentions them and this lollipop and avoid himself merabh was meant to face Damon last week next week and statement apparently fused him. So it’s another guy. He doesn’t really get mentioned and I feel like they will get there do both of them and probably going to change. My big mouth US will win. I just think he’s bought better opponents yeah and then this is this next fight. It’S actually a great example of that one guy that we’re all familiar with he’s fought for a title: Vulcan, no time who’s, Damir, there’s a guy, only really MMA diehards know about, but we’ve all been watching him for a little while and ye Reaper Tosca he’s from Czech Republic, which isn’t necessarily known as an MMA country but the boy is he exciting, and I’m really looking forward to this one yeah me too. I think Mac, modem, yep trains out Czech Republic as well. So I think, I’m not sure they train out the same gym, but I think you know it wins. I know I’ve only similar against Maldonado and CB Dollaway and know them two on in their primes anymore. I feel like he’s not really, but I think you find a blank guy. He went to get awesome minutes top ten. Is me yeah, you probably get a top ten ranking nothing. All the pressure is on both countries. I think here is this new guy. Why is he coming? In fact him wait for me. So that’s my making the win good he’s a lot more motivated, but I thought it was like hitch. It was close by or you didn’t really impress me in that fight so much boy, whether he’s very top of his game, but I think you will win by decision. Probably I don’t think I’m a knock yeah. I, like I, really like this fight and it’s it’s hard because Vulcan it’s hit or miss really like I mean he beat it’s not on his record, but he beat Dominic Reyes, like I think it’s consensus, everyone agrees, he’d beat Dominic grass and I think if that Vulcan shows up year, he could be in Farrell on that, but then at the same time he lost to Anthony Smith quite decisively, and he didn’t look that impressive in that fight. So it’s hard to predict with him. I was really hoping he would take a fight against maybe like a Thiago Santos or something like that. So this is like a step back for him and, like you said, he’s got everything to lose. He loses this fight and I mean you’re losing to an unranked light heavyweight he’s many fights away from a title shot. If that’s the case, neppy being said, I really feel like and my family lives in Switzerland, so that might be a little bit of a bias. There he’s a he’s from Switzerland he’s the only fighter in the UFC from Switzerland, and somehow I’ve got a. I still have to support him and he’s got the best nickname in the game too, which helps so I’m gon na go with Vulcan. I don’t think he finishes URI, but I think he wins a close decision, another toss-up controversial and I see of the Palin’s yep. That’S the last fight of the prelims yet and then, and then we go to, in my opinion, the hottest fight in UFC history, a man Becky versus Paige Vanzant. I like this fight. I like both their instagrams. I like their Twitter’s. I like everything they post. Oh so so yeah, who do you have for this one Paige? This may be pages last fight in the UFC. I think me pitching easily because I think she looked really good. She’S got wind over Mackenzie, doing run demarcus and Emily Webb. So I think, that’s very good. I know she’s meeting Bob per division, but I feel like this is a very winnable fight for, and I think it’s another chance to be another golden girl of the USC kind of because she’s kind of, like being the opponent of the big promotion promotional push like Was the biggest emotional punch for the role a division? So I think she will have to upset a lot of people again and I think she will go on. Oh yeah, I really like Amanda rebus. I think she looks very very impressive and Paige really hasn’t impressed me. I know she has that switch, kick win over back Rawlings, but she really hasn’t gotten a big-name win in my opinion, since police Harry and that’s ages ago, so Rachel lost a [ __ ]. With all due respect, I don’t think Rachel lost a is is as big a name is Amanda rebus. I don’t think she’s nearly as talented. So I think and, like you said, I think Amanda Reed lost winning this fight. She really gets to kind of take something. That’S she’s gon na be the golden girl, the UFC like she’s. This is like passing. The torch like Paige is gon na hand off, like I’m, the prettiest girl in the UFC, and now it’s gon na be a minute rebus. So I think I think actually I think I mean Amanda read us – is gon na win comfortably. I don’t think she finishes Paige, because we’ve seen how tough Paige is in the past, I don’t think I don’t think she. She was able to finish her, but I do think she wins it via decision was well yeah yeah, it’s been, it’s been a while and she’s. I found since Dancing with the Stars. Really she hasn’t even she’s almost had one foot out the door like she hasn’t. I know she’s had the broken arm and all that stuff, but it just really doesn’t feel like that’s her main focus anymore and usually, when you’re focused, which is from MMA to something else. Usually good things don’t follow. You saw tyron woodley and I feel like a same thing with Paige. I don’t think she’s really as committed and maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think she’s as committed as she used to be, and I think that’s gon na show on Saturday night yeah. Then we have the last non-title fight of the pair Jessica and Rajesh Rose namajunas, the rematch. How do you have it? I think those wins, because I think she was winning the first fight before she got slammed. So I think I just had a big layoff and I think that with some fighters that pays off a lot, because I think, if you’re in that bubble of like losing and you need to – and you just lost your title after dominating yeah, you know beat him On the dominus women in your on a year day check, I think King did that time off and I think now she come back more than ever and I’m glad might still be something for lost again son, because she was 35 fashion over that yeah and, like These moment again, another very big fight for her to get maybe get back to a title fight. She. She wins boys to do even never know yeah. I I hate this fight. I hate rematches unless they’re for a title and even for a title, I’m like you’ve already seen this. That being said, I think this might be the only time in a long time that I’ve, I think, the the person losing that lost. The first fight is gon na win the rematch and, like you said I thought Rose, was not only winning that fight. I thought she was dominating until she got slammed and I think she have learned a lot from that and I think she learned that you know even though you’re winning a fight doesn’t mean you can’t get slammed or knocked out and I think that’s gon na. I think she’s gon na win, very, I think, she’s gon na dominate. I don’t think she finishes on Josh. I think she’s just gon na dominate for five rounds and it’s gon na three rounds. Sorry, I think it’s gon na be a comfortable win and I think this is actually gon na slide her into a title shot because realistically there’s you know unless Tatiana’s back, I think she’s, I think she’s next in line, so I think, Rose made actually get another Title shot with this win. Yeah, I think Rose, is a big enough name as well. Like a lot, the casual will know who she is because, obviously she’s, the first Chinese champion. A massive deal was made about that. I’M choosing probably 1 to 5 the years. Maybe behind her employer, so I think that’s what you tried to make and I think DFC will be kind of pulling for those. I know shouldn’t they be saying that book I think, does were making the most money yeah yeah. Absolutely I mean if entourage wins it. I don’t think she deserves a rematch either, so I think it roses it’s probably better for the UFC, like you said, I think the rose versus Whaley. Imagine the you can put that in China. You can put that in the States doesn’t really matter where you put that that’s gon na sell at an arena. I love that fight and, I think Whaley after especially after Whaley’s last performance. I think she could sell it arenas anywhere yeah. Then we have a first title fight of the night po2 yawn vs., Jose Aldo. I hated this fight at first. I love it now. What’S your thoughts I do like yeah, I just don’t think a guy coming off two losses should be getting a title shot. I know he’s a legend and I know the fight he’s really good. I think there’s a fantastic fight. I just went under circumstances. You could have given at least I’ll do another fight to get win, maybe against Pedro Munoz be bidding book move there girl when that would have made some sense, but we’ve got this right now. Yam wins. I think you’ll be a bit too much room for him. Regard a gas tank and I think he can survive the onslaught from Aldo to. I think I was like chance of passing out, especially we’ve been making them make way, putting under new circumstances. I know he made way against monoeyes and he made it very well, but this feel like I’m, going to do zero week before a lot of distractions as well, but I mean going to Las Vegas and then flying lovey-dovey. I think that, for such a big guy was such a big phantom, I used much Google, so I think young will take advantage if I’m stopping man for yeah. I think that’s a, I think, that’s how a lot of people have it. I’Ve been having it. I’Ve been going back and forth on this one. I look at yawns, wins and he’s dominated, but he’s been tagged before and I mean his win over your eye, a favor. I don’t think that warrants anybody, a title shot and I think he’s great. I think he’s amazing, but I don’t think I don’t think this is the actual fan of a championship like I feel like sterling has to be in that fight as Lee all those coming off two losses. Last performance, I thought he wanted and I think Marilyn rice is, I think, Marlin Morais is the number one Bantam weight in the world outside of Al Jemaine sterling. He was beating Henry cejudo so for Jose to beat him in my opinion, beat it I have. I have a Jose Aldo winning it and I don’t, I think it might be, because I was I watched him finish – Jeremy Stephens right before this video, but I think I think all those gon na get it done. I don’t know how, but I think all those gon na win it and then the co-main event max Holloway, Alexander Volkov ski I hate. I hate this rematch. I thought Vulcan Oski won decisively in the first one. So let’s run it back again, why not? How do you, how do you have it going yeah as far as well, I think you said he won quite easily. I thought you might want full of arms. I want and people say three to I’d. Wait. Holloway lost, so I just think the February division. So we’re good, I don’t think any of the guys below Holloway deserve a title shot. Just jacks you’ve got, it depends on baby lost yeah. I ever do you guys win over. Thank You. Edgar he’s now a bantamweight they coming up last max Holloway and he’s not force him. So I think the rematch made a lot of sense yeah when by decision yeah I’ve got in the same boat. I mean they’re, like you mentioned they’re all I mean you guys a beat Korean Zombie yeah year and Ortega who none of those guys can really make a case. Yet, like you said, and I think as much as I hate this fight. I think I think it’s the one to make and what would interest me, though, is that Holloway hasn’t been working with coaches he’s been doing at home, and that scares me because I’ve I’ve interviewed Trank Erdem, I’ve interviewed Josh, Kula, Bell and they’ve. Been training they’ve been going hard with Alexander Vulcan oski and I’m I think, he’s from the sounds of it. I think Vulcan off skis gon na come in and I think he’s gon na look to finish Holloway. That being said, I don’t think anyone finishes Holloway. So I think he’s gon na dominate to a decision, and so I have Vulcan oski. It’S gon na be interesting, though, because what what does Holloway do now if he loses back that flights to Vulcan Oskie? You do you think he goes out. I think so, but a lot of good fights for me about you can fight the Queen’s Own, be good yeah and he could fight to be. If you want to German there’s still a lot of good fights, I don’t think his career would be over February. If you can still make the if you can still make that division well, if you can, you could go to 1.5 yeah yeah. I just think it’s gon na, be, I think it’s you he’ll never get a title shot again. Unless Vulcan offski loses it, you know. Usually, when you lose back-to-back fights to the champion it’s hard to get that third shot, I don’t think we’ve ever seen a guy get three shots at a at the same title chapter same same belt, holder, so it’ll be difficult. So I think if he loses, I think he moves up and then we’ve got kymaro’s month, and this is the reason why we held on and we didn’t record this video sooner. It was because we felt like something was gon na happen. Sure enough newsmen is fighting Jorge Masvidal steps up on six days, notice he’s eating pizza at the airport. It looks like he’s way, overweight, but he’s showing up in bathrobes. What’S your what’s your thoughts on Jorge Maz we’d, all taking this fight to begin with, and then your thoughts on the fight you saved two colleagues, I think yes, it’s a bigger fight than men, but I don’t think it’s too bad fire wings quite easily unless mess Without him, because he won’t take downs well, we say five movement and he wouldn’t be engaging with the takedowns, and I feel, like it’d, be more of a tactical fight in this one. I think it’s gon na be more boring. I think you grind it Brian. Without a vowel for the window, 50:45 decision problems don’t see much without winning yeah I’m in the same boat. I don’t even though it’s on six days notice, I don’t think Maz we all gets finished. I just think he’s too tough he’s too terrible. I mean it’s been years since he’s been finished, which doesn’t help. As for Huisman I mean he showed that he can beat a dominated tyron woodley, which now doesn’t look as impressive. He beat Colby covington, but i thought he was losing that fight if he was fighting burns. I had burns winning it today, but I think I can Burns winning as well cuz. I think there was he trained together and I think not what the fight we didn’t see. Something was meant, it was inspiring each other and I think they looked really good against what we have he. One of these guys is very slowly crept up, but, and a lot of people probably mentioned him until with Damien my win and a lot taking short knock this Brides. My thing with him for weeks from his last body would be confidence and that before this was an excellent fight, and hopefully he doesn’t get shifted now and I probably did the Coddington fight, probably yeah. I think it’s, I think it’s weird, because it’s not everyday. You hear of a champ fighting a contender and the champ leaving to go train somewhere else yeah. I thought that was really odd and I thought that said a lot about what they thought going into the fight and I thought Guzman may have may have known something like that. Gilbert is no joke, Gilbert’s been beating him me in the sparring. So maybe I should go somewhere else, try to hide some of this stuff, so I think that shows a lot about what Gilbert Burns actually was capable of doing. That being said, I think Moz Badal is the toughest fighter in the division, but I just don’t see that. I think that that tomorrow does well to stay out of range knock. It clipped wrestle him. He’Ll grind him out and taking a fight on six days notice on the other side of the world is gon na. It’S gon na be exhausting, and I think once he survives to if, if a reason we can make it out of the second round, I think it’s he’s just gon na comfortably dominate the rest of the fight, so I have Guzman comfortable decision. Fifty forty five or whatever it was or whatever it was, he said I agree with maybe a nut, maybe a 10-8 round in there. But that’s how I see it. I think that must be dog wins. I know he beat down to. Maybe is not really the fight, he was an aspirin, not really looked good in the UFC and it was six seconds so it’s hard to yeah. So I think yeah like he said, I mean those three fights were incredible, but none of those guys are out whose mental level, let alone on six days, notice, yeah all right man, I’m looking forward to this card thanks for thanks for taking the time, and thanks For jumping on here, looking forward to this card and and then let’s uh, let’s do this again sometime yeah! Thank you for the meal of course, man, all the bests stay safe, don’t catch anything, there’s a lot of stuff going on out there. So, let’s not get sick, yeah, all right man, all the best EJ

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