UFC 252 Fan Picks: Miocic vs Cormier III with Joe Gravel

We breakdown and give our picks for the card top to bottom for UFC 252.


All right, we are uh we’re back with another fight, picks video for ufc 252, the biggest uh heavyweight fight in ufc history, um dc versus steep a3 um man uh, it’s crazy, crazy night fights. We’Ve got ahead of us uh starting the night is kai kamaka versus tony kelly man. What’S your uh? What’S your thoughts on that fight um, this fight randomly just got dropped on us here and uh. You know out of nowhere and uh i. This is probably the fight i’ve i dived into the least, but i’m gon na go with kai kamaka. I just think he’s got the slight edge and experience. I think, he’s a little bit more of a scrappy striker. I think he can uh come in here and get the decision yeah, i love kai. I mean i’ve talked to kai before um and he’s been ready for this. I saw the video of him getting the call and uh man it’s emotional, uh and uh tony kelly. I don’t know a whole lot about him. What i do know is he’s five and one which not much experience there and he had a long layoff before his last fight uh, so yeah he won but uh. You know if you take a a long year year off before your last fight. It’S not as impressive kai’s been busy. He just fought playing an lfa just a few weeks ago, so i’m leaning towards kai just based on the fact. I know i’m a little bit better for all. I know this tony guy could be an absolute killer, but i haven’t, i haven’t discovered that yet and then uh then waits chris dawkis older brother of uh, chris or uh. What’S his name kyle dawkis, who uh, who fought brendan a few weeks ago, uh man, your thoughts on this one he’s fighting parker porter, who fought jon jones before jon jones became jon jones unreal yeah parker porter’s got some uh. Some crazy experience. He’S thought john jones, gabriel gonzaga um he’s got uh, four knockout wins and four submission wins. I think parker porter would have the advantage if this fight does go to the ground, but i don’t think this fight leaves the first round um chris dawkis is philly. Tough man he’s a police officer, this guy just gets in there, and he just i think he has the advantage if there’s a clinch or anything that goes up against the cage um. I think he’s also more of the true heavyweight with parker porter. Having fought at 205 prior to this in his career and i’m going to go with chris dawkis, and i think this fight’s going to end early yeah, i think i agree with you on the fact that it’s going to end early, i’m hoping it’s chris dawkins. I think that’s the way i’m leaning i didn’t know he was a police officer, because if he was a cop, i’d probably go for porter. I don’t like cops very much but uh, but chris cox, for me i think, has a has an edge he’s, got the the better record um, but he hasn’t fought the level of guys that parker has like we mentioned jon jones and gabriel gonzaga. But i don’t see this going long enough for it to really matter uh for experience really matter, then we’ve got the vietnamese another thing. Oh sorry, i just i just thought of something uh porter should he should be on a five fight win streak, but he actually got disqualified with, like uh shots to the back of the head over one of his opponents. So he’s on, you know not a tear, but i mean he’s been doing well, you know so it’s interesting yeah it is. It is good um. I think the only reason i’m leaning chris is because i know what his brother can do like his brother really really impressed me and usually, if two brothers are fighting out of the same camp once you know they’re both good. You look at the pettis brothers, the burns brothers. You know you can make an exception there for uh, diego lima, but he’s good he’s just at the level his brother, but uh, but yeah so because of his brother’s uh fight, i’m leaning towards chris and then uh, ashley, yoder and lavinia souza, oh yoda versus susie Is that is that the next fight yeah there’s so many different formats that you can go on topology? You can go on ufc and you will see a different format for this card. I don’t know the order i’m just going based on tabology, which is probably not the uh the correct order um but yeah. Let’S do that one yeah! That’S the order! Yeah! All right, i’m gon na go with hanada souza in this fight, but i believe that this fight’s gon na be uh much closer than what people are expecting. Um susan was on a four five win streak and she lost to van buren uh she’s, a former invicta champion, but she’s had a little bit of time off here and yoder yoder is going to have a height and significant reach advantage and um. You know she’s uh coming off that close, that split decision to marcos – and i just think it’s gon na be a closer fight than people think i don’t think susan’s gon na be able to just take her down immediately and submit her, like people may think that She will and um it’s a good rebound fight. I think here for souza and it’ll, look great if yoder can get the can get the victory too, but i’m gon na go as soon as they’re likely, i think, by decision yeah. I was on the fence with this one um say i mean lavinia. Souza has a much better record on paper um, but you know those brazilian records are really uh misleading uh, especially coming to the ufc, but i thought she’s looked great. That being said, man ashley yoder is very unorthodox, like she’s, just very awkward to fight uh, she’s long she’s, interesting uh. You know she’s never been finished either in in in the ufc um and her losses come to randa marcos, mackenzie dern, angela hale and justine keat. Justine kish so like there’s and justine kish was in her debut so really like. You look at that and doesn’t even sound that bad all four of those girls are high level uh, darren and hill, especially so i just think based on level of opposition. She’S fought. I’M leaning towards her there but man it like you said either way. That’S i think it’s going to be close. I think it’s going to be decision. I don’t see either girl finishing the other, so decision, but i have i have it going the other way nice. I like it and then uh and then my uh, you know i hate it when two guys that i’ve interviewed fought fight um, but we got tj brown danny chavez. I tried to read their mind. I tried to get see what they were. Thinking tried to dive in and and see, uh see how confident they both were but didn’t get me anywhere. They both seemed pretty confident going to this one. What’S your thoughts, yeah man, you get a chance to look them in the eyes and and uh really test. The waters with these fighters – it’s that’s crazy. I love that, but um all right man, this one, this one’s tough here this is this – was a tough fight, but but i’m gon na go with danny chavez. Here, he’s got three wins in a row. He’S he’s significantly improved because he he had his wins before that were all by decision and now he’s finishing people. Um he’s fought five rounds twice. I think he’s the better striker and tj brown. We always have a question here about cardio um. He has six of his seven losses by finish and um he’s been he’s been, you know finished before, so i think danny chavez can come in here and uh and get the finish yeah this one’s hard for me uh. You know i’ve tried to watch a lot of danny chavez’s fights and for me i don’t know why. If you’re not a kombate lfa brave, titan um, you know i tried to ride the anthony ivy and, like i was like yeah. This guy’s got a lot of hype behind them, but for me, if they don’t come from one of those big organizations, they don’t convince me that they’re ufc ready. That being said, man danny chavis fights out of florida. So you know those jorge mosby, all type guys he’s going to be tough he’s going to be durable, t.j brown. On the other hand, i mean he fought on the contender series and he looked really really good there getting that arm. Triangle choke uh, jordan griffin. I mean he fought him on short notice and jordan griffin’s tough as tough as nails. So i don’t know i i’m leaning towards uh tj brown. I think he’s he’s he’s got what it takes to beat danny chavez and uh, but man this one’s a toss-up. For me, i can see it going either way. I don’t, i just don’t think we’ve seen what danny chavis is capable of uh, just based on the organizations he’s competed in for all. I know he could go in there and be an absolute monster, but i’m not i’m not convinced. I’Ve got to be honest with you, this fight’s such a toss up. We did a pig’s video last night with with bloody canvas, and i can’t i have tj brown circled, but i think i switched my pick when we were talking to chavez. So i wanted to be honest right now and still go with the pic. I chose last night, but i think i may have said in the video. I took dj brown because i have his name circled, but that’s how that’s how back and forth this fight is, and that’s how torn i was because brown with the experience factor chavez with the um. You know he could come in here like when uh rodriguez took on tim means and just light him up. I i just i don’t know you know so it’s gon na be a close good fight. This is the first time i’ve ever betting on uh on pix, and i think this is the hardest card for me so far, because i’m looking at every fight and i’m like – i don’t know, i don’t know, i totally don’t know i don’t know uh so we’ll See how it goes i mean i bet 27, so i’m likely going to lose some, but i know the one week i actually gamble is the week i’m going to go like owen 0 and 12. 12.. You’Ve done so well. I know i’m on a tear right now, but watch it all fall apart. The second there’s money on the line and then we’ve got felice herrig uh. You know coming back after a long layoff, i watched her um weigh in, and you know i thought a lot of it. The way it was gon na lean was gon na be depending on how she looked um. After a long layoff – and i mean feliz herrig always looks in shape. She looks ready so that didn’t convince me much and and vernon jandy robot, i think she’s she’s elite. She didn’t get to showcase much in the ufc she came in and fought. Was it uh carla esparza under debut yeah? It was so i mean i mean you could fight fight a girl like carla and your debut. I mean you know it’s a it’s a tough. It’S a tough out for anybody, um and she’s. What six fifteen and one so very, very impressive record. She was very, very uh, very, very good invicta, i’m leaning her way. What do you have uh yeah? Here we go another brazilian fighter with one of those records. She did put in some work with invicta became the champion five round split decision, uh victory over nou and um. Then she fought esparza in her debut and you know she fought well. She got taken down in the first round and held down, but i thought she won the second round and the third round was close, but esparza used her wrestling to kind of grind her out. I just don’t think felice herrig at 35 years old, coming off of a two-year layoff coming off of an acl surgery is going to be able to do that to bernard genjirova, um. Seven other submissions come in the first round. 12 of those 15 wins come by submission, um, she’s, unstoppable. She calls herself self-proclaimed female damien maya, and she really is that so i mean and her striking sneaky. She landed a couple right hooks on esparza she’ll, throw some body kicks, she’ll switch it up. I mean she’s not going to land a lightning fast over him, but and, like you said, fleece higher. What she does well is she’s a good kickboxer and she has good physical attributes. She’S strong and she – and you know, like you, said, you’re, not impressed too much to see her looking that way, because she always does so. I just think she would have had a she she’s going to really have to avoid getting taken down or swept or brought to the ground to win this fight. So i’m going gianobo by submission yeah, i mean it’s it’s it’s hard because she has. She is coming off a long way off. Harry is so for all we know she could be ten times the fetter. She was last time out or there could be a lot of ring rust and those questions. Uh are like, in the back of my mind when i’m making that pick and that’s why i’m leading jandy roba uh if felice herrig like had just fought and looked super impressive, i might have a different answer, but you know it’s hard. It’S hard to root. For someone or you know, be behind someone when they’re coming off a long way off, i felt the same sort of thing with dominic when he fought henry. I was like you know, there’s so many questions, so um yeah, i’m leading verna for that. For that reason, and then uh jim miller and uh vince pichelle your thoughts on hey this is this is a this is this could be a fight of the night? This could sneak in there. Like i mean you wouldn’t think it would jim miller now fight of the night, but last time he fought against hot sauce scott holtzman. He got fight of the night um i mean that was two fights ago and then, after that, what does he do? He comes in and submits roosevelt roberts um before that yeah before that he um he submits clay guida, and i mean i pick against jim miller. He submits coiguita. I think roosevelt roberts is going to be able to outstrike him. He submits him, i’m not picking against jim miller this time, vince michelle’s a a year older. He takes these three-year layoffs and a lot of time out of the octagon he’s only got a 12-2 record, but um he’s fought seven times since 2012, actually and they’re both coming off the wins against roosevelt roberts. Vince pichelle, i think, did show us more in the roberts fight because he got to fight him longer, but miller’s. It was impressive. You know sparta new jersey, the a10 warthog there’s something in the water with these guys with him and frankie edgar. I just don’t count them out, no matter how old they are, i’m going with jim miller yeah, i’m going the same way. Man uh, i’m tired of counting him out. I thought roosevelt roberts was going to piece him apart. He hung onto him like a sloth submitted him and i mean vince. Michelle looks great. I mean his only loss was to gregor gillespie, which i mean gregory gillespie beats everybody not named kevin lee. So it’s hard it’s a hard one for me, but jim miller, i’m just tired of counting the guy out. I know he’s been around for forever, but i i can’t he can’t root against the guy. I feel, like he’s, got more skills. More tools. He’S got the most fights in ufc history. The experience is there he’s seen it all uh, i’m gon na make a suggestion. If jim miller ever watches this, you got ta change your name to the tick i mean the back story would be incredible. He fights like he holds on to guys like ticks man. I think it would be an unbelievable, nickname way better than a10. I don’t even know what a10 comes from, but man the tick. That was incredible, that that is incredible. I hope he does. You could tweet that tell him that i hope he sees this. The tick that’s great and yeah his nickname. He gave to himself. So you can’t really do that jim and you did because he didn’t have one, so he just gave himself one, but the tick, and ever since he’s kicked the lyme disease. I said this earlier in the week. I feel like the lyme disease made his like body dormant for a few years, like you know, kind of like like hibernated him and then when he he became free of it. He became the monster jim miller again because he’s been doing great ever since he’s he’s unbelievable man, i’m never going to count him out unless he’s fighting a guy in the top 15.. I don’t think he’s top 15 material, but against anybody else, jim miller’s, i’m always going to write jim miller’s down uh jim miller’s, he’s unbelievable um and that that closes up the preloads um and then we’re gon na jump right into the main card this one. For me was the hardest one to pick. I just went with my my got here: uh john dodson and maraud valerie. I probably butchered that but uh who do you got? I got john dodson here. This was one of the toughest fights to pick um. I had john dodson over nathaniel wood and a lot of people were siding with wood, but i just really like dodson i’ll tell you what john dodson can’t go into this fight and i’m not you know anyone to critique his skills, but he can’t fight the way He did against jimmy rivera, he needs to be less patient and more confident in his striking in his skills, uh marab. If he gets a hold of you and and takes you down, i mean if he gets a hold of you he’s going to take you down, but the thing is: can he get a hold of john dodson and will he be able to keep john dodson down Once he does get a hold of him in his last fight against gustavo lopez, i thought lopez did fairly well getting to his feet. It was kind of like the abel trujillo, uh khabib fight, where, if you take your opponent down 20 times, that means they stood up 20 times and and marabo always starts to look a bit gassed, and i i know he’s known for his great cardio, but the Third round comes – and he just gives so much that he starts to guess, and you know john dodson’s not really going to do that. He stays consistent. I think experience plays a huge factor here and um. Sarah longo, that’s a good camp, though i mean marab is going to have a good corner they’re going to know what to tell him if this goes into the further rounds into the second and third, and i think it will but uh more experience here. I’M going with john dodson yeah, i’m leaning the same way it’s funny because i think most of uh, most of the bloody canvas crew are. I wasn’t on the video, but i i just think most people are probably leaning towards marab, but man i mean john dodson. I mean you look at his resume pedro munoz eddie eddie weinland, nathaniel wood. His losses are to peorian jimmy rivera marlon rice come on like he just fought higher level, competition, um and marab. For me, uh he looks good. He looks dominant, but i mean i think john dodson would dominate casey, kenney and gustavo lopez as well, and just based on level of competition. John dodson’s fought the who’s who, for so long um. I don’t think, there’s anything murab’s gon na throw at him that he hasn’t seen before unless it’s a spinning back fist like he did to uh raphael thoughts but uh yeah. I just think john dodson has the experience advantage. He’S fought higher level competition um yeah. So i’m going john, i think john dodson’s got this um and it’s going decision. I don’t think either. One of them is capable of putting the other one away. Uh john dodson’s power seems to have diminished since he moved to bantamweight um. I mean you didn’t see it last fight, but for the most part uh it hasn’t really been there. So i’m leading john dodson decision and then uh yeah yeah, the return of uh daniel pineda um he’s the ufc fighter, whose last name is closest to mine. So i i i want to root for him, but he’s fighting a very, very dangerous herbert burns. Who did miss wait? Yeah? He did, he did miss way and he did look a little down on the scale um with. That being said, i made this pick before. I saw that and i think, even still, i would stay with herbert burns here. Um. I think he’s a professional and i think, he’s been he’s cut weight so many times he knows exactly how to get his body back up into uh the best form it needs to be to fight tomorrow night but daniel daniel pineda. I mean he is a savage. This guy it’s his second stint with the ufc. I went back and watched his first stint with the ufc even in lost. This guy throws down. Um 26 wins all 26 by finish: he’s got 18 submission, wins and eight ko and tkos, but um he’s got six losses by submission um. One of those is to johnny bedford, who now fights in the bkfc. I believe, and two of them are the chas kelly. The other three are the people i don’t know which isn’t good. So if those six people can submit daniel pineda, i don’t care at what point in his career. It was so that means herbert burns. Can can do it so that therefore i stay leaning towards herbert burns, but this is by far the best person he’s fought in his career. Pinata beat the guy that beat burns and burns is you know he? He beat evan dunham dunham’s a little old now and he beat um nate land land we were, which was which was a great win with the uh, with the fly on me with the strike, so i’m gon na go with herbert burns. Yeah, i’m leaning the same way i mean herbert burns is very dangerous and, like i said earlier with chris dawkis, i mean if you’re, if your brother is a high level mma fighter, it’s a good chance. You are as well um that being said, man daniel pineda, like you said it’s a second stint, but it’s he hasn’t been fighting for. You know. Local promotions he’s been fighting for bellator and pfl, so he’s been he’s been staying busy and the guy’s got 30. Something odd fights so he’s very, very experienced and, like he said, i mean he’s the biggest test of herbert burns’s career. I just think herbert burns has more skills, he’s dangerous on the mat uh and like he he’s got knockout power and i think he’s got what it takes to finish him, i’m going to go rear, naked choke, um. Second round, i’m calling it i’m calling it i’m not betting on it, but i’m calling it and then uh jds and yarzinio rosenstrike. This is another fight. When i first looked at it, i was torn, i was torn, but then then something hit me and i and i made my decision and i’m going to go with josinio rosen streak. I i do fear that the knockout he received from inganu could play a factor into this fight and that there could be some lingering effects. I do think that’s possible, but i also think there’s lingering effects from junior dos santos’s last two fights his 11 rounds against cain, velasquez and his age, and i don’t know where his chin’s at right. Now i love and trust his boxing so much. I picked him to knock out curtis blades and he got knocked out so i’m gon na go with rosen street. Here he’s got power going backwards and forward. I think he’s a better kickboxer. He has better kicks. I think jds knows that if he wants to wrestle and take him down, that is a way to beat him, but i don’t think his pride will. Let him do that. Therefore, that makes it a striking bout and i think jarzini wins, that he’s got 76 kickboxing fights. He didn’t lose many of them and he’s a savage man. I think just there’s always a bigger fish. They say – and i think francis and gandhi’s just that fish. You know he he came out and just you know he they didn’t. You saw what happened, but i’m gon na go with georginio rosen streak and i think he gets the tko yeah yeah this one, this one’s difficult for me, because i thought that exact same thing. I was like this: guy is dangerous, he’s got elite kickboxing and he fought overeem and i know overeem is probably much better striker than jds, but he didn’t. I mean. Obviously he got that late knockout, but he wasn’t winning that fight. So if you, the all the last fight that, in my opinion he genuinely won convincingly was against andre arlovski alan crowder, junior albini jds beats all three of those guys. So it’s it’s a hard pick for me because, like you said man he’s got knockout power, he can do it. He can put away jds uh. That being said, if this one, if jds, can avoid those hard strikes – and he can stay at range – i think jds has what it takes. I think he’s got better better wrestling, better submissions, so jds, i think, is just better over round uh overall, but that’s also what i said about alexa olynyk last weekend and you know he got caught so so it’s it’s a toss-up for me, but uh, i’m going The other way i’m going jds he’s got a lot more experience. I don’t think he gets caught um, but i might i might eat my words so we’ll see i i love this pick. I love the jds pick and i love the uh ashley yoder pick and i must say, with this fight sergio i think what it comes down to is it’s. It’S a safe pick, picking either of these guys, because it’s about how the you got to think about how you think the f they get fought if they come out like ingano and rosen street came out against each other. I think you would even agree that rosen street might get the best of that chaotic, quick exchange, but, like you said, if it goes into any further or more of a mixed, martial arts fight, i mean junior dos. He wins that all those fights beats all opponents and said um was not doing well against alastair. So yeah i mean it’s. It all really depends on if, if we were told how the fight was gon na go like this is gon na be a stand-up war like they’re gon na swing, it’s a lot easier to predict, but right right, you know, i don’t know it’s a toss up For me and then coming about sean o’malley, biggest fight of his life facing marilyn vera, also biggest fight of his life marlon vera has a chance. I train and sean alley has a chance to really call this call his next fight man. If he beats marlon vera, he can call it whoever he wants at 135. Who do you have for this? Oh man there’s another one. This was so tough, it’s like how do you choose between these two guys? You got sean o’malley where he has like what we call like the ascension here. He has the whole ascension just flying up the rankings, and that momentum, i think, means something. He also has the skills like like he said. The reason why this is all happening for him is because he’s he’s knocked him out in the first round and he’s he’s fought round round. You’Ve seen him go since harry on carrier who’s, a good fighter, o’malley’s extremely elusive. He has very good movement, he sets traps, he deceives and he does everything well in the striking department. My question is: how is he going to handle cheeto vera once cheeto gets his hands on him? He’S a legitimate brazilian jiu-jitsu black though he submits people like brian keller, her very quickly and uh. I think he’s the most violent, more physical fighter here. If he can make it she can easily, i think catch o’malley with o’malley trying to do something a little bit fancy or maybe underestimating vera, and i i also think vera has the uh advantage with like the knees and the elbows and the clinch any type of Dirty fight that gets made here, but o’malley, i think, is going to try and use his movement. Keep the distance, keep using prodding attacks and keep vera at bay to win this fight by a unanimous decision. That’S what i’m going to go with sean o’malley he’s long! He’S very very long. He started against eddie weinland um. The one thing for him is he’s got to avoid that spinning [ __ ] like if he keeps spinning like you, did against eddie weinland. You could be in a lot of trouble because chito could grab you if he can avoid that and just kind of you know stay cool, calm and collected. I think he pieces a piece of vera apart. I don’t think he finishes vera, but i also didn’t think he was going to finish weiman. So i don’t know. As for the grappling man for me, the most impressive sean o’malley i’ve seen on the map happened not in the ufc when he submitted takanori gomi. I was like man, this guy is legit um, so yeah it didn’t happen in martial arts, but uh. You know i think sean o’malley can hold his own on the ground if it ends up going there, and for that reason i think he wins comfortably via decision. No, that was the quintet submitted melendez and got submitted by you know: 285 hector alarm bars. So no shame on that: yeah, um, yeah and then uh. Then we have the main event the biggest heavyweight fight in march plus history um. What do you got? I’M so excited for this fight. This is one of those fights when they walk out. I’M gon na have goosebumps in real life and um. I feel bad for dc that he’s really going to retire after this and walk into this, and do this fight with no fans. I do. I do find a sadness there in that um. It almost leads me to believe it won’t be his last fight win or lose, and we i’ve seen i can bring up countless times where dc said things on tape, where he he didn’t, do it on purpose, but he was lying. He didn’t know it, but in the future, when you look back the things he said about brock lesnar, when he disrespected my voice stipe here they were lies, you know some of them and or they didn’t come to fruition, if you will, but i also love daniel Cormier he’s also my boy. I love both of these guys, it’s so hard to pick against either one of them. I i call stephen the greatest jock to ever live he’s like uh, the most evolved form of of a jock who just never quit on himself. You know he never quit on pro baseball. He quit on fighting and now he’s a and he became a heavyweight champion, and then you got daniel cormier. This guy does everything good and i think he’s won four out of five rounds. I think he was the better boxer and i thought he would have the advantage. I think steve is a wrestler he’s a wrestler and i don’t think he can beat stupid of the fight. I think he’ll do some of the same things besides the second fight right, where he uses his hands to grab sleep and he hits them with the shots and the smaller fantasy as well. It’S a lot of to take the fight and how his training was how he had to build the gym in his home. It just seemed all a little bit more difficult to deal with than what dc’s had to deal with, and it just almost seems like dc. Just had more capabilities to make this all go smoother for a camp. He also doesn’t have the back injury anymore. So i’m just. I have a lot of reasons to lean dc in this one. I i would pick i picked dc the other two times, so i’m going with dc yeah uh exact, same reasoning for me and we’ve seen it before, like i said, with the frozen strike. Yes, it would be nice if we knew how this was going to play out. We saw the the uh, the cornmeal fight and cpa fight twice and dc won every second of it like he said until he got caught. So, for me, i think he’s gon na learn from that he’s like okay, if i hit hit with one body shot, i’m gon na wrestle or whatever he’s gon na, do whatever adjustments he’s gon na need to do he’s going to make them um. I think sepe is going to change his plan as well, but i thought he was going to make a lot more changes going into the second fight than he actually did um and for me he’s the big thing there is. He also doesn’t have a camp that dc does. I know a lot of guys like the smaller camp, but at what point do you have to make the move and be like look? I got ta go to att for this camp. I’M fighting the biggest fight of my life. I cannot be training with these guys. I got ta go and train with whoever it happens to be andre, arlovsky jds, whoever you need to train with go go! Do it because you’re fighting an absolute monster and daniel cormier – and i didn’t see those changes, i mean he’s training like he said, he’s setting stuff up there and daniel cormier is working with luke rockhold cain. Velasquez he’s got a much higher level uh camp and for that reason i’m leaning towards dc, but that being said man i have so much respect for stipe. How easy would it have been to call it a call, a question when you got knocked out by stephen stroup, you know get knocked out by stephen screw if you turn that around become the greatest heavyweight champion of all time, man, nothing but respect for him, and If he wins man, he he’s surprising me he’s proving a lot of doubters wrong, but but i’m leaning towards dc on this one and he can’t – and he can’t i mean that’s – what’s crazy right, you can come out here and win this and you’re right. He could have called the quits at that point in his career and he didn’t and – and i tell people the one of the most epic moments in mma history – i say if you want to get fired up before a workout. You don’t always need to listen to music, you can watch things, you can watch sport events and one of those events is fabricio. Verdum versus stipe miocic in brazil and steep bay walks out to mbk’s chill i die and thousands of people and he knocks out the champion himself and you know the rest of the story. It gives me chills to this day, um um another. I wanted to talk about so briefly is: if there is any idea, the retina serious and if dc does manage to accidentally, even do it or if it happens at all, i i i just. I think it could demoralize stipe a little bit. You know, and i think that’s something to look out for in this fight. There was something else i was gon na say i can’t quite remember, but regardless, oh man, i would be heartbroken. I would be absolutely heartbroken, but that’s it we’ll uh, we’ll uh, we’ll see you guys next time, all the best peace

Sergio Pineiro

Sergio Pineiro is the Founder of FighterPath.com and host of the Quarantinecast podcast. Based in Canada he is both a sports journalist and MMA enthusiast. He practices the sport but has a passion for the individual stories of training, fighting and living the fighting lifestyle.

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