UFC 253 Pros Picks: Adesanya vs Costa

MMA Fighters give their predictions for the two title fights taking place at #UFCFightIsland on September 26.

Dominick Reyes vs Jan Błachowicz –
Ray Rodriguez – 00:00:06
Madars Fleminas – 00:00:24
Jeff Molina- 00:00:51
Joe Solecki – 00:01:27

Israel Adesanya vs Paulo Costa –
Zak Cummings – 00:01:56
Adli Edwards – 00:02:28
Alejandro Flores – 00:02:55
Nate Richardson – 00:04:05
Eryk Anders – 00:04:49


UFC 253 Fighter Predictions Let me see man rey is definitely on a tear um. I watched the fight with him and jones. You know it definitely could have went either way, uh with the other guy. What’S his name, the hovich. I haven’t seen too much on a man so going off. Of of what i know of the two gentlemen, i’m going to go with mr ray is um. I’Ve got quite a lot of polish friends, so i’ve. Obviously i wish to young black which win, but in my like with my heart i want black of which to win, but but mma mma muffs telling me rey is gon na. Take it because i think he’s a little bit. I think elias is a younger fighter. Faster fighter and b well, more rounded fighters, so i think ray is going to take that one. It’S a good fight man uh raise is good man, and i think he showed that against john. That he’s. Definitely, you know top three in the world um i’ll, take rey in that probably uh, probably by tko uh. You can’t sleep on uh. How do you say his last name, blah [ __ ]? I butchered that yeah can’t sleep on him and he’s good uh, but i think dominar dominic ray is better everywhere uh, i think uh, the other guy might have better jujitsu but uh. You know that’s just one facet of the game and it’s hard to get someone there so i’ll take rey. Isn’T that fight? Oh man, uh honestly, i really don’t have any good prediction on that because i i mean dom rays sound like you did fantastic against jon jones. I forget what we were doing that night, but i fell asleep before the main event uh. So i’ve only seen don reyes knock out, wyman, which he looked amazing and young blockwoods knocked out rockhold, which he looked amazing so uh, i guess i’ll, say dom ray’s because he gave uh jon jones such a good run for his money. But i really, i think, that’s like a pick. Em fight is gon na cost it man uh i’ve been on the fence on that one, i’m. I was never really on the cost of hype train. I was impressed with the his last win with your well uh. Just the scrambling he was doing with uol and some of the movement he he did kind of win me over a little bit on that one. I don’t. I don’t know if it’s gon na be enough to be to dizzy. Um i mean he’s, got some crazy power, but i’m gon na go with i’m gon na stay with the champ, i’m gon na say: alexander wins it. Oh man, you know what i think. That’S gon na be a really cool one. That’S one of the most exciting middleweight fights i’ve. I can imagine, since i don’t know, when might be the the most exciting 200 feet of guys coming in there. I think uh, i’m gon na go without asanya. I think kosa is a bruiser that dude’s scary. That’S a that’s a guy who i’m glad there’s weight classes, that’s for sure, but um. I think asania’s got the the sharper striking, but hey man. I want to definitely be on the edge of my seat. I i really like the asania. The the striking is really really good, but let’s see this this case, i know because i fight in that case, so this case is really really short. So, with the pressure yeah, it’s gon na be hard, probably the the hardest fight, because the case is so uh. Smaller, so if, if he winded fight with this case – but i don’t know – probably i go with asania because i think he’s better better in the in the striking he’s very smart, very good kicks, but with all the pressure with paula costa is bigger. I don’t know. I don’t know everything happened in this fight exit. Don’T get me wrong, paula acosta! He is he’s strong, he’s adorable. In my honest opinion, he just leaves a little bit too much openings for counters and israel is accountable, he’s a kind of fighter, very smart kind of rider. He will slowly break you down and eventually he’s gon na get his way, but costa will be dangerous in the first two rounds, but once he gets started, getting calories he’s going to start trying to play smarter and that’s when israel is going to start picking him Slowly apart, but it’s going to be a good fight. It’S going to be a heck of a fight like i said israel will get tested. But if i had to pick i’d say israel will come out with a win. That’S a tough one to uh to pick. I don’t think the casa is gon na um pulled the romero stuff he’s just not capable of fighting like that. You know he’s forward-moving, you know technical, you know power puncher, so you know he’s not gon na be able to just sit sit still so uh, but you know he kind of moves straight forward. He’S not really an angle cutter. So i think that uh alexandria is going to have the advantage because he’s not going to be there uh as paul acosta marked his forward. I think he’s very elusive. Uh he’s got, you know long reach, so i think that uh i was saying you might get the better

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