Ep. #62 – Jasmine Jasudavicius

Jasmine Jasudavicius is a Canadian mixed martial artist who most recently competed in the stawweight division for Cage Fury FC. She is undefeated in both her professional and amateur career with three stoppage victories as a professional.


Jasmine Jasudavicius: Cool, so the house quarantine been, you know, actually hasn’t been too bad. For me, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to like work with a small group of guys that, like there’s, I think, like four four, sometimes five of us that would just like pretty much from from the stuff or we just only are with each other, and So we’re still able to get like two a day and – and I it’s almost been nice because I don’t have all the other responsibilities that I normally would have, and so I can literally just like focus on training. It’S pretty sick. What sorts of modifications have you made to the training? I guess obviously I’m sure you have that small group, but you know, is there any modifications, you’re doing doing a lot more cardio? What sorts of things were you doing? Yeah, I’m definitely doing a lot more cardio. I don’t have like all the the girl. I tell guys that I’m that I’m with so I don’t have like the girl partners. So that’s a little bit different and we’re working like a lot more wrestling lately, but not nothing like too crazy modified. But it’s nice because I’m working, like specifically my game, like what I like to do, as opposed to kind of like what the coach is teaching for the group and yeah I’m getting like tons of one-on-one work with my coach and it’s sick. I hear a lot of good things about a small group. I mean you see a lot of success with success with a camp like elevation, but at the same time, do you think having a variety of different training partners is a good thing as well, because you’re seeing something different every time right. I do a little bit of jujitsu, so if I roll with the same guy over and over again the day, I get something new, I’m lost. So do you think small camps good, or do you like a little bit of a little bit of both? I like a little bit of both, like, I think, a small camps good, because you have like that kind of like family bond and you you do know your partner and they know you so when you do catch them. You know that it’s really good like it. You said it you’re you’re, working, better setups or you’re you’re. You know being a little bit more deceptive with things. So that’s nice, but in addition, like with with my team, we do a lot of traveling where we will go to the big gym so that we’ll have different partners and like get that experience like a last camp, I was in Vegas for a couple weeks and Yeah I mean, with this whole pandemic thing. I haven’t doin any traveling, but that that’s kind of like what we do is well we’ll venture out, but we always come back home. You picked up. You picked a big up. You picked up a big big win in your last fight with vicious knees. No pun intended. We now finished three of your four fights. Is that your style? To finish it’s unusual, I don’t mean to sound bad, but it’s unusual to see this in the strawweight division. There’S not many finishes, they usually go to decisions. You know, there’s a lot of wrestling so where’d you get this style, and is it just a way to differentiate yourself or make yourself known, or is it just the way you fight a little bit there’s? Definitely, I feel like anyone who their style of fighting kind of matches their personality and it’s like the whole, my body spirit thing and you need it all to match, like you can’t take someone like Mike Tyson and try to get him to be like, like floating On the outside, like pop and moves kind of thing like it’s just his style and and so a lot of the clinch and like the kind of like making it making it a fight that that’s like kind of my style. But I am working on my weaknesses. Just in case, like I come into to a fight – and I need to to not use my strength so much because their strengths are greater than mine in that particular thing, but yeah I love the clinch. I love those knees and elbows I feel like. I just have like kind of a bit of a knack for them and I like getting finishes, I mean who doesn’t like getting frigid. I don’t get paid by the hour. I don’t want to go. I had a war. My second pro fight like I don’t want to do that again, I just wanted to get in there, get it done get the party started so you’re you’re undefeated at 115, which is really a good sign, especially in a division like that, where there’s not a whole Lot of talent, especially in the UFC, so what is next? Are you hoping for a call? What’S next? For you, I mean I’m still waiting to find out kind of. What’S going on, I speaking to my manager. Today we got a couple things in the works, but nothing’s confirmed yet I’m hoping to get something soon. I want to get back in there as soon as possible, so I hope I got good news for you like within the next week or so I will be talking to him on Tuesday, perfect, so Alaskan, then yeah that’d be awesome, so seen Canadian such as Anthony Romero who your teammate, with and also signed to to Matt dodge as well as TJ Laramie, to see these guys get contracts to the contender series. Is that something that’s nice to see and almost gives you a little bit of optimism knowing that Canadians are getting a shot, oh yeah, for sure, from what I’ve heard they haven’t booked any barrels. Yet so I mean maybe I can be there with Romero, but if not I’m hoping for, like maybe one one or two more fights and then maybe a contract right away, I won’t even have to go contender Series row, but I’d be happy doing either and yeah. I mean I would love it if I got the call right now, it’s to go, meet Romero down there, I’d be there, but, let’s see with with the state of everything going on, you know, organizations are having a hard time getting launched up. What was your overall opinion on the UFC being like? Let’S just get these fights on, let’s get people fights were you for it or against it. I mean obviously as a fighter who needs to get paid. I’M sure I’m sure you were all for it, but it’s just nice to hear a fighter’s perspective. Yeah I love it. I mean they from. I don’t know from what I’ve learned this this whole virus. It only affects like the LD and the young and I’m like in good physical condition, I’m healthy. I eat good like if I have it, I would beat it and then like what I don’t know. I don’t maybe it’s wrong and that I’m not like taking it. So serious probably is, but I think it’s sick that the UFC is still putting on shows it’s like it. It’S gon na be weird without like the fans, you know what watching that fight island thing. I can’t wait for that. That’S gon na be insane. I wish I was able to actually be there to to experience it. What, if one of my friends Vlad? Actually he he the one of my coaches and he’s down there cuz he does the translation, like the Russian translation. He keeps on sending us videos or like holy [, __ ], nuts. Ah man, I wish I got that call I mean I would have loved that just yeah me get over there. I’Ll translate I’ll do whatever I’ll take anything. I just want to be there yeah. Every second I’m there I don’t care, it’s awesome, Felicia Spencer, Sarah Kaufman, Alexis Davis. Is that your goal to have your name mentioned there, along with these Canadian female icons? Oh yeah, definitely I mean I’d like it better if it was like associated with, like GST years speaking of GSP he’s getting inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame, which is amazed. I’M surprised he wasn’t there all right what the heck! How is he not in there he’s yeah? So, what’s your what’s your opinion of George and have you ever met him and if not, what’s your opinion of him and his legacy that he’s lost on Canadian MMA he’s the goal, I think he’s the best fighter ever he’s always always so humble and I think, Represents Canada super well, I actually have met him. I was down in Tristar and we we did some marker sparring. It was before the Bisbing fight and he I forget what it was, but for some reason he wasn’t spar. Maybe it’s just that day was inspiring, but to get like reaction time like each person, would have a marker and like how the Gaul goes on and you would have to. You would have to like hit them like mark them three times and then you win, and so I got to do it with him. It’S like so much fun. If you go on my Instagram, you can see a video of us like doing it, but yeah. It was sick he’s such a nice guy super humble. We are like fortunate enough to go to his private gym because um there was like a small group that was going, and so I saw that and that place is nuts like, but yeah he’s such a good dude. So speaking of Canadian MMA, it’s really unusual. You only hear of a handful of Canadian fighters making it to the UFC, because it’s not as big as it is in the United States, usually in the US, there’s wrestling throughout high school and universities and then they transition into MMA. That said, what got you into it because, usually up here, it’s either hockey ring at lacrosse. That’S it yeah um! Actually, it’s funny. I didn’t have any background in any like martial arts or anything like that. I went so my boyfriend here, coaches wrestling, and so he was helping Jason say: go prepare for like one of his UFC fights, so he was going out to Prince Edward Island to to help him with with a training camp and he’s like. Oh, you want to come with me like yeah, obviously like Loc food good to do it, and so when we were there we’re in the gym a lot – and I was like watching like this – actually looks really cool. They were sparring and I’m like guys. Let me spar, let me start and they’re like you’re, not sparring, like you, don’t know anything, and so after practice, Jason, like moved around with me and he’s like you know, you have like a bit of natural ability like. If you start training, you might be able to like make a run at it, and I was like kind of like yeah okay, but I was like that’s like really cool to think about and then I actually went to the to the event. I started training a little bit more when we got back and then it was a couple weeks later I went, I actually went to the it was a UFC Ottawa and I saw it and I saw like the production and how sick it was, and I’m like. Oh, this is awesome, so then one came back started, training right away, but when we were there I was there was like my best friend and I was like talking to her during their venom. Like you know, like, I think, I’m I think I might trying to make a run at this and she’s like yeah. Okay, if you make the UFC I’ll I’ll, get your face, tattooed on my ass and then so literally now, to this day, she’s like [ __ ], like I’m gon na get your face tattooed all that, like she’s, accepted that she’s gon na have together and like Her boyfriends, like okay, I guess you’re gon na you’re, getting it like it’s crazy thing now. That said, that’s actually one of the funniest stories I’ve heard about you know people getting involved in it. It’S great! You put all that on the you know, I mean I’m sure at the time she was like I’ll, never happen, so exactly yeah cuz. It was like five years ago I haven’t thrown a punch in my life or anything like that. It’S just like yeah, okay, it was it just worked out so perfect. Describe the your first fight for me whether what was the nerves like. Were you like? Oh my god, or was it just like? You were calm as a I’m, a swimmer and every time I swam I would get nervous. So I can’t imagine what it would be like to go in and have someone who’s trying to kill you in front of you and not be nervous yeah. It was super nerve-wracking. You know it was like one of those things where I was like standing there waiting to go. Oh and I’m just like. Oh my god, like I’m right here, like what am I gon na, do it’s like? That’S! No worse, just standing there waiting and waiting and waiting and, like you hear your song and then you’re like oh, I can’t turn back like I remember, just being like all right, we’re doing it and I just started walking. I was like [ __ ], and then it was like autopilot after that, like there was like no thought in my head at all. I just like went in and they did my thing. Does it get better like fight to fight like now? Do you still have those same nerves or is it just your calm? Now I still get nervous, of course, but I understand the nerves like I just I understand it’s part the process and I just like almost accept them. I I’m not like thinking like, oh my god, I’m nervous, whereas that’s what I was like thinking before, whereas now I’m just like okay, I’m there. It’S like this is what we do. We do this every like we go in and we spar at practice. It’S the same thing: it’s just I go in there and I do my thing. I don’t I’m not overthinking, I’m not doing that thing. I just accept that I’m gon na go get into a fight, it’s hard for me to imagine what that would be. What that would be like I mean I do Jiu Jitsu, so it’s a little bit different without someone punch like if someone’s punching me in the face it’s completely different than now, you don’t have the option of tapping race, so I can’t have you on here. Without talking about Matt dodge I’ve talked to Andre Ewell, I’ve talked to Anthony Romero, and now I’m talking to you and one thing that I’ve noticed about all three of you is how easy it is to talk to you. It’S a diem away and you’re answering so I think it’s it just shows a lot about about him as a manager. So could you describe for me what what he’s like as an individual and as a manager yeah awesome? I literally could like never say anything bad about him. He he works hard for us. He it was sick. I actually had a fight near Cape Cod. He let us like stay at his his family’s. Like Cape house. It was like he’s the bass that always will send us packages with like a cute little card and anytime. I need anything I messaged him within two minutes. He was like replying and he’s getting the answers and he’s he’s on top of it. I I can’t like no he’s he’s the best he’s awesome. One thing: one thing I noticed especially in MMA is bad. I guess negative attention is good attention. You see guys like John Jones Conor McGregor, Sean O’Malley, colby covington, there they’ve really blown up, but not for the right reasons, and what I like about it group is they’re all positive, they’re, all good people to talk to you. So I guess: what’s your advice for people who are coming up in the sport who really see guys like Conor, who have just gotten negative attention, but they’ve blown up? How do you tell them to just like stay humble? What’S what’s your message, I think more. Just like be yourself, like, I think, some people, their personality, is a little bit like a. I guess like shall we and douchey, but I yeah just just be yourself: don’t try to like be a fake or anything like if you’re, a nice person just be a nice person. Look at George st. Pierre, like he’s very successful and was always nice, always humble, always respectful, like you, you don’t have to you, have to be this like villain anymore, which is nice. How do you it’s hard, I guess to because it mean the best way to brand yourself right now, especially in MMA, is to kind of do it WWE style and call people out and in case of Mike Perry, punched an old guy yeah. But so it’s really weird to see you don’t see it in hockey or you don’t see it in soccer where, but in MMA, really to get your name out there. You have to be brash, you have to be bold, so it’s it’s it’s different. It’S definitely a different in terms of I guess, compared to other sports mm-hmm yeah like I’d like to ask you your predictions on a fight. That’S that’s a ways away. It’S probably the one that I’m looking most forward to Daniel Cormier and steep a neo judge. Three. What’S your predictions on that fight, oh, I think I think Cormier is gon na take it. I think that that wrestling grind that he has. I think that that I’ll take it. I really like Cormier too, so I maybe I’m biased because of that and and what about the fights this weekend? What do you have for that main event? Jorge Maz we’d, all someone. I love six days notice yeah. What a gangster you know I I want Matt’s been all the way enough court like more than anything, but I was just watching that Leishman Woodley fight it last night and like it’s been, has nasty wrestling. So I don’t know it’s gon na. I I think Guzman’s gon na take it in all honesty, but I wot not fit all the way. No, I imagine like I hope, that’s not like knocks him out before it gets to the point where, like they’re, just gassed out wrestling kind of thing, you know, but I don’t know I I think it’s gon na win. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I said. I was uh submitting my my predictions for the fight and I was like I put my head down. I was like I really don’t want to write komaru, but I love Jorge – and I like one too, but you know Jorge, is just he’s just real he’s himself. Exactly yeah but kind of goes back to that last point where he hasn’t tried to be someone who’s, not it just kind of sold itself yeah um, one last question actually to one of them a one non MMA one so have you ever said your name right? Next to you, wan na yeah J check yeah what I was in New York there she was, it was like me at Times Square and there was a one of the screens and I had her fighting someone. You know I like took a picture and then put my name over the girl. She was my friends. It would be hilarious if that fight were happened somewhere down the road. I can just imagine so many people butchering those two names next to JJ verse. Jj. Did you watch the way Jenna fight? Oh, that’s like my favorite, yes, so good, the entire time you’re like on the edge of your seat. What do you think it’ll take to beat someone like way? Alicia Hank, she just looks so good everywhere. I don’t know. Probably I think I don’t know how we’re like when she gets put on her back is I got to watch a little bit more, but I think wrestling like grinder up against the cage a little bit to take some of her power away and maybe like take Her down for sirs play that, like takedown she’s, got a fighter way up takedown you got ta fight away like bad game to like wear her out. Maybe I don’t know, but she’s got a good wrestling, so she’s she’s, gymnastic, he’s very good last question and then I’ll, let you go throughout the quarantine. What sorts of things you’ve been doing outside of training, to keep your mind occupied and not go crazy. You know I’ve been doing a lot of walks like I wake up early and go for a walk or like me before I go to bed, I go for a walk. I’Ve been trying that Kundalini Yoga heard you can like get a crazy like trip off of it, like DMT style kind of thing, so I’m like I’ll try it so far, nothing, but it feels good like it wakes you up in the morning, I’m I like it, But I’m probably not doing it, I’m just watching youtube videos and try and but yeah I tried yoga once and it’s a it’s a hundred percent. Not for me, it hurts ya, know the regular. Do guy wasn’t a fan, but it’s like Kundalini one. It’S like mostly just breathing stuff. It’S a you know wim HOF, how he does like the breathing techniques. It’S like kind of similar to to that idea. I’Ll have to I’ll have to go. I’Ve always wanted to try DMT, so this is probably easier way to do. It yeah, as for you, if you were to get a call today, are you good to go or you you and fight shape? Are you ready, oh yeah, good, to go? I I mean I’d be hoping that it would be more than six days to make weight to make a hundred fifteen pounds, but I would yeah I’d be down right now if he called me right after this interview. I’D be there Oh awesome. Thank you very much for the time. Hopefully we get to see you out there soon. Hopefully it’s in the UFC contender series, one of these things anytime, there’s a Canadian fighting, I’m always rooting for them. So all the best – and hopefully we see you soon. Thank you. So much for having me all right, not a problem, don’t catch anything make sure you keep washing your hands anything now. Thank you all right. All the best. Okay, but

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