Ep. #61 – Khama Worthy

Khama Worthy is a mixed martial artist who competes in the Lightweight division of the UFC. The Pittsburgh Academy standout also picked up the 247 Lightweight Championship and is undefeated in his UFC career.


Khama Worthy: So uh and how have you been? That’S the the world is going crazy right now with the pandemic and everything going on right now in the United States howhow. Are you doing? How is quarantine treated you in the family? Um, it’s pretty much good, I’m alive. So I’m one up on a Super Mario game with that one. So again I can’t complain there. I was. I was able to fight again. So that’s another, that’s another one up so like my business was shut down for a little bit with reopening it star. So we’ll just kick back a man, so I’m counting my blessings man. I can’t complain about it. Like I said, a lot of people are doing a lot worse, so yeah, I’m just making sure I’m counting my blessings, yeah, I’m up in Canada. So it’s everything got locked down and it’s still locked down essentially so la yeah. I can’t do a whole lot. They opened their just opened up like regular gyms now, but you have like an hour long window to get there. So if you want to shout and stuff and like it’s, it’s pain and it’s awful so by the time you get there and stuff, you have like half an hour to do stuff, and then you got to leave really see like they did. It opened up the gyms here like pretty open. You do kind of do like you spoke, I suppose were math. My Anna made Kim’s reopen uh. I just have people like worth like a whole bunch of hand, sanitizer her to spraying everything every day and spraying stuff. If someone goes out of town to like uh at kovat, 19 hotspot or my guild, don’t come in for two weeks, you know I mean go quarantine ago, get that there or whatever, like you, know, so we’re just kind of keeping it. In that sense, yeah I mean you’ve. You had a very successful performance. What what is it now a week in a couple days away? Yeah so walk me through that finish, I mean super impressive. I thought he was gon na. I thought he was gon na, be the grappler going into it. I mean he ducked low. He went straight for the neck and seconds later you got your hand, raised yeah, you’ll. First of all and walk us through that finish. Yeah man I mean like I, everyone else is surprised again. It comes down to it. Everyone else is sitting over there like Kaiser and SpongeBob. What’S going on out and I’m like well, I knew that was going to happen like that was my plan. I told my coach I’m like if he shoots on me, I’m gon na [ __ ] guillotine, because I he’s gon na he’s gon na she’s gon na shoot, because I’m punching he’s not gon na shoot. Like I said, I was gon na shoot because he’s getting crunchings gon na be desperately shooting and that’s what I do when people desperately shoot again. He knows I’d like to formally apologize, because when you made your debut, I thought you were gon na lose yeah you and a whole bunch of people. Y’All say everyone said that everyone was like. I think there was like from Pittsburgh and that’s it. Betting odds was so damn high and his purse made a whole bunch of [ __ ] money. You know last last weekend I was like. Oh Louise Pena is gon na win and he did not. So I like to apologize. Man and it’ll be the last time that happens. So it’s okay, I’m new. It’S the odds like I’m like, like [, __, ] Hunger Games. The odds are not in my [ __ ] favorites, there’s not like I’m older. These guys are younger. They have way they all have. Like piñas has like three fitted three two finishes in the UFC: here’s only two losses for my split decision. He had never been, he had never been finished in his pro career and then they looked at me and I, like all this [ __ ]. Oh he cranes out his little personal Jimmy has in Pittsburgh. He doesn’t train with any UFC fighters. Pena was training at aka and he’s got an American top there. It’S gon na get [ __ ], smarter. I get it, that’s it. When do you calculate – and you look at it like this, unless you really look at the opponent’s that fight and the people I fought and how I fought, and you wouldn’t really understand he’s back. Oh, this guy’s, like six years older him like the average 55 verse 27. That’S where you start hitting you’re traveling you’re 27 then like you’re, 30, 32 dude kind of like maxing out 33. It’S like oh yeah, 33, 33, 34. 35. It’S like you’re kind of getting to the end of your career at 155, but for me it’s different: I’m [ __ ] them. Maybe I’m a Martian less. You sure. A lot of people don’t know this, but you’re 6.now, race, 18, 18, wins. 16. 6. 16. 16. Is next I’m just adding to on I’m predicting the future, I’m predicting the future so 16 and 6, but for the 4 losses you have outside of the UFC? Four of those guys were yeah you’re. Second, second or third fight was against Paul Felder, like that’s crazy. Bailey core: until oh, not Bizet, assess I mean you’ve got. You fought some high level guys. So was there ever a time where you were like outside the UFC outside looking and being like man, all these guys that I thought the guys have lost you they’re, getting the shot when’s my time gon na come yeah. I was sitting there hey and drinking that much [ __ ] on these [ __ ]. When I did, I was like at my last fight before I got before I got signed by the USC. You can look online you’ll find as me versus Adam Moore. He had just fought the Bellator and stuff. I just knocked him out in the third round, and I remember I said that my and I’m like I’m watching these fights, I’m watching or was a bum ass, [ __ ], because that’s what I did like I would be sitting there watching these fights. Like he’s. [ __ ] trash he’s [ __ ] trash. He has no heart he’s trash. He doesn’t want to fight he’s trash he’s an athlete, no fighter he’s not athletic. He just [ __ ], I’m just real ins. Watch these guys, like garbage garbage garbage garbage trash garbage. He’S good garbage and I thought watching would frustrate to serve you like. I just go down and then I’d prepare for another fight in that fight, and then I talk some more [ __ ] and that causes people in line talk about a lot of fight and [ __ ]. Then you fight again and now, I’m here and I’m like all right cool. What’S thanks, it’s taking me to fights for people. It’S [, __, ], crazy, but now I got ta run with it. Now like like, like pee, is correct. Louie’S school was fun, but he did he kind of like he didn’t downplay me, but he said I was expecting somebody a little higher up in the UFC or more UFC experience stuff. For me. Don’T get it twisted. Your seats doesn’t mean [, __ ]. I have fight experienced, combat experience like that’s dangerous. You fight a guy who’s who’s been around a while, like that’s a dangerous time like um, I mean, like I’m gon na get mad. It’S just coming to this point like it’s. It’S just it’s it’s different for, like I said, and I understand why people really didn’t see me and expect me to win it and now [ __ ], like oh you’re gon na [, __ ], run dude they’re, like yo, chill dawg. Let me [ __ ] get some fighting call out this [ __ ] and start winning on top 15. I might not I’m gon na get there well my nice smooth time, even though I have a lot of time. Cuz, I’m older, but not look, I’m looking to frickin get fights. According to my payroll. I told you about all the time. I’M not fighting the top 15 guys if he can make 10 times when I’m making and get we’re both gon na get [ __ ] up cuz. I took 15 guys there’s no way around it. Yeah is there a yeah? I mean after your fight. I was like first name that came to mind was someone else who looked super impressive? It was Jim Miller. I was like. Oh my god. Could you imagine another veteran amazing guy, but is there another name that comes to mind off the top of your head or you just whoever they throw at me now again Jim? How long was Jim Miller being at USC he’s been in the US forever forever? That means he’s on like his third contract, so Jim Miller’s, probably making $ 80,000 to show an $ 80,000 to win. You know how much I made for my last fight I’ll, tell you cuz the shit’s all over the place 14 and 14. I’M not fighting that! [ __ ] dude the risk of what’s the risk and reward for me like unless I win, I can get his [ __ ] purse didn’t went to get his purse. What good does it take me to fight somebody? That’S been around for that long unless they say. Oh, you win this fight and we’ll give you 70 percent pay raise and then instead, I’m gon na. Do my proper dues and built my way built my career up, smartly and make money and then get then get to those fights and take those fights when it’s necessary and that’s a big thing I’m like? Why was it benefit me? If I be like the good thing, is people get you closer to the title? Do you know how many [ __ ] there are at 155, like Jim Miller’s and then Jim Miller is in the top 15, like he’s not like judo Burr just hit the spot. 15, he’s on like a four-fight wintery to some [ __ ] right just too many [, __ ] at 155. So the actual time it takes to get to the title. There’S no need for me to be frightened. Guys are making way more money than me and then I’m out there putting like we’re we’re in the paying business. I my body is literally my work, so I’m not going like a fight with Jim Miller is going to be war. I’Ll say that, like that’s, gon na be [ __ ] hard, it’s gon na, be it’s gon na be wear and tear on my body preparing for it just came to fight it’s office will be wearing chair for, like almost 4:30 grand. If I win the [ __ ] out of here when he get 200 grand I’m cool man, I’d rather fight somebody. It’S like heads to UFC fights. I mean [ __, ] piñon made twice as much as I did ain’t you need only had 6 USD fight. So I’m right now, I’m a fight fight. Accordingly, unless they’re willing to pay more money, I’m a fight fight support, I mean there’s a bunch of guys, there’s a [ __ ] ton of 55. I was like just pipe accordingly, this fight them and then once I get to my second contract I start pushing forward. Then I start taking on proper fights for a proper amount of money. Yeah you’re, a lightweight I mean, there’s, there’s so many options. There’S hundreds of fighters like it being a hundred and some fighters he’s just a hundred hundred and thirty seven fighters like so. Why would I go to already jump right? This guy’s? I get right your front Mike. That’S not how it happens, then guys be not fighting guys and that do it. There’S too many [ __ ] people. What was it like competing in an empty arena? I mean I’m sure, I’m sure you I mean you’ve had so many fights, but I’m sure that one had to be unusual probably felt more like a like a sparring session rather than a fight, and it didn’t because once you start to hit me it pisses me. The [ __ ] off so I get hit. I know I’m gon na fight like the minute, I’m in the back, and I started hitting my coaching’s in that circle. So, like I have an interesting being ivory head coach, his name is Dan. His price is real government name by calling master white face and he hath my CAF’s his his thigh goes all the way down to his foot. His leg is just really thick, like he’s really did his castle. Like look like look like my 5 seriously, it’s so mean him he’s been. My he’s been my head coach for a minute. Now he’s missed a couple five weeks, but he wasn’t ever come for this fracas. You guys he planned on vacation with his family and I didn’t want to mess that all up. So let’s call you vacate somebody I’ll take my other two coaches. My my head i’ma make my hair makeup, stay socks and my boxing clothes Chris Williams. I took well for them, but normally when I get ready for fights, I kick him like raw. Like no shin pads know anything. I kick his legs. I kick his stomach. I put the kicks right on him. Shin Ross [ __ ] against his bone against his thighs and stuff, and he takes it he’s just a he’s. Just a thick [ __ ]. I was in the back [ __ ] up my other coach, get used to that and, and they know like when I’m getting ready for a fight in the garden, I’m doctor I’m kick and soon I start kick. I just start kicking people for real, like I’m out there and I think my brain starts. Registering I’m kicking them kicking, I’m kicking them punch, I’m punching the check like I’ll hit the pass, and then I want to hit something real I’ll. Tell me how you get something real like a person, a body. I need to get that feeling in my brain some of my brain, so I lose the proper proper like chemicals. Let me know I’m in a fight and I go and I go and then my my wrestling coach and my head it made coach Dave. Sacks is a short little guy, but we start grappling and there’s a video. If that’s the fear they use like prepare for the fight they’re like up next come and I’m grappling with him and I’m like someone is amazing and he was like you know she was so freakin around and let me think, but he was like he like. I totally go Horner. We were going extremely on and the next night, so I know I’m ready for a fight still. I can touch me, but I don’t like to be touched before fights. I don’t I don’t like this. I don’t smack hands on the way down before fights, because in my head, I’m like sparking off like everything’s zapping off and like a [, __ ] Super Saiyan. You touch me the wrong way: I’ll sort spasm, [, __ ] out, so I’m like, I don’t swap hands in a way I could stay in the zone. I’Ll wait till I get took some charging up when I get any rage, it’s like time to go yeah. It’S funny to see your complete contrast, like guys, for example, like Mike Perry, you’ll be dancing their way to the Octagon dancing, what they get once they get there. I’M like. How are you preparing for a fight if you’re, just dancing right before I get get that I like I’ve, had fights when I come out fun, but I’m so sold in? I just don’t like to be touched like I don’t like to be because I’m like harnessing I’m like harnessing energy the whole time like if I’m taking in that. Like my first UFC fight, I came out to drink God’s plan and I was excited, but I didn’t what I didn’t really want to touch me my mind sucking getting energy, I’m thinking I’m taking I’m taking I’m taking energy. I don’t really want to like. Let any of it out by being touched until I get down to coaches smack me to wake me up and get me getting back into cage. Was there? Was there any nerves going into that UFC debut? I know a lot of people like. Oh, my god, on your UFC debut, is so nervous or nerve-racking. We watched it yeah. Unfortunately, there wasn’t and then this last fight there were no nerves again, so I’m like maybe I’m just like a freaking serial killer, so [ __ ], but I got nervous in my my last local fight by fine. I was almost nervous. I threw up before the fight like my mom, the one before I fight Devante. Three weeks before I fought the one day I was so [ __ ] nervous, like my my family, was there like. I had all my gym and I was there or else the main thing everyone’s there I’m supposed to win. I was above all my throw up. I went out there, but I had to like really get into my zone to come out to it right, but I liked my walk out. Song has a lot to do with me, also like zoning in on my way on my way out there so out, come on I’ve come out to life, everything from Stevie Wonder to Rihanna I mean I picked everything like my last walk. All sudden. I came out to jay-z before that I came out like I said I came out to Drake for my first fight and before that I came out to freaking Damian Marley welcome to jamrock something like every. My songs, like my song, has there’s a reason for me. Picking my song, because they’re just releasing certain themes, I know how I’m gon na feel and like that’s, why I picked welcome to Jemma cuz. That’S that’s like it’s relaxing, but it’s also like in your [ __ ] face. I knew I was gon na be nervous flat fights. I want a bit of song. It relaxes me, but also make me make sure I’m in the zone at the same time, so that all comes into helping me chill out and properly focus on the fight going into this last fight. There was a you’re getting Michael Johnson there’s so many names up in the air. Was there ever a point where you’re like look man, I just need. I need a full training camp. I need an opponent, so I can focus on that opponent or you just at that point. Just give me anybody asked when the pandemic started. My manager said you’re gon na get a file in three weeks notice, that’s to all the drinking people, so I would alright. So he shot me Pena, he shot me Louie and I’m like. Of course, I would get the [ __ ] six foot, four [ __ ], like no one’s, been trained with a six foot: four southpaw with [ __ ] long legs and [ __ ] likes to take like yeah who [ __ ] been trained with this Guy, but luckily I got my main training partner is as fast southpaw, so I was able to really get some help, but then I got some really tall guys out here and I box with and some tall guys, starting that bomb they can switch the ghost up. They switch the wind South Pole and gave me some work and stuff so because I was because I go in southpaw, a lot of my traps and stuff are set up for South Falls and worthless. I can go in with any of them because my main 20, my main training partner, is a southpaw, so it made it easier that fight wasn’t like oh he’s, a southpaw, I’m so confused on this example. It’S cool means for certain things I was talking to. I was talking to Joe car clothes earlier today, fellow UFC lightweight and one of the things he said he’s awesome man he was. He was unbelievable to talk to you, but yeah he’s an Arizona. He’S got a small training camp there. One of the things I asked him was like has there ever been a thought to like go to an ATT or aka, and this is a good example where, if there’s a, if you’re matched up with a guy like Louise Pena, there’s so many more resources than Att, but you don’t get the hands-on that you would at a smaller camp. So so what I mean, what are the pros and cons? I guess of training it at a smaller camp and has there ever been a thought of maybe doing like a training camp at a big one? No, my biggest thing is, I consider myself. I know I’m a world-class striker. I have a namely world-class striker and in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we have some of the highest ranked wrestlers in the world so anywhere I’m a world-class striker. I have at least four or five really good great strikers like and like put in and put in and work with me, and then I have some of the best grapplers in the world. I have div d1 wrestlers. I can walk to every [, __, ], gym and there’s. Like least three d1 rested with their [ __ ] big-ass ears and [ __ ], and they just hold you into a four-vector black belt sander. This man, like you, guys, are doing worlds and so like so for me, I’d rather take precision over over over comfortability of doing different, looks and stuff I can. I can. I can go with amateurs and get different looks. I just toned my skill down and then look for a certain like that’s what my head coach place. We do, he makes me go with everyone. You like tells me to work certain things really doing this you’re. Only looking for this you’re only working for this, because this is what they do good, let’s, let’s work on what they do good and try to make it bad. You know I mean, don’t just do what you do naturally make them just win. Don’T just look to win, I don’t win every round of sparring. Like I make sure I don’t win every round ass barn. I try to beat my opponent at what they’re doing, but I don’t try to just win the round. I’M not just you ever win the round like now, there’s certain guys that I’m in they’re, like I’m, just trying, I just fight because we’re like trying to kill each other. But if I’m one with someone that doesn’t have my skill set, then I just look. I look I look to like set up different traps on my head in different ways to do things and like play, though their skill set. You know I mean okay, this guy likes to play hints at all right. This whole rhyme gon na work everything inside everything to me inside everything. To me, like you know, I mean this guy likes to push me backwards. Alright cool this round, I’m only gon na push forward. I’M only gon na force him to like to be pushing at me, so I just could just, and you could do that even like you can grab from anyone cuz like anyone. Can anyone could be dangerous if you allow them to be gainers? That’S just what I do. I just forced myself to allow people to be dangerous, and then I pick up certain things and then, when I want to implement my plan, I can put it and see how my plan works when I’m in someone else’s like field of expertise when it comes to Striking when it comes to grappling, I think, there’s a ton of [ __ ]. I could just work with whenever I got my mic. My head coach Dave sacks he’s frickin phenomenal on the ground he’s trained at aka. We trade American talked about with curved blades out and freaking uh Chicago he’s been all around the world. He’S trains phenomenal like high-level wrestler, and then I have d1 wrestlers here d1 wrestling there, they weren’t black belt Blackwell. I think I can get high-level guys to do that stuff, guys who do that, so I’m not worried about being able to do that so right now and really in the lightweight division. I don’t think anyone. I don’t really see anyone could give me major major problems. I watch a lot of fighting like I watch all types of fighting, boxing high-level, kick box and that’s, I think, a lot of MMA fighters. Don’T do. Is they don’t want to kick boxing, but I can tell when they [, __ ] fight couldn’t do stupid. [ __ ] and I’m like you, don’t watch kickboxing. I watch high level more time. I watch high level kickboxing I mean I watch high-level American Kickboxing. I watch i watch every type of every form of striking. I watch boxing. I watch old boxing videos. I, like the steel and i steal [ __ ] from people i still [ __ ]. That makes the kind of ads and play action to play to me and stuff like i was a big fan, esra in the Sawyer’s way before he came to the OC. When he was kickboxing – and I remember when he when he finally started doing MMA – I was like oh [, __ ], China. Anyway, I was kind of cool he made GOC, so I’ve been. I consider myself to be a student of striking I’m out of kick boxing out of boxing that I think a student strike. I want to learn how to strike at the highest levels of high, and I want to be able to do stuff that most people can’t do, and I think in my fights, that’s what makes it so difficult. I don’t do the basic stuff and then I do do the basic stuff I can like change rhythm and, like I said something in my pre-fight meeting with Dominick Cruz and he was like um. So what’s your plan? I’M gon na get in his chest and uh and uh, who was it uh Michael Bisping was like oh that me you’re gon na graph with him like? No, no, no, I mean I’m when he getting is I’m gon na get in his chest in the way of he’s six foot four, so I’m gon na find myself in the medium range I can’t be out, and I can’t be too deep. I have to be in him everything I do has to be a medium range. I have to move my head to make him miss punches once he starts. The missed. Punches didn’t want, be conflict, throwing his punches off anytime, you fight. So when it’s longer than you, you have to move your hand, make them miss punches once they miss punches, then you take away their natural ability to feel comfortable. It’S like punching a mm ball. You miss four punches. You don’t feel comfortable about it. Now I’m gon na beat you to a target and that’s basically what I did the punch and it was like my cut. My head coach was like two seconds into the fight. I knew we were completely safe cuz. He goes. He punched, you punch, he punched. You double part she punched you hit, he punched you hit again and then he’s looking like off [ __ ]. I know I’m sure and I got asked to think he’s like I’m trying at this big name Jim, I said I’m like you haven’t seen it. You haven’t seen it all. Like you say you don’t have someone telling you like, okay, this guy’s going to change the tempo I change tempo of fights midway through fights. I can pick up deescalate pick up and deescalate on purpose with the conscious brain not just like, because I’m doing I’m doing it consciously like knowing when I’m doing knowing how to increase the tempo around or decrease the tip. Knowing how to draw you win this stuff. Knowing how to make you step certain ways knowingly, you don’t feel comfortable, I’m seeing how you react, I’m seeing how you, how you faint I’m, seeing what you do when I fail I’m doing and I’m doing all this all while I’m fighting and I’m looking straight at You I’m never taking my arms and I’m never looking for a takedown. That’S the scary part. Most people in MMA are always to punching to set up takedowns, I’m not punching just up, I’m punching to knee you kick you or punch you in the face again and when people realize that it’s really scary, like all this guys here, a [ __, ] fight Fight and it’s scary, so then they start shooting like. If you watch my fight, my coach starts screaming in the first round he’s already shooting because he’s already shooting he does be like we’ve already done it, we’ve already forced the shot, he’s already forced to take down 11. So I knew even if he got even as he got my backer and second round knew. I’M like all I have to do is get back up. Cuz, I’m gon na be able to get him because I know me how he’s gon na be shooting now he’s gon na be reaching out long I’ll, be able to stuff it Biggs neck and that’s exactly what happened and I had that plant down like I had Five or six different rates for me to finish the fight, and now it’s just one of them just because the things that he does and things that I do and me making him respond to certain things. I think, like you mentioned, like I think, studying other like glory watching glory watching my tie watching all these other things goes a long way like want one of the biggest greatest examples. I like to look as the sage Northcutt fight when he went to one Fc right. Everyone was like oh he’s, gon na steamroll Cosmo know who knows no walk. Let’S click! What the [ __ ]! Are you talking about? That’S the thing the biggest thing with MMA gyms is MMA gyms. I sparred with pro boxers, like one of my main sparring partners in bill. Hearts, like my main spar part, might get worked with him in his bill. Hutchinson he’s like 18 and 2 as a pro bouncer. He has a. He has a world title fight, coming up, I’ve trained with other pro boxer like 12 and 3 or 12 and one another God set, I’m seven and old, and I just and I don’tjust I don’tjust get in here and survive. I like give them the [ __ ] work and they give me to working we and we do it and I get comfortable under pressure. A lot of MMA fighters don’t get comfortable under pressure. They only think MMA. Grappling is the way to stop the pressure. So what do you do when that guy steps back and keeps punching? What were you doing? That guy starts kicking I mean, like I tried to train with Pro kick boxers like I do rounds were not allowed to grapple all the time. I’Ve! No there’s no [ __ ] wrapping we’re only kickboxing. So now you have to [ __ ] I mean like every MMA Eddie, everybody knows people, just we just grapple right and we’ll just promise everyone just rest, no one. Just like it’s hard for me, but oh yo, we’re only kickboxing but oh well. I can’t grapple no [ __ ] we’re only kickboxing, so you have to get used to like getting kick box with a venture you’re gon na run into that guy who’s little sprong. It’S gon na throw you the middle finger, he’s to tell you he wants to punch your face in that’s what just engage he does. He just breaks people because they’re just not used to that anything keeps the pace on. He applies pressure and he stays in the chest and most people be trying to shoot on and he sprawling he’s still punch and they’re looking around and he’s just in your in your dick hole all the time it’s like a very Aaron’s hitting, and it’s once filament You get that you’re calculating you’re moving forward, you’re doing that you’re doing you brake people, you break them before their bodies break you break them mentally, and that’s what I’d like to do on opponents another guy who’s very much like just engaged. He, where he’s in your face, he’s gon na fight every time is fighting this weekend or hame Hospital step on six days. Note, what’s your thoughts on a Jorge Masvidal, being the baddest [ __ ] in the world, stepping up and flying the other side of the world and fighting for a title? And so what’s your opinion on the fight? Who do you think wins it I mean worth it or and whereas with all has been actually another fire that I’ve been stealing [ __ ] from for my being my my you can buy my head cut so tell you, we’ve been watching Maspeth all since she Was in W, since he was in arm Strikeforce Cassie fought one of my old teammates Justin Wilcox in Strikeforce I was a close fight, but less myzel dogs. All he’s been a fighter fighter. That’S why my coach? That’S what my coach, my head coach, started to watch him and like take stuff, he goes dude. Is he the guys kinda like you? He he fights, I guess he’s a boxer. He kept on. He fights first and first and foremost he’s a fighter and that’s like that’s my mentality of how I fight as for him take up this fight was short notice, I’m pretty sure they. They cost him up a whole bunch again we’re in the fight business and our body is the way that we do business. So they coughed him up some good money, so he probably jumped out to opportunity now. As for the fight, I don’t know man I’m mad, like I said max lost my man he’s been my man for man he’s being math, but math McCall has had to write. Three fights he’s had to write three fights: yeah Nate Diaz, who had been off for a while. Then you got me again and he also got tired in that fight. He got tired. They did make him tired with his face, he’s, kicking natan, elbow and Nate, and they just keep coming. He was getting for mcdeere’s his face. He [ __ ] up my man, I’ve been asking uh and then he knocked out til and still was cutting too much weight. I know something about that. I used to cut 245, I get touched in the air and that [ __ ] go. I go back. No, not enough fluids around your brain before that he lost the Stephen boy, wonders wonder boy then he’d be cowboy. I think you beat one more than Lhasa for that. I just think he has. The right is right. Three fights when I thought I I think it’ll be a hard fight for mass before um he’s going at first, I don’t know. I think this one gets all over, that it isn’t like who’s. Buns been training for a whole as a whole food training camp. Like you, don’t really I mean I would jump at the opportunity yes and is he’s a PMF for doing it? Hell? Yes, yes, yes, that’s all cool, that’s all cool, but then I get you a bad [. __ ], you shake it. You, oh [, __ ], you’re drinking party at your pink robe until his flies fly and then they’re like oh [, __ ]. You got ta fight, this Nigerian psychopath who’s been training for with just engaging them up and giver for the past month and a half and this [ __ ] pissed off cause. He don’t like you, don’t get me wrong. My eyes with dog can’t always go in there. He’S, like I say, he’s a fighter fighter. That’S a known fact: he can go near do what he needs to do, but each one’s a [, __ ] problem that dudes a problem. Alright he’s a serious problem, and – and would he show in his last fight as he don’t give a [ __ ] when he took? We could indeed stayed on his abs tenet. He stayed on, they didn’t shoot, no takedowns they’re punching [ __ ] like and the simple fact that he can shoot a takedown and slow the fight down and drag each drag with darling the late rounds, where he’s like gasping for air. That’S hard to do like it’s hard and I how many, how much weight does you have to cut 20 pounds? That’S not bad! That’S if that’s it. So I was thinking today I was like yo. Ufc is a business. I was talk about one man, I’m like I wouldn’t be surprised of 20 years from now it comes out this [ __ ] was all plan. I’M like you’ll, see the business. They know they know why he’s cool with Vince McMahon, you know, Vince McMahon can be like yeah. I’M telling you how to make yourselves good what we got. One fight you cancel five, do you put in those two hate? Each other people are saying: that’s fine, [ __ ] happens in the first place. Then it happens. Everybody’S gon na buy the paper fuse. I’M not saying it’s true, but nowadays Spearin see theories are all true. Nowadays. Everyone’S conspiracy theories are all over the [ __ ] place, so I’m like I’ll scratch. My head other day, I’m like I can see this [ __, ] being being a setup from the ghetto and masters dog, was already ready to go, he’s ready and is ready and like, and it could just be that or my man could attest a positive. I can just be make his kid up: don’t [ __ ] my focuses he is freaking in and be like yo [, __, ] como. Se yo. Are you trying to get fired for my [ __ ] jobs, and it might be I’m just I’m in my conspiracy theory box right now. I also said the same thing when Connor through that dolly I was like that’s fake it there’s a whole everything’s like is about money is about, but you don’t know, and when you sit back and you’re like oh, it’s kind of like watching reality TV a month. That’S it now: [ __ ] real that [ __ ] ruled me when I found that, like dating, shows like the fifth wheel and [ __ ]. None of that was real. I’Ve been watching this [ __ ] forever er. It’S actually a very good point. I never really thought about fine Island potentially being in this whole. Like you know, it’s all been planned. All these fights have been planned for months, but they’re gon na make it’s actually not a bad point. It’S a business, I’m not saying the fights are fixed, but I’m saying like the whole way that they play out cuz right now, I’m seeing like I like everything’s, just it’s the it’s, the fight that everyone want it and they go get and then, at the last Minute, you’re being satisfied with it, so everyone’s gon na [ __ ] buy the pay-per-view and stuff, so I’m just sitting there like yeah okay. So, as for you, what what’s a timeline I mean obviously big win, I’m sure, I’m sure, with your on a high right now, it’s like, I could beat anybody right now, but is realistically what’s the timeframe for your return, I’m looking for, like all the late August September and I’m looking I’m like, I said I want I would like to fight autumn on I already said I wanted to fight him or on Yancy medoras, like that’s a man he’s a veteran fires been ause for robbing those. Those are right, odds are 12. I know and like there’s to him and I think there’s one other undefeated fighter Jose Lackey or whatever I think he’s on the heat bassy beat Louise pinion, so I want to get either. You know three of them or get them all in a row like night. Yeah, you know oh well, I’d like to UM, I like to get at least one of them or two of them both of him and like once. I’Ve got once I’ve gotten the four fights then I’ll start digging into like the top 20. He stalks 15, guys and stuff like that. There’S some good couple guys. I would like to mix them with, like I’m just still like watching people and [ __ ], see how to train and see, and I look in like my alright yeah. Alright, that’s cool! That’S cool just keep my eyes on. One thing I noticed about your career is, with the exception of one fight they’ve all been in the United States, with the exception of the one in Toronto. Yes has fighting, the United States been like or is like. I just talked to Joe Carr and one of the things he said was he’s like hey. I don’t have a visa and B I get taxed everywhere else. So why would I go? Are you opened it to traveling elsewhere, or is it just F? Fine China, before it just wasn’t in ma fight, it was like a ten minute shoot boxing fight, ten straight [ __ ] minutes, which was like one [, __ ] there, so yeah I’m up for fighting anywhere. I wanted. I would love to travel the world from fighting and be able to go different places and say I’m trying to get trip back to Africa. If the you have that I know that you’ll see been trying to get to Africa, I knew it. I might get my black ass on that car, like my name, is come on. For God’s sake, I got an African name get my ass. They have their some fighters there. Now that can really make me from I’m waiting. So I’m pretty shorter, trying to get friends and gone to the title and then they’re trying to go to Africa that stuff back to one country they haven’t been able to get into yet. And so I, and as a huge there’s, a huge African market for innovate and a night now is a lot like [ __, ], half of the [ __ ] Champions. I [ __ ] Africa like yeah, like Britt, was Eastman, Israel and who else and where interest is right there? Francis? Yes right. Yes, that’s a that’s a lot and they’re all from the same time like that. So it’s pretty that’s pretty impressive, so I think they can sell that and the combat sports. It’S it’s like it’s like going like, like Brazil and [ __ ] over there, it’s bigger and people-to-people or more behind in America. We live for fighters, but they’re not really behind us all. Like that. You know we, like football players and baseball players, know that you know we’re like people liked us and we’re cool to be around when a [ __ ] move, I got ta get there. I got ta get the shot, alright market me over to get to sagest yeah. You know I mean like if you pick LeBron James, even though car McGregor has kind of, but still, if you watch it, make you kind of know who car. If you pick you want this car McGregor Micheal torn but get the [ __ ]. On my way, I’m gon na meet Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, tom bray, I’m gon na meet Ron brand we’re gon na meet. I’M gon na meet LeBron James here, Conor McGregor’s cool for MMA, but he’s not [ __ ] Bron James. You know that’s the goat, that’s [, __ ], LeBron J is the you know it it’s different like so, but in other countries it’s different. You got ta. Try out well, I fought in China. We were treated like royalty over there like oh [, __ ]. I want to come back. It was just a different. It’S a different. It’S a different feel for how they treat um call about athletes, another other countries. One thing that I was talking to some of the guys I write with about was they they haven’t, announced the cover of UFC, for I said how crazy would it be with everything going on in the world right now and opening up a market in Africa? How crazy would it be if you had Francis and Ghana in the back all 265 pounds of that man and then Izzy and Camaro, that’s what they should do, but then you have to realize America’s racist is [ __ ] and if there’s two two black guys, Three black ass Jesus, whatever diamond people dog – did they did that take of those black lines by the street. Black doesn’t [ __ ] dirty book. That’S right! I mean the us he’s smart. They would do it to make money yes, but they will also get backlash from its at this just way. The people are: oh, no, those [, __ ], you said, and you have you seen America lately, though we’re not the brightest, not the brightest people. Here I’m in Canada, so I avoid. Thankfully, I avoid all that stuff. One last saw on your Instagram story. You are not for getting a new phone. I just got a new phone the other day and I’m still converting the contacts. What is it? Why don’t you want a new phone cuz? I like this old one. I don’t do everything on this [ __ ]. Why do i why I’m like, even though right now, like your V, looks a lot clearer in mind every your [ __ ], video [, __ ], sucks man like like you’re doing your Instagram live? It looks like you’re shooting through a [ __ ] potato, my god. So I mean I guess, I’m like I just hate like you got ta go get the new the new. You got, ta change passwords. I don’t know any of my [ __ ] passwords. Alright, like I don’t get, I haven’t, got a new [ __ ]. I said I think it’s been like three and a half years and my phone was old when I got it: a guy cuz, the cheapest [ __ ] phone in the [ __ ] store like imma. Give me that one cuz it costs it costs $ 80. Do you mean I just I like I’m like? I don’t feel like going through the whole point and then you go in there. What do they do? Oh, I know you, oh my god, listen! So this iPhone 37. This thing can be synced into your [ __. ] arm a [, __ ] photo that can record some [ __ ] video but you’re in the Sprint store and they’re trying to sell you of new [ __ ] house. We got security systems, robots, robot dogs, robot children. I don’t eat all that [ __ ]. I came here for a [ __ ] vote. I didn’t look at you like you’re. In the end of five. You don’t just take like the bait. I’M like give me that [ __ ] walkie-talkie [ __ ]. All the once again man, thank you for taking the time. I appreciate it. You’Re one of the funniest guys skills are real. I like this. It’S real. I told people join an interview with me, be [, __ ], real, I’m like be a real person. Don’T just ask the u.s. see, don’t basic question might be real. Be personal. Tell me something about yourself like that this was. It was a perfect angry. I could Dec. If you can see it’s been long as hell. It’S super super super fun. There’S no problem with me. I saw that I saw your post. I was like okay. Well, I’m not prepping anything! I’M just gon na do a little bit of research, but people just talk and whatever happens. Alright man. Thank you for the time. Hope. Hopefully I’ll see. You back in there in August and hopefully you’ll knock off and go through. You know. Yes, sir man, thanks brother, I appreciate it, stay safe, wash your hands and don’t care. Oh, that’s nearly well focuses dropping like flies right now. Wizard they just got this um Frankie Uyghurs opponent just pulled out huh, I’m just every night I come back and just like sit in the bathtub of over [ __ ] of, like song, sit a sidekick. I need to keep fighting world might make some money appreciate it now farm at peace.

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