UFC 252 Pros Picks: Miocic vs Cormier III

MMA Fighters give their predictions for the Heavyweight title fight taking place on August 14.

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Uh, i don’t know if it was like two years ago. I would lean towards dc. I think i think he was like the better overall fighter, but he’s getting old uh doesn’t look to be in the best shape, doing a lot of commentary and travel and that kind of stuff, um i’ll, probably go with stephen i’m going dc because uh. If you look at the first round, dc was doing great uh in that last fight because he was mixing together his wrestling with his uh striking. Then, in that second, he tried to strike too much, and that’s where stephen you know does does well. So i think, if dc is uh mixes his wrestling and striking together, it will be it’ll, be an easy win. I don’t know it’s tough matt cause they both knocked each other out. So i mean uh dc is gon na, come out tough that first two rounds. Anyways, like he’s pretty goddamn good, the first two, and if he can implement a pretty good game plan to mix up his wrestling, he might just [ __ ] maul uh stipe, but the same time, if stephen comes out with a really good game plan too, he Might just [ __ ] put dc back on his ass again i mean they both have the power to put these charles lights out. So i don’t know to be honest with you. That’S a tough one. I think, instead of being knockout, i think he’s gon na um. I think he’s gon na go back to the first strategy of going to the body which is smart, um. You know cormier over the duration of the fight once he got that good liver shot. He was never the same and then when stipe realized, uh cormier doesn’t really have a strong core. That’S the one thing i’ve noticed, though you know. Maybe he does now. Maybe he’s training his core even more, but it’s one of those things too. Where stipe, i feel like he’s going to take advantage of that, i mean, if you look at him, he’s cut down, but he looks shredded he’s. Looking lean for this fight, so he’ll be a faster um and stronger stipe, maybe not as strong as he was when he was heavier. But i feel like he’s gon na have enough to. You know just make sure that the fighting stays technical on the stand up and he i feel like he’s gon na throw a lot of tips uh to the stomach. I don’t feel like he’s gon na allow for me to get those takedowns like he did in fight two, where he did a really good job at defending those and um yeah. I feel like he’ll, first round pick up up the barty and then the second round. He’Ll finish it with some body shots and then followed it up with some punches. I um. If um, i think if i’m the one, i had cormier winning the second one and he was winning that if i’m not wrong, because i was watching at a sports girl – and i think he got – he got a little bit – uh, not lazy. I don’t want to say lazy, but um when he started getting liver shots. He started like relaxing too much and he started when he really started feeling them is when everything started happening. I i like the work ethic that cormier has, i think, he’s one of those hard worker guys. So i think he’s i think, he’s gon na do his job. I think he’s gon na go out there and he’s gon na he’s gon na win the. I think if, if dc comes in with a good like cardio and good uh confidence after the last fight getting knocked out, you know and just stays in his face like he was striking. I think he could win. I don’t think he’ll finish him. I think he’ll win a five-round fight, but if same with stipe stipe comes in and uh doesn’t respect him too much, because i think that was his downfall last fight, he kind of respected cormier from getting knocked out the fight before. If stipe goes in and really pressures him, i think stephen can finish him. I don’t see dc finishing him, but i can see stipe finishing cormier again dc is going to dominate him unanimously, because why he gon na wrestle he’s just gon na wrestle. He’S not gon na make this mistake, go off in the career in sunset and what what it doesn’t matter, how you get the win, get the win retire, you’re good! You know i i trained with dc uh, twice a couple of times, good guy funny, stand-up guy. You know he’s a really cool guy and just overall like man he he deserves he’s put in that work. You know he’s he’s put in his dues. He’S done what he’s done and he’s ready. You know i give him the unanimous decision, i’m not gon na, say tko or a split. I give him a unanimous because he’s going to use his wrestling to get it done. I really like daniel cormier um. His only losses have been title fight losses. I think he’s done some cool stuff. I just ufc just posted, i think the other day of like all of stephen’s, wins and uh. It changed my opinion of him. I i didn’t think he was as good as everybody said he was, but then looking at all the people he’s beat and uh going back and watching some of his fights again it’s a lot better fighter than i realized um. I want dc to win that fight. Can go any direction uh. The first fight was closed right up until daniel caught him and the second fight was back and forth until stipe found those body shots. Um daniel’s made it really open that he’s gon na wrestle. So you know, maybe that’s a lie to to get steve they’re watching for the takedown, so unboxing works better or maybe he’s really gon na go out there and do it. Um yeah, i think dc, has more tools and i think stife is a little bit of a slow starter. So if, if daniel’s going to get it done with a finish, it needs to be in the first two rounds, um i’m pulling for dc, though oh man, this is so hard because recently, i’ve just grown to start liking dc um, because whenever dc was going through, His thing with jon jones – i you know i’ve always been a jon jones fan. I never disliked dc as a person but uh just as a fighter. I’Ve always followed johnny bones like i feel, like he’s. Definitely in the goat racing, if not already the goat um. So it’s hard, but i’ve recently grown to like dc, even his fighting style and everything. Ah man, it’s so hard to pick, i think i’ll go. I think i’ll go with steve, a man i think i’ll go with stephanie. I think either way they’re both going to walk away after this i’m just hoping for a good fight. I won’t be mad if dc wins, but i think i’m just going to go with with a stipe because stipe’s backstory, you know what i’m saying. Stipe comes from. Not a huge gym, not a lot of huge names at his gym um. He didn’t have a lot in this corner, so he had less to work with. So i want to go with him kind of just because you know he didn’t have all the all. The great things that dc has, you know said: dc had came velasquez all his all his years. I think kane might still even be training, so he still has kane and uh just to see a guy that hasn’t had a lot kind of like that’s. Why i appreciate conor mcgregor because he came up from nothing. You know i mean to see guys like that rise up. I always pick that guy. You know what i mean. Well, i mean i’m gon na be a little biased because uh, like i’m a fan of dc uh ever since he fought um, he fought bigfoot silva. You know, and then, on top of that i trained with him for years. That’S another thing, but i feel i feel like dc is going to fight uh in the first fight um yeah. He finished it quickly. He finally uh were hitting him. You know he. He struck him and he didn’t defend him that way and the second one i feel as though uh male 2 tried to figure him out and try to like prolong things, so he can try to wear him down uh in this one yeah. I remember this he’s a smart guy, like you know, he’s competing he’s competing in the olympics. He he had. He had all this just training before he has his quarter staff with him he’s gon na be able to make the adjustments to make sure that whatever wheelchair goes for is very very dangerous, doesn’t mean that it won’t be open for him, but it just means that If he goes, there he’s going to pay a price for it, and i think that’s what you’re going to find in this fight coming up, i’m going to see him very motivated and and and very uh uh. I want to say cerebral light, hates the rebel yeah, but we’re very like uh. You know just just watchful in what’s going on and then when it’s time to attack you’re gon na attack. I don’t think it’s gon na be a a a match where you know he’s he’s gon na be overwhelmed at all or he’s gon na have any like uh issues dealing with him. He’S gon na he’s gon na make this make uh matrix miss a lot. I’M sure, but also when he comes in like like pay for it, and i feel like that kind of style and also of course he can hit him as hard as heck and drop him again too. But it’s possibility is there, you know, but i feel like like that, might force uh mitchell to wrestle with him and if he does that it’s done like like it’s done. If he goes in the chat, russell dc, it’s done uh. I i feel, as though most of most of the fight is gon na, be uh dc, pushing the accident and deciding where to go that that that body shot stuff that he he did last time is not gon na, be you know, uh the the avenue for This victory and it’s fine

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