UFC 253 Fan Picks: Adesanya vs Costa with Arwin De Jesus

We breakdown and give our picks for the card top to bottom for #UFC253.


UFC 253 Arwin De Jesus: Yeah, oh yeah, arwen, all right, we are back with the uh another uh predictions video this time for ufc 253, the first uh fight back on fight ireland, i’m joined by irwin d de jesus. I think i pronounced that right. Yes, we’re gon na go we’re gon na go through the whole card, so uh, starting from the bottom uh bragging mob. I think that’s how you pronounce that versus danilo marquez, who, for me, was a surprising signing, um yeah. What’S your what’s your prediction for that one! So danilo is uh. This is his debut right yeah. So you bring him off. I think he just came off a loss. Correct yeah, he’s on a three-fight losing three fight losing streak; okay, yeah. So i guess with daniel. I think i got ta go with him. Just because it’s his debut – and you know he has something to prove right now – um he has, he finished eight of his nine fights and his last fight was a decision. So i think right now, yeah he’s probably going to be on a good roll in a good standing. So i got to go with daniel on this one yeah i was. I was really back on back and forth on this one. I really like danilo he’s looked good in his last fight. Kadis is on a little bit of a slide. However, i think hit the level of competition is, is huge there he’s on three flight losing streak with ufc level. Guys danilo has a weird one, his record’s nine and two, which sounds very good, but when you dig into it he hasn’t fought. He hasn’t beaten anybody with a winning record. So it’s it’s very interesting and that’s why i’m leaning towards caddies, but i am not sold on this one because he’s on a slide and like you said i mean danilo coming in, i mean you’re, seeing it especially now throughout the pandemic, guys who are making debuts Even on short notice, team tend to uh tend to pick up the win. They have more to prove so i’m on the fence on this one, but i’m gon na go with the uh with cotty’s all right and then no yeah and then juan espino uh who’s. Uh had a little bit of he’s taking some time off, he’s uh. He won the the last edition of the ultimate fighter, uh one of two spanish fighters um and he’s facing jeff hughes. So what do you have for that? Man? Yeah he’s had a rough run, yeah the he had that no con says with todd duffy, and then he got that he lost unanimously against uh raphael pasal. So juan’s two-year layoff, though i don’t know that’s kind of sucks to me, but i got ta go with juan. I don’t know. I liked him on the ultimate fighter um his last fight. He won by armlock, so yeah. I think i’m gon na go with juan on that one yeah i’m same way, i mean he’s uh yeah that time off’s been been been rough, especially at his age. I think he’s 42 or 43 now um, but obviously being spanish and canadian anytime. I see a spaniard or a canadian on the card, i’m always going to root for them, especially if it’s like one, where you can kind of give it to them. So i think he’s got, i think, he’s got he’s got much better grappling. He has a win over maurice green who’s, fighting greg hardy um. So even though he’s taking some time off, i think he’s he’s got the skills to do it um, hopefully uh. We aren’t going to see too much ring rust in there, because if, if not, that could be a rough night for him but uh, i just think he’s he’s talented and too skilled, but i think i think espino as well nice and then william knight who’s uh. Looked very impressive on the contender series he’s coming up and fighting alexa kamer um. What do you have that? One um honestly, all these contender series guys they’re so good man, um alexa, kamer, undefeated, uh, five tkos ko’s, whatever it is, and but i like william knight a lot dude like like. I really liked him in his last fight so yeah i i got ta go with william on that one yeah i went uh. I went the same way. I mean camera, like you said, is undefeated his last fight. Didn’T impress me to to do too much. He fought justin ledet to a decision uh. I didn’t think it was overly impressive. William knight’s been an absolute killer yeah. He has that loss to tough on but teflon’s a monster. So i have william knight too, but i don’t see this one going to decision. I think when one of them goes to sleep and uh, i didn’t think oh no yeah and then we’re going to start with the first city kickboxing prospect here. Uh with shane young uh, they have kickboxing, has four fighters on a card: shane young brad, riddell, uh, kaikoura, france and obviously izzy. So this is the first one he’s starting off he’s fighting ludovic line first slovakian, ever in the ufc steps up in short notice. What do you have for this? One yeah? I have no idea who klein is, but i was just looking at his record but like that’s like a shitload of kos man like i do like young a lot like watching and striking. I was watching one of his highlights too, and then he was just like picking apart the guy and then just ends up kind of knocking him out, but this guy is like short notice, though, but he has a really good record. I mean, i don’t know the level of competition. Obviously, but you know shane young has already been in there. So oof i got ta go with shin young. I just like those city kickboxing guys, man, yeah, they’re, really good, yeah anytime. I see someone from elevation or city kickboxing, it’s kind of hard to write the other guy’s name down um, and i think that just so it’s like these guys are good. Like i don’t you know when neil magney fought, i was like yeah he’s training at elevation. He wins like it’s just if they’re fighting one of one of those two camps, i automatically assume they’re winning shane young is very good. I mean his only losses were to wang guan way back when really early on and alexander volkanovsky by decision. So it just shows you how good he really is um. I wasn’t really thinking about this. I was uh. I was high on ludovic klein for a long time. I know he fights over in europe, but he had a huge win over lucas sadewski last time. So i was leaning that way and i kind of feel like i can’t switch now, even though i want to i think shane young will win because i originally had klein. I have to stick with it, so i’m gon na go with ludovic klein, but man i wouldn’t be surprised if shane young picked him apart and my uh my favorite one of my favorite fighters of all time, diego sanchez uh very excited very, very exciting. He looks like he’s having a blast: um he’s fighting jake, matthews who’s, no slouch so uh. What do you have for this? One? Oh yeah yeah. I don’t know man, i love diego. Like he’s a vet he’s been around for like, however long um that guy’s funny dude like i was on twitter and just like, going through his tweets and everything, but seeing him fight like all the younger guys like his like just win over mickey gall, was really Good um and jake matthews is on a two fight, winning streak right and then, yes, he’s been winning by decision he’s been submitted before uh. Diego has a good ground game too uh. I don’t. I really don’t know diego is so unpredictable now, like even more so than usual yeah, so we’ll see if he’s gon na employ more of his like grappling again because, like oh man like when he fought gold, that was a really good fight too so yeah. I think i’m going to go diego on this. One yeah he’s he’s hit or miss like did their fight. Like the mickey golf like a great example like he looked unbelievable and then i guess michelle pereira fun, but disqualification dude, oh and kieza too man kia’s, a [, __ ] work, tan bro, [, __, ] yeah. So i think, i think matthew’s, even though he was a pretty, he was a lightweight just like diego was matthews is put on some size. He is huge, doesn’t look like the same guy. I think the size difference is going to be key because i think, like you said diego sanchez’s grappling, i think, might be the key to this. But i think if you’re wrestling guys jake matthews he’s going to have a heart attack too yeah yeah he’s young. He trains with um, what’s his name, daniel kelly who’s, a judo uh like three-time judo olympian uh, like a 12-time judo australian champion. So i think grappling isn’t going to be an issue for matthews um, so i’m probably leaning which matthews. But who knows what diego is going to show up? Man like he’s got stefan bonner seriously. So who knows? Who knows, but i have. I have jake matthews yeah it’d be really good. That’S good yeah, that’s a good pick and then uh brad riddell alex silva. The second one of these sick, uh city, kickboxing, guys um. This guy is young. I i looked him up today and i was like 21-2 and he’s only 24., so i was just like oh wow and he has like a lot of finishes. Like 20 yeah 20 finishes, but i like brad rydell a lot like just again city, quick boxing, so um, oh man, honestly. I i feel like this might be a sleeper honestly like this might be fight of the night, but i’ll go with i’ll go with brad. Like i like brad a lot who’d, you pick, i went brad as well, i mean he looked to me. He really surprised me in the maga mad mustafa fight. He won by bps split decision, but i thought he looked very very good. That being said, man i’m a huge fan of alex so well um. But it’s weird how the word city kickboxing is the reason why i’m gon na break brad riddell, but when you think, like the guys training with izzy dan hooker like these names like yeah, there’s, not a whole lot. Yeah, there’s not a whole lot. Alex silva can provide that he hasn’t seen before, and i think you know when you’re training with those guys, your confidence is going to be through the roof um. You know, there’s nothing that alex silva’s gon na, throw at him that dan hooker hasn’t. So i think uh, i think that’s gon na be the key here is the guys he’s been training with the fact that there’s four of them on this card they’re all prepping, together, they’re mentally on another level. Right now, so i brought riddell that’s a good pick and then uh. I think this is where the main card starts here. It’S hakeem, dawudu uh, the only canadian on the card versus zubaira. Who do you have for this one dude honestly, i was really split on this one because i do like dawadu like he has like he has such a chip on his shoulder. Man, like i mean his nickname, is mean, but i like zabari, just uh zabara. Sorry, just because uh he’s wrestling um, i don’t know if he’s still training at a tiger, muay thai, but he’s been really good too lately, like. I really think what sets them apart is probably his wrestling like it’d, probably go down to that, but we’ll see if he can stuff the takedown, because i know like he has some credentials as well. So yeah but i’ll go with, like you know, just play. Devil’S advocate, like zabara, so yeah, i’m on the uh. This is one of the ones i circled two or three fights three three fights that i was on the fence fence about um, and this was one of them. Uh hakeem dal would do. Does not it’s funny when you think of canadians you think of how nice they are and him and tanner bozer are like one and two right now best canadians and they’re both mean like they’re, just they don’t smile they’re, not fun, to talk to um, but man He’S he’s aggressive he’s mean he’s ruthless. He wants a top 15 fighter. That being said man he squeaked by giulio, arsey, and i’m i mean i think iris is a great fighter, but i just don’t know if he’s ready and two gags looked very very impressive. His only he like he drew to leroy murphy and we all know how great leroy murphy’s become and, like you said, i think his wrestling’s just on another level. I think overall he’s just a better fighter and i think that’s going to. I don’t think either. One of them is going to be finished. I just think he’s going to win a comfortable like two to one two rounds to one decision yeah, but i have to go nice and then sujara eubank steps up on short notice and faces someone who a lot of people thought at one point was going to Be the the girl to beat amanda and caitlin vieira before she got knocked out um? What’S your thoughts on a her stepping up on short notice, uh to fight killer and vieira and b uh? Who do you think’s gon na win that eubanks look pretty good in her last fight like she was banging with other girl, uh aldonna? Oh sorry, now donna but uh vieira, when she fought all donna like. I honestly thought, like. Oh okay, she’s actually like getting her, and then she got canceled like she was hitting with some good [ __ ]. So i was just like oh man like, but honestly, i think just oh man. Eubanks is like more fight ready just because she has fought recently, but that was like that was a good fight too. So i don’t think that was like a easy fight that she had, but i think you know again i’ll pick fiera just because obviously she doesn’t want to. She just got off her first loss, so she definitely wants to get that back. Um and eubanks is up there already in the rankings too. So why not? You know yeah, i’m in the same boat, i mean eubanks, i think, might be rushing this one a little bit. I mean she just had a big win congrats but you’re you’re. Stepping your league here, i think, i think, vieira’s elite uh top five. In my opinion, in bantamweight division, if not higher um, i mean i’ll donna caught her, but i think you know most of the times those two fight, uh vieira wins it and her jujitsu is next level. So i think she’s going to be able to to comfortably beat eubanks and i think she’s going to beat her uh be a decision. That being said, eubanks has surprised me so many times before she was on the cusp of getting a title shot back at flyweight. So she could do it, but i just think vieira is just next level um and that that leads us into the last non-title fight in kai care of france. The third of the city kickboxing guys squaring off against brandon roy val, who had crazy, debut uh, winning 50 g’s and then quitting his job. So what’s your thoughts on? What’S your thoughts on this fight? Um i’ve been watching kai, kara france when he started in tough, and i really liked him a lot since then, like i was like. I know he didn’t, he didn’t win the season. Then he came back against the ufc. I was watching his fight with mourinho and then i was just like. Oh man he’s getting pieced the hell up and then he beat tyson them, who i really like too. So i was kind of annoyed by that. But no, i really like. I really like him in this fight just because uh, but royvall has a lot of like you know, submissions too. So it’s just one of those fights like it really depends on who’s, going to implement their game plan right. So um i’m not really familiar with roy val’s gas tank um. You know kai. He got pieced up a lot by moreno and he was kind of getting work and getting a little tired near the later rounds, so yeah, but i still like kai no matter what so yeah i go with kaiwen this one yeah, i’ve, kai uh. For the same reason, i just think he’s been in the ufc he’s fought high-level guys i mean brandon moreno was knocking on the doorstep of a title shot. I mean, i know, there’s only like 12 guys in that division, but moreno is legit and uh. I don’t think that fight necessarily is uh a shame. I guess to lose a guy like moreno or if i look incredible uh in his debut but uh. I just think carrick france right now is just a little bit higher he’s fought higher level composition, competition. I just think he’s on another level um. That being said, i mean i wasn’t expecting roy baldwin to win either in his debut and he did so uh it’s a real test for him. If he gets by care of france he’s, he could be fighting oscar askarov or one of these guys to for a title shot like he’s right there uh and for care of france. If you pick up this win you’re you’re, knocking on the doorstep as well, so i think this is a huge fight for the flyweight division and then uh man. Here it is uh dominic, reyes, jan blockovich, a vacant light heavyweight title um first time in like how long 10 years that someone not named jon jones or daniel cormier is fighting for it. Yeah, it’s not yeah. What’S your prediction for this um, i’m actually really impressed with reyes like i actually, i thought he was kind of a cornball with like his whole athlete thing for a little bit, but seeing him like really mature past the whole jon jones thing like saying like. Oh, you know what you know thanks. You know you’re with champ and you know hopefully we’ll get to do it again, but i’m going to focus on getting the title that i really wanted. You know, and he looked really good in his last fight, like i honestly was like i could have saw how jones won, but everyone in the house i was watching it with was like, like okay reyes gets it like. That’S it it’s done, but with john, like he just our block of it, sorry but um. He looked really good, knocking out corey anderson, who i thought was gon na beat him, but he just slapped him. Bro, like he just has that he has a touch of death too man and like people sleep on him like like he’s like. Oh, just like you know polish guy, you know nice very, humble and dominic’s really good too, but he’s also just trying to prove something too. I feel like, like he’s like really like. You know focused in like he’s not thinking about john, like jones anymore, he’s not thinking about anything else except this fight, so i got ta go with reyes on this one yeah. I i have reyes too, but i’ve at first i was like rey. It’S easy. I mean he just fought john to a split he’s, obviously reyes. Then i did some more digging and i’m like you know what sure he knocked out chris weidman, but is that really impressive anymore, like um and then he arguably lost a volcano’s demir like so it’s? For me, it was hard because the jon jones fight is what’s making me lean to reyes um, but at the same time it’s like when you look beyond that. I i think jan has a better uh resume. I think he’s done more impressive things he’s knocked out. Corey anderson he’s looked great in his last few fights, so it’s hard it’s it’s really. It’S really a toss-up. I think a lot of people are overlooking what yawn’s been able to do and really focusing on that jon jones fight for for reyes. That being said, i breast – i just think that’s gon na be a hard fight. All that i think if anybody can get jon jones, it can almost be jon jones. I think it’s kind of hard to to say they’re gon na lose their next fight, but i also don’t think jones showed up that night like it, he didn’t seem himself and he hasn’t looked himself really in a little while, since probably the gust of some fight He’S bored right yeah just like he looks that up with that yeah, it’s like he knew he was losing and he just didn’t step on the gas tank like even when he almost lost to gus that first time, the fifth round he came out like he needed To win um, he didn’t. He didn’t, look like that against uh against reyes yeah. He just did just enough. You know yeah, that’s take down yeah near the end. I was like oh yeah, so it’s it. It was impressive. I mean you took arguably the greatest of all time to a split decision, but i also don’t think that was the jon jones that was beating guys like rampage jackson, rashad evans dc leo, like i don’t think that was the same jon jones. So i’ve been on the fence, but i do have dom written down. So i’m going to stick with bob and then uh the fight, dana white’s, calling fight of the year, israel out of sonia and paula costa. What uh? What do you have for this one? What team is he from? What’S he trying to say it again, city king, you got ta, go with it. Man you got ta go with izzy uh yeah. I got ta go with izzy like honestly, like i’ve been watching film on paula. I’Ve been watching his fights again and watching, like other sonia’s fights too just seeing. I noticed that cosa likes to he. He does that forward pressure, a lot you know – and i was watching uh dan hardy’s – take on the whole fight like he hasn’t knocked anyone out. Cold, like he’s been like tko and guys right, yeah, so he’s not saying he can’t sleep anybody because he hit freaking ul with like this, like beautiful left hook like just dropped him clean, and i think the difference between them, though, is like izzy’s, not the type To go forward as much like he’ll wait and bite his time right so, but he goes angles like he’s always off the center line. He’S not staying in one place so, like i think like that’s. The only reason why i think is he’s gon na win, just because um i don’t know if paulo is doing more with his training. He looked like he was incorporating a lot more boxing like and head movement stuff like that. But if he just goes forward, he might get clipped a couple times and then he might have to reassess. You know his game plan like i don’t think you can just bullrush him, especially a guy as good as a counter striker as like out of sonia. So yeah yeah, i watched two about 10 second clips from each fighter. One the first one was uriah here i would favor you imagine. Yeah uriah hall, acosta and yeah all hit hit him with about like 12 or 13 jabs unanswered, and obviously we saw what happened. Hall got caught and demolished and pretty much decapitated, but his head movement isn’t as good as izzy’s uh. You could arguably say his hands. Aren’T as good as is he i mean he’s got power in them, but i mean he hasn’t ko’d a guy like robert whitaker, like so i mean izzy’s gon na, do a great job of keeping him at range. If a guy, like hall, can do it who’s way, shorter who’s got a much shorter reach. I think izzy. Does it no problem and then the other clip i watched was the one of costa catching uh, yol uh queen and it’s hard because i think if he catches him, there’s a good chance that he could finish him. But i don’t like the only person who i’ve ever just kind of said: yeah he’s got knockout power he’s winning is francis like and he’s just an anomaly like no one’s likely yeah. So so i think if you have one tool, it’s really hard to say that you’re gon na win it. I think izzy’s got more tools. I don’t see this fight going to the ground if the ground, if i could see if costa, were to take it down. I could see him winning it, but i don’t think he will. I think he’s he hasn’t done it in the past he’s great on the ground, but he he likes to keep things standing. So i think it’ll stay stan and i think it’s gon na favor izzy. I think he’s gon na keep it at range, he’s gon na piece him up uh. I don’t think he finishes costa cause. I mean it’s like punching us like a wall you’re not gon na you’re, not gon na put it exactly but uh, but i think he wins it comfortable decision. Oh yeah, like i think, it’s just weird when, because you know on mma twitter, they like to compare like oh well, izzy got caught by gastelum, but then it’s like you can’t really compare both because kos is kind of the same size as izzy right and it’s Like gaslum’s a little bit shorter, you know and i’m sure the game plan was more focused around his boxing and his wrestling. So it’s like, he didn’t expect a head kick like, of course, you’re gon na get caught, you know, but then you have a guy like costa versus izzy, like izzy, has been fighting guys like around his same height when he was back in glory right and he’s Been like winning, you know comfortably a lot like. I don’t that’s why it’s just like weird when people say like oh he’s, going to get slept like hosa, like i don’t think so. Man, like i don’t think i don’t think people are really giving him credit like his chin. Some credit like he got hit with a good overhand by owell and like it was like ryan’s eye so yeah yeah, i got ta again. I got ta go with izzy. Again, yeah and i mean at the same time, yo well did hurt uh costa too. You know a lot of people are acting like costa’s, never been hit and cost has never been rocked. I mean he has some loss like he’s 13-0, but he has some losses and exhibition matches on the ultimate fighter. Like the guy. The guy does have losses, it’s not like he’s, never lost and yeah izzy does too in kickboxing he’s been knocked out too, but it’s uh. This is different man. It’S i just it’s funny, because i’ve asked uh. I’Ve asked a bunch of fighters who they thought were winning and it was a clean sweep. They all said izzy, which i thought it was going to be a lot closer. I mean analyzing, it i’m it’s kind of hard to to not say izzy, because the only fight where he’s it’s really been close was the gasoline fight, and i think it was just way he fought. I don’t think he’s gon na fight. That way, i don’t know. I don’t see him fighting that way against a guy like costa. I think he knew gaslin, probably wasn’t gon na be able to put him out and he, i don’t think he’s gon na fight the same way he’s not to go into a war with with costa. I think people are if people are expecting an exciting fight. I think they’re wrong. I think it’s going to be uh technical, uh, yeah, very systematic. Oh man, it’s going to get some good fights, though yeah man and we’ve got five weeks of this. This is going to be great five weeks of fight island. I love it man, i can’t wait for it. Um and ufc 254 is also on fight island with khabib and uh, engaging and chandler, possibly stepping in so it’s gon na be fun man. I’Ve i’ve been. I feel like we’ve missed out on so much with the pandemic and the uf making up for it. It’S like throwing us these crazy cards. Oh yeah, we’re lucky. Are you more excited for for 253 or 249, the the the uh, the gate, yeah, the gagee ferguson card um? I really liked honestly yeah. No, i really liked the ferguson engaging card like i really really wanted to see ferguson win, but then geichi like like in between rounds. What did he you hear? Trevor whitman said you just got ta calm down like and he’s just like. Okay – and i was like oh he’s – [ __ ] ferguson is [ __ ] like i was like. Oh damn he’s gon na lose and then i just knew that fight was cursed, like i really don’t think it’s gon na happen now. I don’t think ferguson had gon na happen, but honestly, like yeah, like all these cars, have been so good. Dude like that made me really hype. This card, for some reason, like it’s been kind of like this week, has been kind of like limited on, like the media, like it’s not as hyped as like this past fight card right with colby and uh woodley yeah, i found there was so much hype going Into that one, and this one had like nothing like there’s like burnt out right, yeah like they’re, just like whatever i don’t even care anymore. Let’S just get over to fight island yeah, you’re gon na buy it whatever yeah yeah we’re gon na buy it. How is it like with the time there, because i mean you get it’s probably like what that it’s, oh with the fights, oh uh, would they be on like in the morning or yeah, because they’ve been doing they’ve been having fights at like 4 a.m over there Right like four or six, so i usually watch at the same time as i do like a regular fight. So usually it would start like 12, but i think it’s been like a little bit earlier. It’S like 12 p.m. To like you know, six or something like it hasn’t been too bad, but it’s like it’s like 8 p.m. To like three here three a.m: yeah, it’s crazy, yeah! It’S insane how it’s like spread out throughout the entire world, but i don’t know i like the flight island ones, because i think the time is gon na be a little bit easier. It’S gon na be from, like i don’t know, usually when they do events over there, they’re more favorable, and it’s like from six to twelve, so i’m not like burnt out the next day. Oh yeah dude these past five cars have just been like super exhausting, like, like i’ve, been enjoying it um. They had that bellator fight the same day as that ufc fight card and, like i was trying to like watch both at the same time – and i was like i can’t do this – like i’m already tired. Oh, it was the hill hill versus watterson, yeah and and like after that fight, i was like. I can’t even watch anything else after that i was just so disappointed. Obviously i can’t even look it sucks. I skipped that card like i watch every card um, but it was my buddy’s birthday and i’m like all right. If i’m going to miss a card, let it be this one and it turned out. The card was crazy. Like i was like. Are you serious? I missed all these crazy fights, but it is what it is: it’s fine man, no you’re good friend dude, but yeah that that hill watson fight killed me. I was just like oh [, __ ], like i feel bad for her, but i don’t know. I feel like, like all these fighters like going into like these, like pandemic fights, and it’s like yeah they’re, fighting a lot more because they want the money and whatnot. But like now it’s kind of like because the ufc is like now like everyone’s focused right. Just because, like you know not a lot of sports going on, especially with all the other stuff going on too, it’s just like you know just watching the fights in general like now, all their focus is on like this, like i see more mma fans now than I did like you know like last year. Like honestly, you know so: oh man, i don’t know yeah, they did a really good, like they’ve, been really good with the matchmaking. Lately too yeah. I think the ufc handled the getting back. I mean at one point for like a month they were the only sport on tv like, i think it was. It was brilliant what they did the way they did it. I mean you think about pfl, i mean ray cooper hasn’t fought in like a year. I mean like that is he’s the face: pfl and yeah and rory mcdonald, like sitting on the f, and so i think, right now, the ufc is separating themselves from all these other mma events, and on top of that, just other sports i mean boxing’s been dead. Um they’ve, the ufc has done it extremely well, given uh everything, and even with all the fighters that have tested positive, he’s, managed to to do some incredible things so uh. I think it’s insane that they have these events uh, like even when you think about it. They have people flying in from all over the world and only like, i think, eight percent of the fights that have fallen through have been due to cobit, like i think it’s crazy and super. So hopefully they keep this up, and hopefully they don’t have many mishaps over there in fight island, because uh they’re not going to have much talent to to call upon um all right man yeah all right. Well, yeah. I appreciate you taking the time man i uh yeah bro glad we were able to work out a time, because the time difference is crazy. So thank you again yeah. I appreciate it we’ll uh we’ll have to do this again. Sometime and uh man. I can’t wait to watch these fights yeah man all right brother. Thank you. So much all right, man stay safe. You too, bro

Sergio Pineiro

Sergio Pineiro is the Founder of FighterPath.com and host of the Quarantinecast podcast. Based in Canada he is both a sports journalist and MMA enthusiast. He practices the sport but has a passion for the individual stories of training, fighting and living the fighting lifestyle.

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