UFC 251 Pros Picks: Usman vs Masvidal

MMA Fighters give their predictions for the three title fights taking place at #UFCFightIsland on July 11.

Jose Aldo vs Petr Yan –
Trent Girdham – 00:00:07
Anthony Romero – 00:01:23
Jamie Siraj- 00:01:37
Jimmy Flick – 00:02:45
Carlos Mota – 00:03:32

Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway –
Justin Jaynes – 00:04:18
Josh Culibao – 00:05:38
Kai Kamaka – 00:06:17
Modestas Bukauskas – 00:07:39
TJ Laramie – 00:08:39

Kamaru Usman vs Jorge Masvidal
Brett Martin – 00:10:00
Drakkar Klose – 00:11:18
Jasmine Jasudavicius – 00:11:44
Chandler Cole – 00:12:26
Khama Worthy – 00:13:26


UFC 251 Fighter Predictions: Basically paid off, I don’t, I know Peter personally and I’ve chained with him since I was about alright, like two or three years. I’Ve been training with Peter. When I first met him, he didn’t speak any English and we’ll both in it was the ACB champion. Now I just swam with AC B, so he didn’t really like me a lot he used to beat me up in the gym, but he he always knew he was gon na get tough and hard rounds for me. So the more we trained together, the more we grew to like each other. Now he speaks a bit of English. He loves he I’m telling you the Russian Conor McGregor once he can put all these sentences together. He’S gon na absolutely destroy people in the mine and, as I fired off one shooting about Peter he’s, nicknames no mercy for reason. He really doesn’t care. You hit him. I’Ve hit him with everything I’ve got and he’s just always standing in front of you’re walking forward. I don’t see anyone really. I think. That’S why I, Henri retired, you know if he stood with Peter young, he would get knocked up cold stiffs. Anyone that wants to stand in front of Peter and box with him they’re gon na get knocked out and he’s only getting better youth wrestling and jiu-jitsu. I know he’ll be the champion for sure. That’S another interesting, interesting one, because apparently Dave they’ve trained together as well. So I probably go with with you on that one he’ll be the champion and probably fight Funkmaster and i’ll Jemaine sterling. I think, don’t go with my boy, Joe they, although yeah Joe, they Aldo, is like stylistically. He was my favorite fighter until to watch like especially coming up in the sport. I’Ve always really liked like tried to emulate a lot of how he fought. I don’t think I hit as hard as him, so it doesn’t work out quite as well for me, but I I think I think Joe, they all do looked amazing in his last fight, not that lost that he has on his record Marla memorized. That definitely isn’t a loss. I mean and Pioche or yon he’s very dangerous. Like he’s got knockout power, great wrestling, great ground-and-pound, but he’s been shown that he can be hurt in fights and I think that’s one thing people sleep on just because he he is finishing fights and he’s doing so. Well, I really think Joe they could catch him. I think it could be big trouble for Keo Tyrion, although I wouldn’t be surprised if we went the other way, but I will see Joe’s a Aldo buddy. It’S interesting. You know based on Jose, coming off that last performance. He looked really great, but he did not get the decision win. So that is, I think, one of the first times we’re gon na see somebody fight for a title that is coming off of the loss. I like Peter Yan man he’s got awesome boxing. We’Ve never seen anybody really do Uriah Faber the way he did and honestly, I think he’s gon na knock, Jose Aldo out in the first or second round, and I really like Peter Yan and I would love to see Peter Yan verse, aljahmeir sterling, because a dreamer Sterling’S digits is amazing, he’s really long for a 135 pounder and he’s been in the game a long time. I want another beam come play out to now do repair my tie to my tie a Yahoo job to meet in such twaddle. Acute q, AC battery Donna man now French in Louisiana, but still jumper day, like you, don’t deal of water yeah is the outdoor. The filibuster mother kids were available. He said he feels like it. He seems like his the Russian kids time. You know he said that the Russian win, the fight he’s Aldo, had a history is a very good fighter, but uh the Russian is it’s his time. The kid is ready. Yet you know, I really like that’s actually the first, maybe the first or second time and actually ever seen him fight coming in being a big Holloway fan is striking, is just so incredible and I and I thought just like he does everyone he’s just gon na Pitter-Patter pitter-patter till he breaks Vulcan off, but with Oakland off. Did that really impressed me? Was the leg kicks? He was you, I feel he went above and beyond, with the leg kicks and – and it was not just outside leg – kicks he’s, setting him up off the same punch as he’s coming in with his jab, throwing the inside kick coming in with his jab, throwing the Outside kick keeping uh keeping Holloway guessing the whole time. I was very impressed with that. I haven’t seen anybody else, do that to Holloway and I’m surprised all dode in, but either way you know bulking off was the hungry one. You know Holloway it’s another coin. Flip fight for me, man, because you know Holloway after after he’s a smart guy, he’s a great fighter, he can go back. Watch the film see where he made his mistakes. He’S gon na make adjustments going into the next. My question is: how is Vulcan all gon na adjust to Holloway’s adjustments? He’S not just gon na go in there with his jab and throw that those leg kicks and tear him apart? You know, I think Holly’s gon na you know be in and out a little bit more he’s not gon na stand still, so he doesn’t get hit with those big shots. It’S gon na be an exciting fight. You know I’d like to see Holloway come back and get his title back, but a Vulcan off you know sticks to his sticks to his game plan and uh, you know is able to adjust for always adjustments. It’S gon na go the same way. Everyone, everyone. Everyone knows that was a shutout max max is only getting this rematch because he was a long reigning long reigning champion, but um this time around. It’S either gon na be more decisive, like, as in Volkers gon na get a stoppage, or I feel like his legs. Gon na get chewed up and then after his leg gets chewed up. He’S he’s gon na get hurt. Quite a bit like, I feel, like it’s gon na, be a reminiscence of the Poirier fighter. How he got banged up pretty badly and I feel, like Mauro, is gon na bring that I know it’s a probably show care for him, but you know I feel like he just has his number. I mean I’ve seen the first fight and if it goes that way, I thought max won that first fight. I don’t I don’t know me – I’m gon na have to watch it again. So I thought that I thought max won the first fight, so I mean I guess if it goes way the same way I mean I I think I win again, but I think I have to be watching and see like how he lost. I know he he took some leg kicks and stuff like that, but it just didn’t seem like he just didn’t seem like he lost. You know it wasn’t. Oh, my god, like max, lost his title, I mean I guess he lost tree to two on the rounds, but it just didn’t feel like you know he lost his his his title. You know so I know max is good at making adjustments and yeah. I I think I think he will he’ll come up with to come out with the win baklanov ski all right I mean I I’ve seen I’ve seen him fight a bunch of times, but I just feel like I, I know max and I trained in max and I’Ve seen him like throughout his whole career, so I I hadn’t one thing I know what he will do is make adjustments. So, like you know, if you ask my personally, I think he’ll he’ll make the right adjustments. Just that’s just max Holloway there’s a very close fight. Obviously you know Volken opps he was was clear on sort of scorecards they’re always gon na be improving, aren’t they I mean listen max Holloway is gon na keep improving, but then so so again is Vulcan off ski. So I mean, I think max. Holloway is a little bit younger. I think it will see the finger. I don’t know like max Holloway. He comes out in fights and, like you know, he again he’s easy. He’S got a very, very slick. Sort of striking star he’s got a good way to defend the takedown, the stuff like that, and you know and he’s it again, also very extremely tough, but I do think it will probably go the same way that it did the first fight I mean, although they’re They’Re they’re are made, you know both of them are amazing athletes. I don’t really. I don’t really see if they’re all both improving at the same rate. I don’t see it for it to go any other way, even though it was close the first time round. So I think not Vulcan, obviously again we’ll edge it honestly, it’s hard to tell like max it. Holly’S interviews have been kind of weird. You know what I mean and, honestly I feel like always a camp. It’S like, what’s holding him back to almost you know what I mean like. The guy does not have like adequate training partners to be fighting at the lovelies fighting at, like. I guess some people like having a smaller tight-knit team, but you still need the bodies to come in and get the work like. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe I don’t even know what’s going on in his camp, but based on what you see on the like, based on what you can see from the outside, he doesn’t really have the bodies to make it happen so and Vulcan offs he’s just he’s A conditioning wise he’s a tear, you know what I mean he can just keep coming forward. His fight with Chad Mendes was amazing. No, he was able to get dropped, come for and it’s just uh he’s a really good fight IQ. You know you’ll, never see him waste a step or waste upon sure ways to take down. You know I mean he makes everything count for something and it’s always building to something like the leg kicks and stuff, and it’s just like that’s another thing. I seen one of hallways interviews like all the leg kicks weren’t, even affecting me pretty sure they were. You know I mean like it was pretty evident. You know so it’s like when you have someone in such denial, like that it’s kind of hard to believe that they’re gon na change, anything that satisfy you know I mean, I think, if I think, if anything, it’s gon na be Guzman, Guzman’s gon na probably try To try to grapple him, you know a lot of lot of Jorge’s losses came from really really good guys taking him down. You know a lot of not a lot of people stand at the distance with him. Definitely not now. So I think if we see Kumar getting beat it’s gon na be something he gets caught with. You know I mean late in the round. I don’t think it’s gon na be something early. I don’t see him diving in on a shot like aspirin. Did you know? I mean everybody knows that’s what Jorge is gon na be looking for. Is that knee? So I mean I love Mass, but I’ll. Do I’ve always been a man? I used to watch him when he did his bare-knuckle stuff and his street fighting yeah. I mean like that’s that I used to watch him before I fought. You know a lot of my buddies in high school used to watch all that stuff. So I’ve always been a big mass, a tall thin and it was oh, it’s really cool to see him. Come back these last couple years and do the things he’s been doing so it would be a heaven-sent day for me if he won the belt. You know what I mean like that would be cool to me because that’s a guy. I feel like for a lot of years in the sport. I love come our amusement. Sometimes I feel like he’s a little cliche. You know I mean, but that’s a lot of people in his ear prior telling him he’s got to say those things which you know. I understand it cuz you’re, trying to make the money I get it. I get it, but I just I wish I wish them both a lot, but I’m pulling from acid. Oh I like Matt at all man. I really man and I hope my dog goes out there knocks him out, but I I like math of it all, but I just don’t see him getting a job done. You know this he’s been loosens been training for five rounds, but you never know you know. Might come out there and throw that knee and knock him out and might be a rat. I hope that happens yeah. What a gangster you know. I I want as banal the win of court like more than anything, but I was just watching that woman Woodley fight it last night and like it was spin, has nasty wrestling. So I don’t know it’s gon na. I I think Guzman’s gon na take it in all honesty, but I wot not fit all the way, and I I imagine like I hope, that’s not like knocks him out before it gets to the point where, like they’re, just gassed out wrestling kind of thing, you Know, but I don’t know I I think huisman is gon na win. Unfortunately, in two days 48 miles is always gon na, be the BMF champ and the welterweight champ. I love watching him. That’S one dude! I really like. I know it’s as easy as going at a TT, but I don’t want to just go to a TT and see him. I would really gently like to sit down and talk to him about this everything you know cuz his his upbringing. I actually met Kimbo back in 2014 and, like it’s all off the wall, a little crazy, but he was I mean he it was enjoyable to talk to, and I think that Jorge would be kind of the same except the only difference is is raised roots our Street figher street fighting, but he’s got to fight for a world championship. Kimbo Conor was just a street fighter, you know and even though, like I respect them, I think he’s awesome. It’S like he’s not Jorge and where H is the man I can be man. I can’t wait to. I can’t wait to see him fight this weekend and bring home a championship. Is it I mean worthless or a mess with all has been actually another fire that I’ve been stealing [ __ ] from for my being my my you can buy my head cut so tell you, we’ve been watching masculine all since he was in W, since he Was in armed Strikeforce gas, he fought one of my old teammates Justin Wilcox in Strikeforce. That’S a close fight, but blastmaster boss, all he’s been a fighter fighter. That’S why my coach? That’S for my coach, my head coach started to watch him and like take stuff, he goes dude. Is he the guy sound like you? He he fights, I guess he’s a boxer. He kept on. He fights first and first and foremost he’s a fighter and that’s like that’s my mentality of how I fight as for him, take up his fight with short notice, I’m pretty sure they. They cost him up a whole bunch again we’re in the fight business and our body is the way that we do business. So they coughed him up some good money, so he probably jumped out to opportunity now. As for the fight, I don’t know man I’m mad, like I said, mask lost my man he’s been my man for man, he’s being math, but Maspeth all has had to write. Three fights he’s had to write three fights: yeah Nate Diaz, who had been off for a while. Then you got against and he also got tired in that fight. He got tired. They did make him tired with his face, he’s taking naked elbow and Nate, and they just keep coming here for make Diaz his face. He [ __ ] up my man, I’ve been asking uh and then he knocked out till and still was cutting too much weight. I know something about that. I used to cut 245, I get touched in the air and that [ __ ] go. I go back, no, not enough fluids around your brain. Before that he lost Stephen boy, wonder wonder boy then he’d be cowboy. I think you beat one more than Lhasa for that. I just think he has the right three. He hasn’t right. Three fights went up. I I think it’ll be a hard fight for masters before East one at first. How I think this mug gets all over that, like who’s buns, been training for a whole as a whole food training camp? Like you, don’t really I mean like yeah, I mean I would jump at the opportunity yes and is he’s a PMF for doing it? Hell? Yes, yes, yes, that’s all cool, that’s all cool, but then I gave you a bad little [ __ ], [, __ ], you, you [ __ ], your drinking party at your pink robe until his flies fly and then they’re like oh [, __ ]. You got ta [, __ ], this Nigerian psychopath who’s been training for with just engaging them up in Denver for the past month and a half, and this [ __ ] pissed off cause. He don’t like you, don’t get me wrong. Man, as with all can’t always go in there he’s, I got ta, say he’s a fighter fighter. That’S a known fact: he can go near do what he needs to do, but each one’s a [, __ ] problem that dude’s a problem. All right he’s a serious problem and and when he’s showing his last fighters, he don’t give a [ __ ] when he talk because indeed stayed on his abs teman, he stayed on, they didn’t shoot, no takedowns their punch and [ __ ] like and the simple Fact that he can shoot a takedown and slow the fight down and drag each drag minds with darling the late rounds. Where he’s like gasping for air, that’s hard to

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